What shocked the old man even more is yet to come. I had no choice but to run in nervously. Now after the internal diagnosis, he discovered that this guy is actually a body that eats spirits! Where in the world can there be a spiritual root that can actively absorb reiki? Only Xiao Xizi, an amateur who likes to pretend to be an intellectual, will think so. I also think that Tang Qing’s spiritual root is a good one in heaven and earth. Tang Qing’s absorption of reiki has nothing to do with his spiritual roots. It’s purely physical, that’s all!


For a simple example, why is there a lingshi where there is a spiritual vein? Too much absorption? What about stones and spiritual roots? Stone will become lingshi if it absorbs more aura, and lingshi can also evolve into intermediate, advanced or even the best lingshi. But how can life be a soul-eating body!
"Is there any justice in this?" The old man thought sadly.
Monks can meditate if they can automatically absorb the spirit seven! Is it because you have worked so hard to practice for thousands of years that you are taking a detour? But if the friar is a soul-eater, it won’t do either! Not much, the old man’s own estimate, if one in every 10 thousand people on this planet is like this. Within a hundred years, this planet will have no aura and become a waste star completely.
After all, thought also has its limitations. Without aura, for a man of his birth, it would be a disaster. He thinks that if the planet has no aura, human beings will definitely die, which is not negotiable.
Tang Qing doesn’t agree with this. Humans on the earth are still alive and well. It’s hard to say that the earth was originally a fixed star, and it’s hard to say that everyone on earth is a soul-eater. Think of this Tang Qing is a little proud, or our earth’s blood is noble! But this thing he didn’t tell the old man, this is his last secret, Xinger didn’t know.
Tang Qing’s problem is very serious now, and the aura in the body is almost monolithic. The reason is very sad! Need to evolve! However, this evolution is not to improve, but to evolve into a high-density lingshi! Then continue to absorb and evolve again! The final result is that Tang Qing has evolved into a huge human-shaped best lingshi after thousands of years.
"Oh, my God!" Tang Ye was cold from beginning to end, and he couldn’t help thinking that after ten thousand years, a monk found himself, and if he got the treasure, he tried his best to absorb it by pressing himself with both hands or even holding himself! !
"You are amazing!" The old man didn’t forget to hit Tang Qing: "Look, you are only twenty years old! Absorb so much aura in 20 years! You are amazing! I have to meet me! "
"Twenty years!" Tang Qing wants to cry, and it’s only two months at the very most. If it really takes twenty years! He didn’t dare to think any more.
Out of self-preservation, or because of the natural curiosity of the academic school, he really wants to see such a freak now. If he practices, he asks Tang Qing to start refining the aura in the meridians at once. Of course, Tang Qing is also willing. This is a real expert’s one-on-one guidance, which is far from half a bottle of water like Xiao Xizi.
But there is another thing Tang Qing wants to understand, "who are you?" How can there be a natural disaster! You failed in Du Jie! "
The old man didn’t say anything about it, and asked Tang Qing not to say anything. No one could say anything, including the little girl who looked worried about Tang Qing outside.
"Don’t say if you don’t want to die!" The old pedant is not really an ignorant fool, but also an old ghost: "You know, I am a treasure in the eyes of many people now! Not to mention you, but if your shit gets out a bit, the whole world wants to take you for research! "
"I don’t want to be a mouse!" Tang Qing can’t help it. He’s too scared by himself.
After expert review, the Nine-turn Divine Decision is really a good achievement. After all, this is an achievement method, not an avatar spell. It’s not that Tang Qing will be more powerful after practicing, absorbing refining and application, which is completely different disciplines. Of course, the old man has his own achievement method, but he really doesn’t have any better suggestions for this basic achievement method. In fact, a lot of knowledge in the world is not as deep as it is, but depends on people.
Like Tang Qing, there is no need to worry about absorbing reiki at all. The old man has never seen it. If he just practices it, according to the old man, it is nothing more than a word of "diligence". Practice makes perfect and it will naturally be fast. There is a great difference in the absorption speed between different achievement methods, and the power of practicing magical powers is of course very different. Pure for refining, nine turns to the gods can also increase the spiritual strength density and knowledge, and can expand the meridians, which is very good.
King Kong tactic The old man didn’t say much, but Tang Qing felt that there should be some mystery here. The old man just asked him to refine the meridians first. If he can take time to practice later, try it! Bridled eyebrows don’t seem to be as disdainful as traditional monks, which makes Tang Qing fall in love. At his level, there must be a reason for doing anything. If he doesn’t talk about Tang Qing, he won’t ask. Anyway, Tang Qing’s own fighting habits are there, and even if the old man objects, he can’t throw them away. After solving the urgent task, it is definitely necessary to learn this skill that can become a Buddha in the flesh. The golden gun won’t fall! You can’t lose it!
As a result, after the old man gave some directions, he fell into a deep sleep by himself. Under serious injury, the spirit of the old man could not keep up, and he needed to learn from the sea in Tang Qing. But what he said casually is the golden rule for the monks who just started practicing, and the time saved is not a packet. Bridled eyebrows told Tang Qing before he left, don’t disturb him if he has nothing to do, and contact him after the second turn. Now Tang Qingtai waste, there is really nothing to teach him, and the aura in the meridians can’t work, so what good things can he practice! There are only a few low-level spells. Watch and learn by yourself!
"oh, my god!" While sighing, Tang Qing also officially began to practice. Diligent! Don’t move, don’t talk, don’t listen, don’t eat, don’t drink and don’t sleep.
The so-called nine-turn divine decision mainly refers to a reverse reversal after the spiritual force in the meridians is cultivated to a certain extent! This matter is for ordinary people, but they dare not try.
Meridian reversal! Try running water in a circular passage! Don’t ask the result! It’s a mess. If the current is fast enough and the pipe is not strong enough, it will definitely burst.
However, after all, meridians are not tubes, but they are elastic and can grow. Reiki is not water, it can be compressed. The risk of reversal is great, and if it is successful, the benefits will be great, and the meridians will certainly expand to a certain extent, and the capacity will of course be greater. Spiritual power? The concentration is higher, the running speed is faster and the recovery speed is stronger. That’s basically it. Accumulated and practiced for nine turns, it is probably two or three times more than the usual monks of the same order.
"Not much!" Tang Qing chanting, but I don’t know if this words go out, it will lead to Armageddon again, and it will definitely be cursed!
Once again, take out a few LingShi feed meow, Xinger wench some worry. Tang Qing has not settled yet, and the economic situation at home is not very good. This son is difficult to raise! Eating lingshi is like turning to another layer of space, which is simply a bottomless pit! Tang Qing is better now, and he is honest on his shoulders. Now that Tang Qing always sleeps like this, his son is not at leisure, and he has eaten so much that he has not grown. One thing the little girl can be sure of now is that this is not a mink hunt, but a ghoul!
"This is not a waste of food!" Chou Chou wants to meow, and Xinger feels bitter in her mouth.
Just thinking about one build what did not build, Meow Meow suddenly widened her eyes and went out with a whoosh, only to hear a voice behind her: "Girl, you missed me!"

