"Not much, give a hundred and eighty thousand LingShi; In addition, spiritual armor, flying swords, precious knives and the like are given to a thousand and eight hundred. " Tang Ye felt that his requirements were very low, and he didn’t dare to ask for a fairy charm for fear of leaking the bottom: "What happened to the chaotic land? As long as you have money, Tang Ye will pull out a team in half a month. Who is afraid of who? "


Nishang was almost scared out of order, 180 thousand lingshi? Also 8,000? You treat me like a mine boss! Besides, it’s not really your own business, okay? I’m just conveying it to make it easier for this little guy to prepare. Why does it sound like I’m being blamed?
Liu Xinyi is completely contemptuous and suspicious. She thinks that if this guy really gets these things, he will definitely run away incognito immediately.
Is it much? Tang Qing looked at several women’s silly looks and felt that she had probably gone too far. But still refused to reduce the price. This is the main point of the negotiation. The price reduction is endless and the price increase is infinite. It depends on how you talk: "Anyway, it’s up to you and the Lord! It is impossible to let Tang Ye work hard without giving benefits. "
Put down the malicious words, Tang Ye directly took Xinger home to the greenhouse, leaving two intelligent immortals in a daze.
Rhett they didn’t go, not don’t want to go, the beast tide came too fast to go. This makes Tang Qing a little comforted. He can’t really be so lonely and heroic on the road. Although the strength of the gang is average, it is intimate after all, isn’t it! Besides, Tang Ye is worth a lot now. Pull and pull to dress up for you guys. At least you should have the power to protect yourself! Even if you can’t fight, you can run errands and send a message, so don’t worry.
Rhett is smart, Oddo is honest and loyal, and Artest is self-mature and prudent. Each has its own advantages. Tang Qing’s idea is that Rhett has a family, and his wife is going to have a baby. Of course, he can’t lick his blood with his head, so he stays with Xinger, so he can rest assured. Xinger this wench is too simple, unlike Liu Xinyi that wench, a look is a little fox. And Rhett’s staying with Xinger has another advantage. I don’t know if Santos will leak. There is a big backer, and Rhett doesn’t have to worry about his safety. With such a little responsibility, it is estimated that he is embarrassed to refuse. Unlike Artest, Oddo had no choice but to retire at the beginning. He was reluctant and willing to follow himself. Especially stupid, careless and shouting, it is best to set off for a new world at once, and he is tired of waiting for him in Mengcheng.
There are indeed a few people, but we still have to find a way. Thinking for a while, Tang Qing took Rhett out for a walk, and soon, a notice was posted at the door of the mercenary pub.
"Today, a strong man, Tang Qing, was heard by China, and was granted the land of Panlong. He will be in office in a few days. Specially recruited warriors to accompany me, I tasted a word, I am not young, and the hero Mo Wen was born! You are heavy-duty and empty-minded. What does it mean to bathe in blood every year and work hard every day? How can I get anything if I end up in my thirties and get drunk? Men of courage, when the fire of nirvana, even if shattered, there is also a flame burning the sky, even if the Tao ebbs and flows, it will make a shocking sound. Vigorous, even death is fearless! Today, I am holding a sword, and I hope that followers can follow me to the place where Youlong is, and the forest where tigers roar. So, I won’t waste your men’s bodies.
Registration address, three window seats on the second floor of mercenary pub; Person in charge of registration: geissler Ritter.
(All applicants need to pass the test before they can be hired. Once hired, they will be given preferential treatment, equipped with armor and paid with Lingshi. It only lasts for three days, so don’t miss the opportunity, and don’t wait until it expires! )”
In the history of Chena Empire, the first big-character poster was officially born.
Three hours later, the pub owner asked Oddo to find Tang Qing with a bitter face and begged him to change places. His pub is full of popularity now, but the problem is that there are too many people to be crowded out. It is said that the clothes and Liu Xinyi also specially came to see this "notice". The clothes smiled without a word, while Liu Xinyi was crazy about pie mouth, thinking that this guy was really not a good man, especially good at human trafficking. Xinger girl was estimated to be taken in like this.
Xinger elder sister is very proud of, praised her husband, it was able to be flexible.
Tang Qing is actually quite demanding. Three days later, after preliminary screening by Rhett and others, thirteen people were left. Three of them have not been tested, and Tang Qing needs to make up his mind by himself. It’s not too weak, but because it’s too strong. Two bodybuilders and one ten-level monk refine gas. By Rhett to the duke’s house to see Tang Qing in person.
