Feng Hsu stood at the gate of Diligence Hall. He said to a classmate at the gate of the hall, "Brother, please tell the elder that Qingliang Mountain’s master, Qinglin, has come to visit."


Before long, Dao Futong’s order came down and asked Qing Lin to go to his duty room. Feng Hsu completed his mission, sued Qing Lin, and went straight back to the gate to continue guarding the door.
Qing Lin and Wan’er followed people to the top floor, and the disciple who led them upstairs got the instructions of Dao Futong in advance. He followed Qing Lin with Wan’er and adopted the default attitude. Even if Wan’er followed Qing Lin into the value room of Dao Futong, he didn’t stop him.
The duty room of Daofutong has a door facing west, and the whole duty room is arranged very simply. There is no window on the north wall, but a huge banner with a big word "Dao" written in black ink on it. Below the banner is a platform about half a foot higher than the wooden floor. On one side of the platform, there is a case that is more than one foot high, more than one and a half feet wide and three feet long. The case is cyan and black, and it is placed on several sides. On the other side of the platform, there is a sound transmission stone the size of an adult folded, and the sound transmission array is depicted on the stone surface. The whole sound transmission array is embedded on the platform, which is seamless and natural. In the middle of the sound stone and the case, there is a brown and white futon, some old, obviously very old.
In the duty room, facing the east wall of the gate, there is a row of windows. At this time, the windows are wide open, and when you look around, you can see lush trees, faint flowers mixed with the smell of vegetation, constantly pouring into the duty room. Below the window, there are two groups of four chairs, and there is a small square coffee table in the middle of each two chairs, with teapot and inverted tea bowl on it.
There are only these objects in the value room of Dao Futong. Besides, nothing else can be seen. It’s hard for Qing Lin to believe that this is the place where a powerful elder is sent to work daily.
When Qing Lin came in, Dao Futong was sitting cross-legged on the futon under the north wall, with his heart in the air, his eyes slightly closed, his breathing looming, and he was immersed in an extremely delicate state.
Qing Lin bowed down and said, "Elder Dao, meet Qing Lin, the master of Qingliang Mountain."
Dao Futong opened his eyes, and his naked eyes swept over Qinglin’s body. After that, he said very flatly, "I’m coming. Have a seat first. There is tea on the coffee table, so drink it backwards. " Say and knife futong closed his eyes again.
Qing Lin was helpless, so he had to sit in the last chair. Wan’er was more relaxed than Qing Lin, holding a teacup directly, poured a cup of tea for Qing Lin, and stood beside Qing Lin with his hands.
Tea tastes good. Of all the teas that Qing Lin has drunk in his life, the tea he drinks today is the most. But Qing Lin can’t taste anything. Dao Futong doesn’t say anything, and he doesn’t know what medicine he sells in his gourd. It’s impossible for Qing Lin to deal with such a shocking high-level leader as Dao Futong for the first time without playing drums in his heart.
Before coming, Bian Chunwen once briefly told Qing Lin about some earth-shattering power structures. The leader is naturally Wen Zhenchen, the head, and below the head, there are three elders and twenty elders. Under them, there are dozens of steward levels similar to the ancient style, and further down, there are even more. Dao Futong is one of the twenty elders. He is responsible for the intelligence collection, analysis, processing and the management of the Beijing compound. His position is very respected. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is one person below and above ten thousand people.
Qing Lin is just a hairless teenager. Before he ascended the position of master in Qingliang Mountain, he never thought that he could meet with such a heavyweight as Dao Futong in his life. Even after he succeeded Lu Shangpeng, Qing Lin did not expect Dao Futong to treat him with special respect. It’s just that things are unpredictable. The head Wen Zhenchen summoned Qing Lin, so that Qing Lin had the opportunity to live in the same room with Dao Futong, and his heart was uneasy.
For a long time, Dao Futong opened his eyes again. "Sorry, Master Qinglin, I suddenly had an epiphany just now, and I had to seize the time to catch it, so that I neglected my guests and was rude."
Qing Lin said quickly, "Elder Dao’s words are too harsh. What can Qing Lin do? How dare you make the elder so polite?"
Dao Futong smiled. "It’s really a mouthful to call you master, so I’ll call you Qing Lin, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. Is it okay with Master Qing Lin? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
What’s the opinion of Qing Lin? Dao Futong is not comparable to Qing Lin in age, status and identity. It’s a great chance to call Dao Futong by his first name. You know, there are more than 10,000 disciples of the Shocking School, and how many can be remembered by Dao Futong?
Dao Futong said with a smile, "Qing Lin, I heard that you seem to be under eighteen, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Qing Lin replied, "If I return to the elder, it will be my seventeenth birthday in more than half a month."
