They don’t even know where they are now.


Persimmon a picked up the little guy hurriedly pulled a next to the aunt asked
"Hey, where is the public toilet near here?"
After getting the answer, persimmon took long legs and ran to the public toilet with people in her arms.
Fortunately, there are many public toilets in the city, and soon the sisters came to the place to run inside.
"Ah rogue" came out from the inside, and the woman shouted when she saw the National People’s Congress.
Holding a persimmon … careless.
"No, I’m not." Persimmon hurriedly explained.
But the opposite person didn’t give her a chance to explain, looked at her angrily and grabbed her hand.
"Bah how not rogue? You’re not a gangster if you’re handsome and break into the ladies’ room? Come with me to the public security bureau. "
This man is a middle-aged woman who dares to go outside holding persimmon. Besides, other women are also surrounded by this’ rogue’.
"It was you who peeked at the ladies’ room the other day, wasn’t it?"
"look like a human being and don’t do anything."
Come to suppress urgent Momo peach in the people is to suppress not line, a jumped to clutching his belly with toilet paper and ran towards the public toilet.
Persimmon eyelid jumped.
"Wait, wait, wait. I brought my sister to the bathroom."
"Bah, who knows if you are an excuse to play hooligans?" At first, women were adamant, and it can be seen that this was all harassed by hooligans.
It’s not really bad for public security in this city. Persimmon is still in the mood to think like this.
"Besides, I’m a woman, not a gangster," she explained.
"Who believes that hooligans are getting more shameless these days?"
"Come with me to the public security bureau anyway."
"Go for a walk, sisters, hurry up and take this rascal to the public security bureau."
This also said don’t listen to persimmon worry about a person ran into the public toilet Momo peach fell into the toilet is really can’t figure out a way to grab the leading woman hand to his chest.
"Ah, what are you doing?" The woman shouted and then froze and pinched.
Look at persimmon’s expressive face again and listen to her say, "Do you believe it now?"
Every word, every word, that comes out of my teeth.
This trip to the city is a big loss for persimmon.
"Ha ha ha" The woman was embarrassed. "I didn’t expect that."
"What didn’t expect? Take people away quickly. This is conclusive evidence, and you dare to play hooligans in front of us. "
"No" The woman looked at the corners of her mouth and explained to others awkwardly that "all women are sisters"
"Not a rogue"
Others …
Look at it. Why don’t you look like it?
Persimmon is too lazy to talk, so he walks inside when he opens the door.
The public toilets in this city are much more exquisite than those in their hometown. The ground is covered with cement, and every pit has been turned off to ensure everyone’s privacy, but obviously it has brought some trouble to find someone.
There are more than twenty pits in it, because there was no one inside just now at the door.
"Taotao" persimmon frowned and told "Be careful not to fall into the pit"
Nobody answered.
"Momo peach?" Persimmon shouted again, but no one spoke. She stepped up her search.