I don’t know why this matter was known by Lu Xinyi again. Maybe she has been paying attention to it. Is there really a monk willing to talk to this guy? Miss Lu was surprised, and after talking to the dress, the dress could not help but be curious. She knew that Tang Qing this guy must still have two brushes, otherwise it would be impossible for Xinger to fall in love. But she has never seen this guy fight, and she wanted to see how his test method is good, so she took Lu Xinyi and went to Tang Ye’s boot ceremony together.
"Just these people?" Tang Qing hung his arm and asked Rhett that the whole person was not conformal. He felt very disappointed, and there were too few who could come in handy. It seems that compared with Uncle Benshan, Tang Ye’s fooling magic really needs to be cultivated.
"Yes, boss!" Rhett is still an old habit. "These two have made a great splash in the battle of the beast tide. This is a fairy. They … have one request!" Rhett feels a little uneasy.
"requirements? ….. interesting! " Tang Qingle, this is what I am most afraid of, isn’t it? Loose, right? You can tell what virtue these people are when you listen to Tang Qing.
"Well, they all asked … this … to compete with you!" Rhett said more and more lightly, and blamed Tang Qing himself for blowing himself up. No wonder people are unconvinced and are just mortals.
"Ha ha! Ok, which one comes first? " Tang Qing watched these three brave men, a big man in the iron tower, a smart and abnormal, and a handsome fairy fluttering in white. Sister Xinger was grinning beside her. Lu Xinyi picked her eyes to see Tang Qing’s beauty, but her dress was Gherardini, and she didn’t know what to think.
"I’ll do it!" A big drink, the big fellow temper is the most urgent, he didn’t take this young man seriously, just to teach him a lesson.
"Ha ha! What’s the name of this product? It looks strong! " Tang Qing stepped forward and asked casually.
"Drogba is me!" The more the big fellow looks at Tang Qing, the angrier he gets. What attitude is it? There’s nothing serious about it. I’ll punch you down. Without saying a punch, he directly hit Tang Qing alongside of.seem. He also hid his mind. His strength is too great. Don’t kill this boy. You have to accept half of his strength. Since this boy dares to come up, he will never be killed with half of his strength!
The battle came to an end in one round. Tang Qing didn’t even start work, and his head slightly dodged his fist. A head mallet was hitting the big man’s chin. The big man was too tall, and he didn’t want to hit his nose.
Comrade Drogba fell down and fell into a coma. I can’t help it. The vagus nerve is here and I have to faint.
Collective silence of onlookers, oddo covering her eyes can’t bear to watch, Liu Xinyi mouth, don’t know what to say, but Xinger secretly covering her mouth. Only she knows the real strength of Tang Qing here. In fact, even she doesn’t know all the details now.
Looking at the other two cheerfully, Tang Qing said, "Next."
Aguero, a capable man, has a particularly good posture and is fierce and diabolical. See that Tang Qing is tough. Comrade Arrow runs around him like wearing a Hua Hudie with his best posture. Until he feels that Tang Qing should have been dizzy, Arrow only moves to buckle Tang Qing’s soft rib. As long as he catches it, Ronaldinho will be absolutely sure, and immediately let Tang Qing lose his fighting capacity. Don’t say that he is a mortal, even a monk can’t let Arrow get close.
Tang Qing didn’t move at all, just stood smiling, and didn’t praise him until Arrow made a move. This guy is good. Seeing that Arrow’s fingers were about to come into contact with Tang Qing’s clothes, suddenly there was no trace of each other in front of him, and he quickly turned around, didn’t he? Turn around again, still no, turn around again … Just see Tang Qing smiling: "Next!"
Arrow didn’t react yet. He raised his hand to tell the other party that he hadn’t lost, only to find that he couldn’t lift his arm. Only then did he feel a sharp pain coming from his whole arm. I can’t help but feel pain, and all three joints of my hands, such as bowl, elbow and shoulder, have been removed.
"I’m handsome, please ask this … for advice!" The friar is a bit elegant. He doesn’t know what to call Tang Qing. My Lord? Your Excellency? Friends and brothers? Or a Taoist friend?
"Handsome … loser!" Tang Qing was completely happy: "Well, you are really handsome enough, and you are really bad enough!" . Then I moved my hand. No, I moved my foot.
