Since entering this dragon realm, Tianjun has been in a high confrontation, but his body is different from ordinary people. Now he calms down, but he also feels particularly tired. Refining medicine itself is a highly concentrated thing. Now it is successful, and Tianjun suddenly finds that his whole body aches, and only others help him to feed medicine.


Purple kernel and others saw that Tianjun was a little tired, so they immediately divided the soul-eating into ten parts and fed them to Xinghun and others respectively.
After feeding the medicine, everyone was staring at ten people nervously, and even the snow jiaqi, who had always stayed out, leaned in.
"eh? First, Xing Soul rubbed his eyes bleakly, and made a babble when he was sleeping and dreaming. Then the others stood up as if nothing had happened, watching all the people staring at his ten people. The beard shouted as if he realized something, and suddenly shouted, "Xing Soul, we are still alive, and I clearly feel that I have stepped into the gate of death with my front foot. ’,
"If it weren’t for the fact that Tianjun gave his life to Tianyuan Forest to find 9981 precious drugs made of soul-eating, I’m afraid you’d be kneeling in front of Yan now. , purple kernel looked at beard shouting surprised expression, jokingly said.
They also laughed when they heard this sentence. Although people and demons are at odds since ancient times, it is human nature to see that ten of them can come alive intact before, which is better than anything else.
"You don’t thank me for your kindness. The people in the inferno are not ungrateful people. If you need any help, just ask. As long as it’s not related to my reputation in the inferno, I’ll take other questions. The big fellow was moved to look at Tianjun, and his eyes were full of glittering and translucent tears.
As you can imagine, going to Tianyuan forest alone, although they don’t know the danger of Tianyuan forest, but to gather 9981 kinds of drugs, how difficult it is to see ten people alive intact in this completely strange place, and the big fellow is also very excited.
"There are indeed some things to consult, but I still want to introduce you to this elder. Without his help, I just can’t save you, and I may die. Thanks to its JingXie ォ, you can complete your two souls of heaven and earth. , seems to think of refining into a soul-eating hero snow jiaqi, Tianjun immediately introduced snow jiaqi to the star soul.
After hearing what Tianjun said, Star Soul and others looked at each other, and then they all knelt on the ground and gave a gift of three hundred and ninety knocks.
"Thank you for your predecessors’ kindness in rebuilding my brother’s ten people. You don’t say thank you for your kindness. If it is useful to my brothers in the future, as long as you say a word! Let’s go up and down in flames without saying a word of no. , inferno all sincere calm chorus said.
"You don’t appreciate me, you have to thank yourself. There is such a warm-hearted person. He is a dragon and a phoenix, and he will be brilliant in the future. , snow jiaqi firm looking at the day, very meaningful said.
Ever since I met this young man, I have always inadvertently influenced myself with every move, attracted my attention, and unconsciously paid attention to his joys and sorrows. Perhaps this is called personality charm.
"Brother Tianjun, what can I do for you to ask, but it’s ok to say. Star Soul never spoke before, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he hit the nail on the head and understood what Tianjun was thinking.
Tianjun hesitated, looked at the crowd and said slowly, "I want to ask if there is a person named Wang Tianyu in the inferno?"
"Wang Tianyu? When they heard this name, they all looked down thoughtfully and seemed to be unfamiliar with this name until half an hour later, they shook their heads helplessly.
Originally expected a lot, although I had some mental preparation in my heart, I was still a little sad when I saw the disappointing news brought by everyone.
For the next period of time, everyone was nursed back to health in this eight diagrams array for a period of time, but the dead Yin Ba still failed to disperse from everyone’s hearts.
However, after a few days of getting along, everyone is playing with Xue jiaqi, and Xue jiaqi is not posing as his predecessor, sharing happiness with me.
If there is a gathering, there will be a break, because the inferno people still have a mission, and it is inconvenient to stay too much. Therefore, after they bid farewell to Tianjun and others, they turned to another direction.
In a flash, the originally lively crowd was half-empty. Although it was a little deserted, Tianjun and his party were still talking and laughing and heading for the depths of Tianlong’s territory. With the snow jiaqi as a clown along the way, all the people swept away the Yin children who lost their loved ones in Bapu array, and gradually became cheerful. Tianjun was also willing to see everyone as happy as a family, regardless of each other.