Chapter 23: Just watch! Brother has a surprise for you.
Tang Qing actually failed to practice all the reiki in the meridians. Originally, according to Bai Mei’s estimation, if the practice of meridians is completed, he should probably be able to reach the peak of practicing Qi, and then try to hit the bottleneck of building a foundation with the help of a turn. Once you pass the customs, you will form a spiritual vortex in your body, and then you will form a cycle, and the process of refining will naturally accelerate.
But in fact, Tang Qing found something was wrong the next day, and even the white scholars underestimated the huge degree of aura in Tang Qing’s body. It is really difficult to accurately guess the special case of such a big head that is almost equivalent to the concentration of lingshi. Moreover, with the loosening of meridians, the aura of stagnant water began to loosen, and there was a trend of surging toward meridians. If this goes on, the body will start to absorb again. Is there no solution? No.
The old man was asleep, and Tang Qing was embarrassed to shout when he met something. I thought we didn’t understand! But this does not prevent Tang Qing from coming up with crooked ideas to cope with the new situation. That is, refining the body and refining the gas at the same time. Anyway, they are all running spiritual forces! Just do it with one heart and two minds. Of course, it won’t be easy, but how can you know if you won’t succeed until you try something?
Tang Qing thought very simply, but he didn’t know that if the old man was sober, he would definitely scold him. Distracted when practicing qi? Don’t you think you died fast enough? No. Which monk is not calm and absorbed when meditating and refining gas, and even wants to find a quiet room for fear of external interference. He is not only distracted, but also wants to go together.
Tang Qing regardless of this, just do it. He soon found that this matter was very troublesome, and it was not so easy to be distracted. Don’t talk about practicing, and think of two simplest things at the same time. Try it! After tossing for a long time, I couldn’t get up at both ends, and the meridians that were a little loose were almost restored.
One road is no good, and Tang Qing thought of trying it step by step. First of all, it is not difficult to apply the achievement method of refining to proficiency. The achievement method is complicated to say, and it’s just like that when it really runs. What you can’t learn about cultivation may never be learned. As long as you get started, it’s no fundamental difference from other things. It is nothing more than a word "cooked".
On the third day, Tang Qing felt almost the same, and began to try to think about something else while practicing. There is no fixed goal, just think of something. For example, try to call the so-called gods to feel the body, and listen to simple things like what Xinger is doing.
He doesn’t know, this is his good luck, and the spiritual force in the meridians itself is difficult and abnormal, and the speed is comparable to that of athletes such as turtles and snails. There is no doubt that there is no taboo in practicing distraction. According to the running speed of psychic force under normal circumstances, if something goes wrong, psychic force will hedge and appear psychic disorder, which is light; It’s possible to be possessed at any time.

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