Wan’er and Zheng Ping hurriedly stood up, and together they helped Qing Lin to get up. Qing Lin moved his arms and legs and twisted his waist. Sure enough, there was no problem, but he scraped his skin in many places and left a lot of blood.


Wan’er hurriedly took out a fire passbook, blew it, and gave it to Zheng Ping for her to hold. Then Wan’er took out some external ointment and carefully applied it to the wound on Qing Lin’s body. In a short time, Qing Lin’s body was cold, and the burning pain caused by scratches and abrasions disappeared.
Qing Lin smiled and said, "Well, I’m all right. Let’s hide here for a while before going out. Pinger, if you blow out the fire passbook, we don’t have much fire source with us, so we can save it. "
Zheng Ping hurriedly blew out the fire passbook, three people around immediately fell into darkness. Qing Lin took Wan’er and Zheng Ping in his hand one by one. "You don’t have to be afraid. Everything has me."
Zheng Ping is funny and moved, and her heart, which has been dead for thousands of years, suddenly has a little ripple.
Clapped, there was a dripping sound from the depths of the cave, which was unusually loud in the caves more than 100 meters underground. Wan’er’s body and mind were all tied to Qing Lin, and she asked how Qing Lin was injured from time to time. How does it feel?
Zheng Ping although some moved, but want her to put the green forest as the center of her life, obviously two people haven’t to that kind of mutual affection. Zheng Ping some boring looking around. Suddenly with a very light flashing, Zheng Ping heart suddenly a surprised. She broke away from the green forest and held her hand, turned around, and carefully stared at the place where the light flashed. No one could guarantee whether it was safe here. In case of one or two spirit beasts or other dangers, it would be a disaster for the three of them.
Qing Lin noticed Zheng Ping’s abnormality. "Ping Er, something happened?"
Zheng Ping quickly said, "Son, I saw a light flash in that direction just now. I wonder if there is anything there."
Qing Lin was shocked, and released Lingdou Hu and all the giant Lingdou rats with a wave of his hand. "Light the fire."
Zheng Ping blew the fire passbook in one breath, and the faint light only lit up the range of two or three meters around him, and it was still dark no matter how far away.
"Where did you find the light flashing just now?" Qing Lin asked.
Zheng Ping quickly pointed out the direction. "It’s right there."
Qing Lin nodded, waved his hand and sent out a spirit bean mouse. "You go and scout."
Without the slightest hesitation, the spirit bean rat flew out silently. Green forest always receives the feedback signal from the spirit bean rat, but for a long time, it has not been found at all.
Suddenly Zheng Ping shouted, "Look, son, it’s bright again. This time, I saw clearly that it was a touch of blue light. "
With a wave of his hand, Qing Lin sent another spirit bean mouse out. This time, two giant mungbean rats cooperated and soon found the birthplace of light. There is no spirit beast, but a pair of shiny stones.
After receiving the feedback signal from the giant mungbean rat, Qinglin’s heart suddenly moved. "Wan’er, Pinger, let’s go and have a look."
To be on the safe side, Qinglin let Lingdou Tiger and Giant Lingdou Rat disperse around the three of them. After walking for about 100 meters, Qinglin reached her destination.
Qing Lin, Wan’er and Zheng Ping all opened their eyes when they saw those shiny stones in front of them. "God, how is that possible?"
Right in front of their eyes, above the ground, there are countless spars, just like mushrooms popping up in the forest after the rain. There are piles here and there, and each pile of spars is as big as a large bucket. The quality of spars is also quite good, basically all of them are top-grade spars with water properties, even the best spars are not uncommon.
Without the slightest hesitation, Qinglin released thousands of Lingdou people with a wave of his hand. Qinglin told Huang Yi, "You take everyone to dig out all the SPAR in this cave for me."
Huang Yi awe-inspiring yes, "yes. Brothers, the master has given us a task, and everyone is working. "
Lingdou people all took action, and in a short time, the cave became a huge site for collecting SPAR, and pieces of SPAR that had existed for many years were dug up by Lingdou people and finally became a part of the Qinglin collection.
Qing Lin suddenly remembered that he had bought several SPAR lamps, hurriedly took them out and distributed them. After the SPAR lamp was lit, although it could not completely solve the lighting problem, it was much better than just lighting a fire passbook.
Thousands of Lingdou people act together, and the efficiency is quite high. The SPAR with a distribution range of more than 5,000 square meters has all been dug up and received by Qing Lin in the space of Tianzi.
Zheng Ping silently watching all this, she always felt that there might be a place in the green forest to hide from her, and thousands of spirit bean people came out. This is easy to explain, but piled up, the spar is higher than the hill. Where can the green forest put them? You know, the amount of spar mined some time ago is also quite large, and together, you must have a storage magic weapon with great capacity to hold it. But Qing Lin doesn’t seem to have such a baby, so he put these SPAR in the place again?
Zheng Ping, of course, has doubts. She didn’t ask aloud. On the one hand, she knew that her relationship with Qing Lin was very delicate. On the other hand, she also dared not completely deny that Qing Lin had no super-large storage magic weapon. Qing Lin and the scattered fairy Duan Yu were brothers and sisters, and it was understandable to have a good storage magic weapon.
After the spirit bean people dug up all the SPAR, Qing Lin released the fat pig again. This is a precious spirit beast who can look for SPAR. Qing Lin naturally wants it to smell well in the cave to prevent it from missing the SPAR buried underground.
Fat pig lived up to expectations, and with his own talent, he heard about it in the east and in the west, and really found a lot of SPAR that Lingdou people didn’t find. Together, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces, all of which are quite good quality SPAR.
Qing Lin is very happy. Today’s harvest exceeds seven million pieces of spar, all of which are of the highest quality. This wealth, even if it is used by a sect as big as Jing Tian Pai, will last them three to five hundred years.
"Look, son, the fat pig seems to have found something again?" Wan’er pointed to the fat pig running on the ground with four small thick legs and said.
"Follow it, don’t miss the baby." How can there be too many treasures in Qinglin? The space of Tianzi is so big, and seven million pieces of SPAR are piled up in it, just like a huge warehouse with only one grain of rice. The degree of waste can be imagined.

208th Zhangjiaolonglan