Different from the past, I don’t know if it’s because of training fatigue or other reasons. The kitten doesn’t hide itself. It looks lovely. The cat’s ears are trembling slightly, and its two furry tails have been swinging uneasily behind it.


Although I don’t know the cat’s habits, it seems that I am uneasy because I have been shaking my tail like this. What’s disturbing?
Looking at the girl constantly shaking her tail, Ye Yu couldn’t help but reach out and gently pinch it in her hand.
"Meow …"
The kitten couldn’t help but let out a plaintive cry again and stared at Ye Yu tearfully, but it didn’t show any resistance.
"That … it’s very sensitive there. Please be gentle, Lord Ye Yu."
"I’ve said everything. Don’t call me an adult. It sounds strange."
Ye Yu some in distress situation said that the kitten is blushing red bow.
"So … you call me brother."
After thinking for a moment, Ye Yu said this, but this seemingly casual sentence made the kitten tremble all over, and the tears slowly dripped down the girl’s eyes.
"How … what’s the matter? !”
"Nothing … nothing is remembering something sad."
Bowing his head and sobbing gently, the girl said this, while Ye Yu gave a slight sigh. He naturally knew why the girl was crying, but he thought of his sister.
"I know everything about the kitten …"
"What … what? !”
"I know all about your sister and your strength."
Ye Yu said that the kitten suddenly froze.
"Azazeru asked me to untie your heart. Although I don’t know exactly what to do, do you still hate your sister?"
"Meowed ….. I hate my sister ….. why should I do something so outrageous … because people around my sister are accusing me and they are all afraid of me … I don’t … I don’t want to be like my sister …"
"How can everyone like you? Everyone in the supernatural research department, everyone in the school, and President Cang Na don’t hate you."
Touching the kitten’s head gently is also something that will make her very comfortable for the cat.
"Meow meow ~ ~" Pure white and soft tail slightly move unconsciously, and the crying of the kitten gradually stops. That’s how small animals, even the strongest cat demon, can’t get away from felicity.
"I’m sorry that Ye Yu’s brother can’t meet the minister. You are the luckiest thing for me to meet Ye Yu’s brother. You have given me a brand-new life and a warm family place. I don’t want to be a burden … I want to be stronger … but I really don’t want to sleep … I don’t want to …"
"Well, kitten, remember that power is right or wrong. I don’t think your sister was confused by this power. Maybe she has some unspeakable difficulties?"
"Sister … have difficulties?"
Listening to Ye Yu’s words, a little light emerged involuntarily in the kitten’s eyes.
"Yes, you have to believe in yourself and your sister. In fact, you still love your sister in your heart, right?"
Ye Yu gently smiled and continued.
"In that case, it is all the more necessary for you to be strong, to train the cat again, and then to defeat your sister and understand the real reason why she left you!"
"… beat and defeat my sister?" Surprised looked up and looked at Ye Yu in tears.
Chapter 96 Banquet Black Cat
Beat my sister? !
Such a thing is a way for a kitten to imagine how powerful her sister is, and how powerful her share belongs to the cat. Even now, the kitten can’t help but shudder slightly in retrospect.
"Yes, if you are defeated by your sister, you will get back your lost self, and the best way is to defeat your sister with the same ability. What should you do to make your sister white?"
"Really … really? Can I really control this force? "
"Believe in yourself? That’s your power. It’s in your blood. Who else in this world can control it except you?"
Ye Yu smiled and said, looking at the kitten in front of him, he couldn’t help but think of himself and the biting frost flowing in his blood.
The same is true for myself … One day, this force will be completely controlled in your own hands, including this world crime!
In a blink of an eye, during the 20-day training, it was also the day when Lucifer Sasakes held a banquet. Speaking of it, this banquet was also based on the meeting of the former young demons. Of course, it was more about exchanges between the layers.
Because there will be different banquets, everyone must wear formal gifts.
Needless to say, the princess with red hair and a beautiful princess dress will surprise everyone, right? Li Ya Si is surrounded by black hair. Zhu Nai also put the horse up late, which is different from the usual harmonious style. Zhu Nai seems to be more beautiful and moving after wearing western-style gifts. The strong visual impact is enough to attract attention.
Elsa seems to be a little shy about the off-the-shoulder ceremony. She looks at her ceremony and looks for a place that is not so good. Her face is red and she looks more pure and moving.
Genova and Irina are not used to wearing the same clothes, but either one is quite suitable.
The kitten also wore a trumpet ceremony and a lovely crystal hair accessory. She sat there quietly. After Ye Yu untied her heart, she heard Azazeru say that it seems that the girl has made great progress.
On the other side, in the middle of the room, Yu is being tossed by Gu Leifei in the chair.
"I said is it necessary?"
"This time, it’s not a general party. It’s all necessary for high-level people to attend."
Gu Leifei said this with an uncompromising face and continued to take out pieces of clothes. With a wry smile, Ye Yushen gestured that way, as if trying to choose a suitable wife for her husband.
Just then, there was something falling from the sky on the other side of the courtyard, and the sound of heavy objects landing accompanied by a slight earthquake came over.
Soon the housekeeper came in and said