Those women who wear very little and are extremely enchanting are pulling, pulling, arm in arm and rubbing against her.


Night away was almost wrestling by them.
At night, I just wanted to send a frown, holding the jar in one hand and spreading it out in the other. I said to these women with heavy makeup, "We are looking for someone."
Immediately, the original smiles and charming faces suddenly collapsed, muttering and complaining about the coquetry of "Feng Da Ren Feng Da Ren".
Fortunately, Feng Ying Mo’s attitude is firm, and several people are well-advised. Let him go with the night and find another gold Lord.
"Are you all right?" When the crowd dispersed, the phoenix shadow ink asked the night to leave.
It’s cold when I leave my face at night. "Don’t take me to a place like this later."
Say that finish also too lazy to ignore he walked straight over the threshold in front.
Phoenix shadow ink opposing smiled step by step with.
Found Zhang Shuo in an Accord.
He was drinking a pot of wine with a flush on his face, his eyes blurred and wobbly, and he was stuck to him like two enchanting female loaches at his side.
Phoenix shadow ink directly let the two women go back, then put the jars in their hands on the console table and stretched out his hand to pick up the jug in Zhang Shuo’s hand.
Zhang Shuo should still be awake and immediately recognized Feng Yingmo. "Why are you here?"
"Come and see if you are drunk!" Phoenix shadow ink immediately replied to him.
"What’s the matter? Are you ashamed that you can’t touch alcohol now? Say it if you are jealous. "
"I envy you?" Phoenix shadow ink immediately very literally sneer at the two.
Night from watching two people.
It seems that these two men are far better than she thought.
She has never seen Feng Ying Mo do this before anyone.
Zhang Shuo is more his friend than others.
It’s only because of friends that you are so informal.
"Is the night master here?" Zhang Shuo a lift eye that night away.
The night away from breathing is stagnant. I just want to say that I am not the main side of the night square. The man has given her a big hand and took her into his arms. "She is a night spirit!"
Seeing that Zhang Shuo’s face was shocked, he explained, "I have to dress like this when I come to Wanhua Building to find you."
"Aren’t you two already …" Zhang Shuo looked at them doubtfully and saw that Feng Ying’s ink face was black and immediately reacted. "Oh, oh, oh, I understand."
See Zhang Shuo smile very ambiguous night away really want to ask him why, ears a fever, she stretched out her elbow toward the side tightly wrapped in her man’s waist hit a sign for him to let her go.
Fortunately, Feng Ying Mo didn’t pester her and let her go with a low smile. Then she looked at Zhang Shuo and stretched out her hand to tear off the cloth covering the jars "to show you something."
"Ah, send me wine to drink?" See is an altar wine Zhang Shuo suddenly flashing eyes stretched out his hand to get it.
But was "pa" by Phoenix Shadow Ink, and knocked his hand off. "I knew to drink! Didn’t you see what was inside? "
"Centipede" Zhang Shuo looked up in astonishment.
I still felt that what happened at night was so unreal until I left the next night.
If it weren’t for the fact that a man left traces on her, it would be just a dream of his own.
She took that step after all.
How difficult it is for her to know.
But she was very confused about what to do next.
The Zhong family mansion was really demolished the next morning.
She looked at it from a distance and dared not approach.
Looking at the tall white walls and black tiles leveled bit by bit, watching the old phoenix tree and old locust tree being cut down one by one in the courtyard …
She didn’t shed a tear.
In my heart, I ended up badly
I have no thoughts at all at last.
Parents are daughters, unfilial, daughters, and failing to protect our family without daughters.
Day by day goes by.
Because Feng Ying Mo said that it was inconvenient for Zhang Shuo to run all the time in Fengfu, and it was inconvenient for him to run all the time in Zhangfu, so Zhang Shuo went to the coffin shop to meet him every night.
I left at night and had to go back to my life as a top.
Day is night, stay in the ring and stay in the coffin shop at night.
Zhang Shuo comes over every night to tell them about the development of centipede poison antidote.
Sometimes three people will have dinner together when they come early.
Zhang Shuo loves to be glib and often jokes about Feng Ying Mo.
At first, I was embarrassed to leave at night, but later I was rude to him when I got familiar with him. I often smashed my hand with whatever I had.
Then Zhang Shuo pulled the phoenix shadow ink to block it.
Happy times always pass too fast, but the March is getting closer and closer.
On this day, as soon as Zhang Shuo came over, he told them cheerfully, "I heard that the emperor will hold a cuju competition in the palace the day after tomorrow, and the winner will get a thousand-year-old south fire grass from the Lord."
South fire grass?
The spirit of leaving at night refreshed her. She had heard that it could cure all kinds of poisons.
"Can it get rid of centipede poison?"
"That’s why you have to find a way to win this game, not because you have to win this game because you know that the day after tomorrow is the last day of March."
The festival of god of medicine is fleeting
It’s a sunny, youthful and warm day.
The massive cuju competition was held in the palace cuju court.
The competition team is a department unit that signed up in advance.
Because there are sixteen people in a team, there are also a few departments, and the two departments join together to participate.
In the end, a total of four teams and 64 people participated.
Jiefang is one of them, and there are also six rooms and twenty-four departments in the palace, a suggestion platform of Dali Temple.
Because the news came out late, I didn’t have a good chance of winning when I was away from my heart for two days of training.
But on second thought, anyway, all teams are newly formed novices, which is fair to novices.

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