Today is the second day of making a choice, but it is definitely more than that to update the choice activities at the same time.


On September 16th, the name was updated as "Allard Plan Preface".
Although there are not many updates, there are many adjustments.
First of all, the adjustment of ancient maps has reduced the difficulty of all ancient maps, especially the’ sex’ of all strange genera in the remains of the king has been weakened, such as the moving speed of the wind knight and the moving speed of the ice knight’s cold crystal when the guardian knight switches the bar.
Then there is the welfare direction.
When entering the ancient dungeon, if the game window disappears before reading the map, it will not consume the ancient’ gate’ ticket.
The ancient dungeon will not enter a weak state if it quits directly from the vice squad.
The number of times required for major occupations to awaken to ancient maps has also been almost halved.
After the ancient map is adjusted in this way, more players can make their favorite equipment without relying on technology to challenge the ancient map.
There are also quite a few changes in details in the game.
Added angle’ color’ selection interface angle’ color’ movable function.
Added team leader change indication.
Set all kinds of shortcut keys, such as directional control when selecting pictures, and digital control of treasure chest.
In addition, the auction house automatically places the lowest price on the top floor.
Duel field has also changed a lot this time, which has opened a real cross-regional pk, that is, it has been along the eight major cross-regions today
In the 1-to-1 state, duel field shows the thick blood volume to make the blood volume more intuitive.
Moreover, a warehouse has been added to the pk field so that players can change their equipment when they play.
Roughly so.
Now the dnf game environment is quite good
Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 15, the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar.
During the day, Tianyu went to his uncle’s place and didn’t forget to dig wells. This is of course to be done, and he met Brother Bend during the negotiation of Hua Jian. It’s better to report this.
It is said that when Brother Wan met Brother Dege again, he didn’t start work, didn’t cancel the subscription, and warned Brother Dege that it was not against morality.
This made Dege angry, but he didn’t fold the’ flower’ sword, and the location of the workshop was changed because of the startle.
In the evening, Tianyu and his party can get together and get together again. At least this Mid-Autumn Festival has never been so bleak.
In the game, the title of tiger has been sold for more than three times, and the funds are also being quickly recovered.
"Silly bear, do you feel that the three of them are divided into some more balls? If you calculate it carefully, his own share is much less than the three of them, and there are few lines for the three of them. "Come back late for two whew and suddenly say to Tianyu."
"The three of them didn’t help us much, but at least we got to know each other. It’s good to give them 5% each after the Tiger Title Department is sold out." Tianyu explained this sentence.
Two whew with a sigh
In fact, Tianyu has this idea more or less in his heart, and he doesn’t value the money.
But before he was born again, he still remembered a movie.
"Never do three things in life, never play mahjong with your mother-in-law, never have sex with people with more ideas than you, and never start a company with good friends." Tianyu thought of this sentence in the film.
"Interest! Although it is my life now, what is the pursuit of life? If I pay more attention to interests, I won’t even have friends to be brothers in the end! " Tianyu looked at two whew left figure shook his head in the heart nai way
After only a few days in the game, the price of the equipment has collapsed, and it is getting cheaper and cheaper. Because everyone is pushing down the price of each other, the poor still expect this equipment to turn over and become rich.
After all, it is the first choice activity, and everyone is not clear about the future trend. If a businessman starts to hesitate.
"If you have any hesitation, you will decisively open it at a lower point!" Who else but Tianyu can say such resolute words?
Chapter 54 Trading of rattan sets
The tiger title was sold to Qian Tianyu, and they all made corresponding statistics, but instead of directly buying some games from 5173, the amount of money was not very large, and the average amount of money in each district was only 180 thousand for the time being, which was almost one piece.
All this money is to get rid of that part of the tiger title first, which is Tianyu and Erxiu. When the money is sold, it should be distributed to everyone.
Yu Tianyu and Er Xiu paid dividends to Tianyu, but Er Xiu insisted on four or six points.
But Tianyu invested in gold, but there are thirty-two thousand whew, but twenty thousand is taken for granted.
"Xiaowen saw you this time. Your side is at ease. Let him’ get’ the Netcom area first." Tianyu typed in the group.
"Thank you for taking care of Brother Meng," replied Xiaowen, feeling excited.
"Don’t say anything polite. You can stand on your own feet and choose another district, which is quite worthy of us!"
"I will try my best to put the goods away this time."
"Take the scarlet letter equipment slowly. I expect it will take about one month. One person in each district on your side will be enough to auction for seconds. Some speakers will shout, but don’t brush too many speakers, so as not to attract people’s eyes and ears. Try your best not to let other businessmen smell business opportunities. Although I know that some people are similar to me, they are not stupid, and they are definitely receiving goods in a low-key manner." Tianyu explained.
Day by day.
First of all, Tianyu’s capital recovery here is also quite rapid because the title of tiger sells well.
In addition, the current game market is quite volatile.
There are but not many people who are equipped to receive the scarlet letter.
Tianyu wants’ Hua’ sword to try whether it can sweep and auction scarlet letter equipment. Not much to say, because the name of scarlet letter equipment is the same as that of non-scarlet letter equipment, it doesn’t matter whether you have an alien atmosphere or not.
Therefore, the burden of finding a needle in a haystack falls on Xiaowen’s shoulder.
With the passage of time, the number of activities is decreasing day by day, so the price is also high and low, but the overall trend is still reducing prices.
It can be said that some businessmen have an appetite but a stomach shortage. The output of this product is beyond their imagination and there is no joint effort of other businessmen, Qi Xin, which eventually leads to a slight price fluctuation and immediately drops.
There is also a rattan cover.
The price market of rattan sets has been rising, but the real main businessman is the Seventh Master and his gang.
“***! Which king egg is targeting us? " The boss angrily typed in the group.
"Every time we raise the price, someone takes the opportunity to sell an indefinite amount of rattan parts once or twice. I think that businessmen in major regions are not long-sighted, but almost every day, there is such a’ wave’ that I really don’t believe it unless someone is against us!" Property also indignation in the group typing way
Seven ye looked at their prison "SAO" eyebrows a wrinkly point opened a friend unlucky bear qq.
"Tell me how much you sell me for each part of the rattan cover parts? Don’t argue with me again! "
Tianyu opened his eyes and saw that Seventh Master sent such a message and sneered and replied, "What do you mean by this, Seventh Master?"
"You’ve been planning to sell at a low price all along, haven’t you?"
"Seventh Master, I’m just selling it at the auction house while the price has gone up. I can’t wait for the price of equipment to fall before selling the rattan sets, can I?"
"How many goods do you still have to give me a good time? Do you think I have a package? !”
Tianyu saw this sentence from Seventh Master and said to himself, "As expected, businessmen with deep pockets and strength have a tone."
"Almost five bases are clothes, clothes and shoes, and there are more than three shoulder pad belt drawings left." Tianyu replied in the past.

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