Dao Futong gave a cry. He always thought that Qing Lin was coming of age, but there was a gap of more than a year in the middle, which was a bit out of his expectation. "Qing Lin, you don’t have to be too constrained. Among the value rooms, there are only three people, you, me and Miss Wan’er. I don’t talk to you as an ordinary elder. Just relax, even if I say something wrong, I won’t blame you. "
Qing Lin nodded, but she was determined not to take Dao Futong’s words as too much. When answering Dao Futong’s question later, she must not be bold, and there must be no disrespect. Qing Lin, even if he doesn’t think for himself, has to think about Qingliang Mountain. Whether Qingliang Mountain can get more aid or not, nine times out of ten, it is up to Dao Futong to make a decision. Being respectful to him is only good, not bad.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-three No sense of righteousness, selfishness
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three No sense of righteousness, selfishness
First, Dao Futong simply talked to Qing Lin for a few words, and asked who else was in Qing Lin’s family and how he got to Qingliang Mountain. There is nothing to hide from these, and Qing Lin said it in detail.
Chatting and chatting, Dao Futong changed the subject and said, "Qing Lin, you just said that you were less than seventeen years old, but you gave me a big fright. When I was seventeen years old, I hadn’t devoted myself to our school. At that time, I was just an ignorant teenager, and I never thought about asking to fix the truth. Look at you. You’re less than seventeen years old, and you’ve become a master of our amazing sect. You’re the youngest master in the history of the sect. At the beginning, Chunwen recommended you as the main thing. Aren’t you afraid? Aren’t you afraid that you can’t afford this burden? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Qing Lin said, "I’m afraid that I can’t carry it. Until now, I still hope that the elder can send a capable person to officially take over as the master of Qingliang Mountain."
Dao Futong ha ha a smile, "I once said that factions are understaffed, and this basic situation has not changed until now. You still have to be the master, or choose one of them from Chunwen to replace you. "
Qing Lin was slightly disappointed. He said with a wry smile, "Brother Bian, if they were willing to do it, they would have done it long ago, so they wouldn’t have pushed me to the top and let the fire roast me. When I took over, I had to. I have been in the mountains for several years, and they still know Brother Bian quite well. They can practice, but their ability to make decisions on the occasion is quite lacking. I also dare not entrust my life to them, so I took the lead. "
Dao Futong raised his eyebrows slightly. "Can you elaborate on this?"
Qing Lin nodded. "Just now, the elders already know that my home is not far from Qingliang Mountain. Qingliang Mountain is the patron saint of Inge Town and its surrounding areas. Whether this patron saint can play a role is the key for my parents and siblings to keep their lives. I … I don’t quite believe that Bian Dage can keep Qingliang Mountain, thus endangering my loved ones. So I did the main thing half-heartedly. Later, the elders gave us an order to allow us to leave Qingliang Mountain. I was also selfish and wanted to protect my parents’ safety, so I advocated staying in Qingliang Mountain. "
Knife Futong quietly, "so, you led people to stay in Qingliang Mountain, including a series of achievements you established in Inge Pass, all for such a purpose? It’s not for the sake of national justice at all, to protect the people of our country from the suffering of countless lives? "
Qing Lin paused, then headed slightly. "Selfishness is in the majority. Qingliangshan is my second home, just as I don’t want my parents to get hurt, I don’t want my second home to be destroyed by the enemy. "
"Well, I see." Knife Futong thoughtfully for a moment, cut to the chase, "Qing Lin, let’s make a hypothesis. If your parents and siblings are not within the scope of protection of Qingliang Mountain, Qingliang Mountain is still under siege. As a master, will you do your duty like this? Or retreat immediately without saying anything? Tell the truth! "
Qing Lin thought for a moment and said, "There is a 80% to 90% chance that I will choose to retreat immediately. The Shuangwumeng and Xuwu religions are powerful, and the cool mountains are weak. There is a great possibility of staying there and waiting for death."
Dao Futong added, "What if I order you to defend yourself on behalf of the shocking faction?"
Qing Lin immediately replied: "That is naturally obeying orders. However, if conditions permit, I will try to evacuate Qingliang Mountain with my big brother after completing the task. "
Dao Futong ha ha a smile, "Miss Wan’er, what do you think of Qinglin’s decision?"
Wan’er replied: "Everything the son says is right. I listen to the son."
Knife Futong smiled and shook his head, "a qualified personal girl, blind obedience is not the right choice. You should learn to have your own judgment. Qing Lin is right. You should listen. If he is wrong, you should do your best to get him back on the right track. Don’t let him go further and further, it’s irreparable. Qingliangshan can’t be without the master of Qinglin. "
Qing Lin said, "Elder, I want to ask, what happened to the ancient scholar? Why haven’t they heard anything yet? They shouldn’t really have been killed by Xuwu Sect, as Weidong Tian said, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Dao Futong said, "I shouldn’t have told you this, but since you are in charge of Qingliang Mountain now, I’d better give you some news." Antique since the rate of people into the territory of Kazakhstan, it didn’t take long, and we sent lost contact, no news, I don’t know life and death. Those who entered the territory of Hassa in tandem with them to spy on information, as well as those who offered sacrifices to the hospital. There was news the other day that several of their people were arrested by the Xuwu Sect, and the rest were dead and injured. Didn’t the Sacrifice Institute force you to leave Wei Dongtian and Zhu Shihui? It was these two prisoners that they used to exchange with the warm black religion. "
Qing Lin facial expression, micro "is really shameless. The people I arrested were cheaper than them. "
Dao Futong with the wave, "this matter, let’s not talk about him. Qing Lin, I’ll give you a task now. After you return to Qingliang Mountain, you must organize people and try your best to go deep into Kazakhstan to find them. Your ancient scholars are all our classmates, and they are connected by flesh and blood. We must not let them fall into the hands of Xuwu Sect in the country of Hasa. "
Qing Lin nodded. "Don’t worry, Elder, I will do my best."
