Say that finish, she stood up from her seat and was ready to leave. In her heart, in everyone’s heart, the owner of this land has been determined.


"60 billion"
When everyone decided that the auction was coming to an end, an untimely calm voice suddenly sounded.
There are not many dozens of eyes in the auction, all of which are directed at the source of sound, and they are extremely strange faces in this circle.
Chapter 692 Land in hand
"Razer …"
"You …"
Aubrey and the middle-aged man sitting next to Chen Han screamed almost at the same time.
The middle-aged man’s mouth was open enough to fit an apple into it, and it took a long time to scream, "Boy, do you know what you are doing?" Do you know the consequences of disrupting the auction at will? Damn you fucking pauper, you … you must be crazy, he was talking nonsense just now. "
Chen Han saw his one eye deeply, and his dislike for him was inexplicably reduced a few minutes. Although this cargo likes to step on others to raise itself, its essence is not too bad.
Even, it’s hard to find such a "good guy" in a place like this.
As the largest real estate auction in the Fran cluster, disturbing the order is definitely not an easy thing to pass. Usually, in this case, others will be embarrassed and watch this bold and arrogant guy die. However, the last sentence of the middle-aged man turned out to be a rescue for him. Such a move was unexpected, and he thought that the other party would like to see him unlucky.
"I said, I’m out of sixty billion." Chen’s cold eyes rested on the beauty in charge of the auction, and his tone was slightly heavier than before.
"Sixty billion …"
The beauty finally came to her senses and repeated 60 billion yuan several times in a row. Then she said loudly, "This gentleman has offered 60 billion yuan. Does anyone else offer a high price?"
Everyone regarded him as a jealous rich man and came up with a silly fork for a while. The young man who pursued Caroline jumped up and pointed to Chen Han and cursed: "Boy, do you know where this place is?" Somebody, throw this damn pauper out … Well, beat him half to death before throwing him out. "
"Stop it"
Caroline, who was about to get up and leave, frowned and stared at Chen Han. After a while, she said faintly, "I will pay 65 billion yuan."
"70 billion"
"You win, 65 billion is my limit. If it is higher, it is impossible to get too much benefit from it. This land is yours."
"thank you"
"I’m looking forward to how you will earn this investment."
"Miss Caroline?"
With a quiet and gentle smile on his face, Chen Han said, "Are you interested in a bet? In one year, I will recover 70 billion investment within one year, and this land is still mine, which means I will make a net profit of 70 billion with this land within one year. "
"Are you sure? What is the bet? "
"Miss Caroline owns 10% of the property, and if I lose this land, I will give it away."
The fragrant wind passed by, and Caroline suddenly went outside the door, leaving a sentence behind her: "First of all, I am not absolutely sure about this bet. Secondly, the value of this land is far less than 10% of the shares in the industry under my name, and I have no interest in this bet."
Chen cold helplessly shrugged his shoulders, and gave the best storage magic weapon from Aubrey not long ago to the beauty in charge of auction.
The beauty’s spirit quickly penetrated into the magic weapon of storage, and she had a look of disbelief before, which eventually turned into an unbounded shock.
Seventy billion pieces of the best magic crystal, no more, no less.
When she announced that the land belonged to Chenhan, not only the strangers at the scene were shocked, but even Aubrey and Fanny almost fainted.
70 billion
Where did he get so many magic crystals?
Even if, as he said, his master robbed the celestial star boat, it would be impossible to accumulate this amazing amount of wealth?
Needless to say, the documents similar to the contract and containing special magic can prove that the contract of the owner of this land was sent to Chen Han.
When Chen Han went to the commercial operation formalities not far away, Aubrey and Fanny, who followed him, were still awake from the shock.
Two people like lost soul, with a very strange eyes staring at the cold figure.
How many secrets does this man have?
"Wait a minute, sir." There was a familiar voice behind him. It was the guy who had previously stomped on Aubrey.
"What’s up?" Chen cold lightly saw his one eye.
"Just now … I …"
"I didn’t care"
"But I care"
Aubrey suddenly rushed up and stood in front of the middle-aged man with a sneer: "We are poor? You have money? Just now, why didn’t you bid just now? Not interested in that land? "
Needless to say, the embarrassment on the middle-aged man’s face, he never thought that he had been amazed at the expensive guy of 40 million small shops before, and actually photographed a piece of land in a prime location with 70 billion yuan. Can you imagine that people with such financial resources have no background?
Unfortunately, he really miscalculated the facts. At present, these three people really have no background, even if there is, it was a thing of the past.
What kind of person is this?
Looking at the middle-aged people with embarrassed faces, Chen Han suddenly heard of those mortals on the earth: there are some people who like to blow their own horn, like to publicize gossip, and occasionally do things like peeping at beautiful women and bullying the weak. However, such people have always had no great evil, but they still have some small kindness in their hearts at special times, just like the other side made a noise to save themselves.
"Well, at least in the celestial world, he is a rare good man." Chen Han held Aubrey and walked into the distance.
"Good man?"
The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, and then he smiled self-deprecatingly: "This is the first time someone said that … Sir, please wait a moment. Is there anything I can do for you?"
To develop in a strange place, it is undoubtedly a good thing to have someone who is familiar with the local area, which will directly lead to a smooth development process.
Chen Han has no reason to refuse Augustine’s enthusiasm, which is the guy who stomped on Aubrey before.
Now that he is on the same side, naturally engage Augustine has become more active, even though Aubrey’s attitude towards him is not so good. He introduced himself in a scratching way. This guy grew up in Fran Cluster, but he was not in Fran Star before. After years of operation and a certain economic foundation, he moved to the capital star of Fran Cluster and became a local small businessman.
In the buzzwords on the earth, it is’ petty bourgeoisie’. In this place where wealth is like a cloud, he is not really rich, but he is much better than those at the bottom.