Xiao Shuai’s classmates have enough combat experience and quick reaction. As soon as they raise their hands, they put on an all-round egg shell. He has seen that this guy is powerful, fast and hard. I can’t get into the air without a flying device. Once I’m labeled as guaranteed, I have to put a shield first. In his view, his native achievement method itself is good at defense, and even a secondary monster beast with thick earth shield may not be able to break it casually, let alone a mortal. If you can’t break your own defense, then he just lets himself knead it.
The idea is very good, the reality is cruel, and Xiao Shuai only has time to put a shield. Tang Qing really can’t just break his defense, which will expose Tang Ye’s real card. However, the loser still failed to fall well, and an oblique whipping kick directly kicked him into the air.
The qi and blood in the body are almost vomiting blood, and the light flashes on the thick soil shield, and the supply of spiritual power is almost interrupted. Shuai ren can’t even maintain the shield, where there is room to cast spells! Before landing, another whip leg waited for him below and flew again; Land again, fly again …
Tang Qing sent her temper, but the first two didn’t enjoy it at all. This humanoid target is not easy to find, with high kicking, big wearing, whirlwind legs and soaring fists taking turns. No matter where he falls … There is always an iron leg waiting there below. The poor handsome classmate can’t even shout stop now, so he has no strength to do anything else except desperately maintain the shield.
He feels that if the shield is scattered and such a force kicks himself, I am afraid that he will not be kicked to death, but will be kicked in two directly.
All the sober people around were dumbfounded, and their heads bounced up and down like a ball as the little handsome boy got up and down. Finally, the thick earth shield moaned and broke. Xiao Shuai also lamented in his heart: It’s over!
And then,’ bang!’ 1, ShuaiRen fell to the ground with a thump. The friar in white was sprawled on the ground and fell into a dog’s face. There was no extra action except panting.
"The show is over!" Tang Ye clapped his hands and took the meow that jumped up to please him. High-spirited way: "go back and arrange the funeral, and leave in three days!" "
"It’s too much … it’s too rude …" Lu Xinyi thought with a little fear that Tang Qing, who was dragged away by her crossed sister Xinger, "If you are attacked by him like this, do you have any spare capacity to fight back!" The answer seems cruel.

Chapter 31: Parting (the third part)
Drogba and Arrow are convinced, and this kind of person who lives by fighting is the bachelor. What do you mean, useful? Knocking you down is useful. Shuai Ren is a little unconvinced. He feels that he is really wronged. If he builds a high point or has a flying device to fly, Tang Qing is no matter how severe he is, he can take his own advantage.
However, Tang Qing only made one action and made him completely dead. He took a Dan medicine from Sister Xinger. Tang Qing asked Xiaoshuai cheerfully, "Brother Decline, do you know what this is?"
"… Tsukidan!"
"Follow me and work hard. When you rush to build a foundation, it’s yours!" Tang Ye casually threw Dan medicine back to Xinger girl, just like throwing a copper coin. "Now I’ll give you this first."
"… Juyuan Dan!"
Therefore, the "only" monk in the expeditionary force completely settled down.
I saw the duke, and after some bargaining, it was settled. Speaking, Tang Qing, the new magistrate of a county, is the first time to meet the real boss. But he didn’t have the consciousness of being a subordinate at all. Not only did he not burn some incense, but he also kept on talking and extorted money desperately. Not yet, Tang Ye put words, even if Tang Ye is sent to die, at least he has to give a family allowance. Make the duke’s adult in distress situation, the problem is that he can’t do the Lord, Mo Yi has arranged before he left, and try his best to meet the requirements of this guy within his power.
The Lord’s adult originally thought that a small magistrate of a county could make any great demands, and it would be generously promised. Who would have thought that this guy didn’t know anything at all, but he wanted money and people and babies anyway. It’s true that Mengcheng has gained a little from this beast tide, but it can’t stand his cheating. Besides, those things he wants are all military products, so how can he be taken away by a dying man? But he can’t do anything about this man. Threatening and indulging doesn’t work. Why don’t you try to persuade him? He directly replied with a sneer: "Tang Ye is dying to tell me this, you are stupid!"
I was so angry that the duke vomited blood for three liters, and I couldn’t think of a good way. He knows this thing, but I’m afraid it’s just a middleman. He’s a small duke, so what can he do?
In fact, Tang Qing is also interested in testing. He wants to see where the bottom line is for those who arrange this matter. Since I can’t hide, Tang Ye can only take office with a stiff upper lip.