Dao Futong suddenly laughed: "When you say it, you will digress. Qing Lin, I’ve always been curious. You bombed the thunderbolt and burned the grain and grass, relying on your several spirit beasts. The way to control animals, but we are extremely unfamiliar with it. Most people have no contact with it. How did you learn these methods? Also, where do your spirits and beasts come from? But you have never been far away from Qingliang Mountain? "
Qing Lin had a ready-made answer to this question. He naturally moved the dead tofu Jiang couple out, and some nonsense said that it was perfect. It was nothing more than a little friendship with tofu Jiang, and then tofu Jiang Aicai was eager to pass on what he had learned in his life to Qing Lin. This kind of thing often happens in the field of fixing truth. The tortoise looks at mung beans-the right thing happens from time to time.
Dao Futong is skeptical, but it is not easy to verify. Mr. and Mrs. Tofu Jiang are dead, so he can’t chase after the ghost world to explore it. Besides, it’s really hard to say whether the soul went to the ghost world after the death of tofu Jiang and his wife.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-four One step at a time
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four One step at a time
After a long talk, more than an hour passed before I knew it. Qing Lin had little contact with Dao Futong. I didn’t know that when Dao Futong was in such a position, I basically wouldn’t talk to people like him for such a long time. Even Dao Futong’s direct disciple might not be able to enjoy such treatment.
Dao Futong looked at the day outside, ha ha a smile, "Qing Lin, there is one thing, I want to say hello to you in advance. The head martial uncle has a lot of time to do when he comes to Beijing this time, so it’s hard to spare himself. Whether or not he has time to see you is still unknown. You have to be mentally prepared. If the master uncle can’t see you, you have to understand. "
Qing Lin said quickly, "Elder, Qing Lin is lucky to be received by the head of the household. If you don’t get to see the head, it can only be said that the fate of the green forest has not yet arrived. When the fate comes, it will naturally be summoned by the head again. "
Dao Futong nodded with a smile. "I’m relieved that you can think so. Come here. "
A woman came in holding a folded sky-blue dress with a Huang Guan on it. "Master."
Knife Futong pointed to the green forest, "Yunxia, gave this dress to Master Green Forest. Qing Lin, you are no longer fit to wear this shabby cassock. You are also the master of Qingliangshan at least, so there is no need to make people laugh. Change this dress. "
Yunxia walked to Qinglin with her clothes in her hand. "Master, please."
Wan’er stepped forward and took it from Yunxia. She put the crown on the coffee table, and then shook the sky-blue clothes. It was a cassock with a style that didn’t have too many surprises. The only thing that was commendable was that the whole cassock was made of pure gold silk thread, which was inlaid with the edge.
At first, however, seeing such a cassock, Qing Lin’s mood suddenly became extremely excited. "Elder, this …" Qing Lin was almost speechless. Just because this seemingly unremarkable cassock is the standard dress that the official disciples of the Jingtian Sect are qualified to wear, that is to say, as long as they wear this dress, then Qing Lin officially becomes a member of the Jingtian Sect, and he has been recognized by the Jingtian Sect, which is completely different from Qing Lin’s work as a pyrotechnic Taoist in Qingliang Mountain.
Dao Futong said with a smile, "Put it on, Qing Lin. This is the meaning of the head martial uncle. Your name has been filled in the disciple list. Let’s be a registered disciple for the time being. We haven’t discussed the specific name, and we will inform you later. "
Qing Lin can be described as a step up to the sky. The registered disciple ranks only below the personal disciple and the direct disciple, above the nominal disciple and the master, and is in the middle of the master disciple sequence. Many people in the shocking school have been suffering for a lifetime, and they may not be able to get the title of a registered disciple. Of course, an example like Qing Lin is special. Qing Lin did not participate in the shocking election meeting, nor did he gain the appreciation of a powerful person because of his talent for fixing the truth. He was promoted to a registered disciple directly, relying more on his far superior means and vision. If it weren’t for Qing Lin’s achievements in Inge Pass, Qing Lin would be promoted to a master, which would be very good.
Looking at the excitement of Qing Lin, Dao Futong smiled. "Yunxia, take Qing Lin down to change clothes. After that, bring Qinglin here again. I still have something to say to Qinglin. "
Yunxia said unsmiling, "Master, please come with me."