However, through recent wars, Tianjun feels that he has gained a lot, but he has never had time to sum up and integrate his own combat experience. Now, Xuejiaqi is the overlord of Tianyuan Forest, and Tianjun is happy and relaxed. He doesn’t ask, don’t ask, and thinks about all the combat experience he has gained along the way.
After several wars, after exhausting his whole body’s energy, Tianjun found that then there was a substantial change, which in turn brought him faster and faster in transforming cells. After several wars, he was able to transform the speed of transforming cells from one breathing time to one breathing time by thousands, which greatly strengthened the speed of Tianjun’s practice and the rhythm of absorbing aura.
After that, Tianjun braved the wind and wolves alone, fought against black snakes, slew dragons and killed snakes, and so on. This series of fierce battles made the speed of transforming cells in his body increase exponentially with the fierceness of the battle, from the speed of transforming thousands of cells with one breath before to the horror of transforming thousands with one breath now. During this time, the aura stored in the transformed cells has been similar to that in his inner big house, which means that he now has two elixirs. Think about the hundreds of billions of cells in the human body, but now what you have transformed this time is just fur. If all the cells can be transformed into built-in small abdomen, Tianjun can’t imagine that he will definitely be a fighting machine at that time and will not be defeated.
Of course, cells have metabolism, so it is unrealistic to completely transform them, and only the transformed cells can be maintained at a relatively stable number.

Chapter two hundred and two Thinking
Through this period of practice, Tianjun found that he can easily control the density of cells and make them flow with his will. It is absolutely impossible for an ordinary fairy to do any harm to him. Now his body has reached a critical point. As long as he controls the cells of his body, any tiny thing can pass through his body, but he can’t leave a trace of harm, which echoes with the defense of this black robe and brings out the best in each other. Tianjun is confident that no matter how big the enemy is at this moment. ~~
Tianjun has some ideas at this time. Since he can infinitely thin his own cells and make them flow with his own wishes, can he infinitely suppress them and make them firm?
With this idea, Tianjun tried to compress his own cells as he walked, so that they could be brought together. However, there is often an insurmountable gap between ideal and reality. Cells can be compressed, but they are like being separated by a thin film, and they can’t merge with each other. Moreover, the compressed volume of nearly 10,000 cells is similar to that of a cell. So, if all the cells in the body are compressed, wouldn’t the whole person disappear?
Tianjun frowned and kept thinking about how to solve the problem of insufficient number of cells after cell fusion and cell compression.
The cell is surrounded by the cell membrane, which is divided into two layers: the inner layer and the outer layer. In order to make the cells fuse with each other, the first thing to do is to crack the cell membrane, make it dissolve with each other, and then fuse with each other. This process is simple to say, but it is quite complicated to practice, and there are tens of thousands of protocells needed to fuse a cell.
This workload is huge, but if it is successful, Tianjun believes that his body is absolutely invincible in this field.
With an idea, Tianjun carefully tried to fuse two cells. First, he used his mind to control two tiny cells, and then he carefully invaded with aura to dissolve the cell membrane, so that the cells could fuse with each other.
Soon, under the full control of Tianjun’s mind, the two tiny cells soon merged perfectly. However, from the appearance, there was no change in the cells, which was the same as before.
Tianjun is a person who gives up so easily. He constantly fuses the original cells with the transformed cells, and a group of people walk talking and laughing. Tianjun used this time to fuse nearly 10,000 cells. When he tried to melt into the 15 th cell, the whole transformed cell has reached a saturated state. No matter how hard he tried to fuse again, he could not move forward.
"Boy, it’s so tough." See their efforts along while finally have the results, Tianjun tried to destroy this newly transformed cell by controlling a little reiki with his mind. But when the reiki attacked the cell, the cell was not damaged at all, and the psychic force bounced back without reservation. Unconvinced Tianjun immediately increased some efforts, but the result was still that the psychic force was bounced back, and the cell was still intact.
"Is it not a tiny negligible cell? See where you can go. " Tianjun was furious, however, and his own fused cells could not be destroyed. Suo ""xing ""gathered all the spiritual forces built in the abdomen together, and used his mind to control all the spiritual forces to bomb the transformed cells.
