Of course, it is more important that other wild animal blood is not as good as wild animal blood.


"Back to the wild mainland" Yun Mingyuan made a decision.
Han Xiumo coincides with mine.
There are many Lingcao in the wild mainland. There were many Lingcao at one time. He can’t refine it yet. Now his level has also risen. It’s time to treat those Lingcao players.
Not to mention the fact that there is a nine-mile giant tree, Han Xiumo, who has a strange feeling that they should go back and have a look at that giant tree.
The two men made a decision, and naturally they didn’t drag their feet at will. They left the depths of the snow-capped mountains in appearance.
The two men walked out of the place where the mental stress was heavy, and they were short of breath for a moment. Suddenly, they came out of the rich aura, so it was that there would be some discomfort.
But the aura outside is still a bit stronger than the world in the sky, and soon they get used to it.
They turned their heads and blinked suddenly.
The information in their minds in the depths of the snow-capped mountains is fading rapidly, and soon the memory of the snow-capped mountains in their minds is gone.
Both of them froze.
Han Xiumo blinked. "What were we doing here again?"
Yunmingyuan shook his head. "I don’t remember, I should have gone the wrong way."
He frowned. "I’m here to see you. You’re trapped in a snowy mountain."
The two men looked at each other and didn’t know what happened at the moment.
Yunxuan came out of nowhere. "I know!"
He said it again with Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo turned to look at the depths of the snow-capped mountains and could not help but feel awe.
What they said to Yunxuan was meaningless, but obviously Yunxuan said it really happened, but neither of them had any memory.
Very aware of subtle sense of disobedience
This is strange.
However, if you think about it carefully, it doesn’t seem very strange. No wonder those strong people in the snow-capped mountains never seem to hit the treasures in the depths of the snow-capped mountains, and the snow has not awakened. There is still such danger in the depths of Yunmingyuan snow-capped mountains
If it is forgotten … it seems normal.
They shook their heads and didn’t think much. They all had a hunch that they might not be able to continue into the depths of the snow-capped mountains if they walked here again.
Think of it as a chance for nothing.
Chapter 39 Cubs
Ah Zhan is barely the leader of their youth-it is mainly because another group of them don’t like Ah Zhan, but on the side of Ani, they think Ani is the strongest among the younger generation.
These people naturally went to find Ani.
They don’t feel that they have something to provoke the honored guests in the sacrifice mouth, but if the leader is Ani or Ah Zhan, it’s another situation-after all, no one is like Ani and Ah Zhan, so even if they get into trouble, the sacrifice will turn a blind eye.
Ani is naturally interested in those two distinguished guests.
She was then surrounded by a group of people, and the two met in front of Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s tent
Ani scoffed at the war and glared at Ani not to be outdone.
"Why are you going to visit an angel?" Ah Zhan heard them describe Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo, and he met Yun Mingyuan. Of course, he made a speech and thought that the cloud-maker was a former sacrificial messenger.
Ani sneered, "I’m here to learn from the distinguished guests. I’ve never heard of any angel."
She can remember that others emphasized the sacrifice and said that they were not gods but tribal guests.
In private, Ani doesn’t think that the angel is real, and even if it is true, it can’t be a human monk.
So from the beginning, Ani didn’t believe that the angel was real.
Maybe those two statues outside did help their tribe to some extent, but they were later honored by the people in the tribe, making her willing to give them due respect and gratitude, but she didn’t want to admit that they were gods.
The real emissary should be the messenger of the beast god. The beast god is high, and perhaps he has never paid attention to them at all.
Suo Ani … Even the animal god doesn’t believe it.
Compared with the illusory animal god, human monks may be more credible if they can help them.
Of course, Ani believes in herself more.
It is really powerful if she is strong enough to answer the phone and hold her tribe when the tide comes.
Of course, it would be a great day if I could also beat up people who don’t like it.
She didn’t like to hear this. He also learned to laugh at Ani-but obviously didn’t learn the essence. A few people followed them blindly and booed. They couldn’t help laughing secretly.
Ah Zhan was a little angry. "What are you laughing at?"
"Nothing, nothing, nothing, don’t worry about us. Ani is still waiting for you to talk!"
"Yes, yes, Ani is still waiting! What does A Zhan want to say? "
"Let’s gamble here today. Whoever can win the two gods inside will be the first warrior of the tribe!"