At this time, Tianjun’s body can be described as a thread, and the "liquid" turns into a rain-like spiritual force, and all the cells with "『ròu』" eyes are hard to see.
Explosion, fire, wolf roar …
Tianjun’s body is a tiny universe at this time. After being attacked by all spiritual forces, it destroyed all of this tiny universe, causing countless disasters. Tianjun didn’t stand on the spur of the moment and could have such irreparable consequences. He stumbled and fell to the ground, and his face turned pale. After all, he couldn’t help the impact of the body explosion and opened his mouth to vomit a few mouthfuls.
The sudden change made everyone frightened, and even Xue jiaqi was suspicious of ""re-arrest "".There is no doubt about the strength of Tianjun. No one can attack him without moving his voice ""Se "",and there is also a master of Xue jiaqi here.
"Tianjun, what’s the matter?" Before Yunxi saw Tianjun thinking alone, she obediently flashed to a bunch of people from the teacher elder sister Xuanji to talk about things. At this moment, Tianjun suddenly fell behind the team and vomited blood without warning, which really scared her a lot, and Xuanji followed "m not" and "xi not ng".
Stretched out his tender little hand and hammered Tianjun’s back, then took out a fragrant handkerchief and wiped the residual blood on his mouth, looking at Tianjun with a worried face.
Enduring the severe pain in his body, Tianjun managed to squeeze out a smile and said softly with an indifferent face, "Nothing, I haven’t taken this little injury to heart."
Then he looked at the crowd and saw that everyone was worried about himself. Tianjun immediately said loudly, "Don’t worry, everyone, I’m fine. Go on."
Xue Qiqi seemed to see the clue, nodded to Tian Jun, and said loudly, "Tian Jun is fine, but the bruise is still outstanding. It’s nothing serious, so let’s rest assured to hurry."
After a period of getting along with each other, everyone was impressed by the cultivation of snow jiaqi. At this time, when he spoke, he turned his head and continued on his way.
"Xuan Ji, Yunxi, I’m fine. I still need to think about some problems. Don’t worry about me. Keep up with everyone."
Tianjun said politely, but he felt a little embarrassed. It was really wrong to let two "『nv』" people care for themselves.
After confirming that Tianjun really doesn’t matter, the two talents reluctantly left Tianjun and flicker back into the crowd.
Seeing that everyone had left, Tianjun sank down to examine the transformed cells. It didn’t matter if he looked at them. At first glance, Tianjun cursed directly in his heart, "It’s really annoying that all my spiritual strength has failed to explode this cell."
However, when Tianjun thought about it, he was excited. If all the cells in his body were transformed, how powerful his body would become. I can’t 『ròu』 this cell with this strength. If all the transformation is completed, then I will be invincible in the cultivation of immortals by myself.
So a grand plan was born in Tianjun’s heart, and he must completely transform his whole body cells and build his body into the most powerful body in the cultivation of immortals.
But if you want to completely transform the cells in your body and make your body as solid as iron, there is also a necessary condition that you should have enough cells. If you just rely on those cells in your body, it is estimated that you will be finished by transforming a "tu ǐ".
People’s normal metabolism constantly has cells dying and being reborn, but the number of cells has been maintained at a relatively stable number. Obviously, it is unrealistic to get enough cells only by relying on cell metabolism. At this time, Tianjun, who has transformed his body, has met with great difficulties in cell shortage, but he still faces the difficulties. After all, the most powerful body has "Yu" and "Hu" to him.
"How can we solve the problem of insufficient cells?" Tianjun was thinking alone with a frown, trying to remember, but he couldn’t figure out the answer.
"Easy to have tai chi, is born two instruments, two instruments gave birth to four elephants, four elephants gave birth to gossip. Everything in the universe can be derived from each other. According to the truth, cells can also be born? " Tianjun is caught in a strange circle at this time. Since he can’t think of a way to increase cells, then everything in the universe is derived from each other, and cells will surely proliferate.
Suddenly I saw Tianjun, who had been frowning, raised his head and slapped his head hard, saying to himself, "I’m so stupid!" "
As soon as this remark came out, everyone was surprised. People who heard this were all looking at me and I looked at you, puzzled.
Seems to be aware of some embarrassment, Tianjun immediately laughed and said to everyone, "Sorry, go on, go on."