I’m at Yundian, sweeping the east where it’s clean and looking for a place to stay, drifting slowly across 30 miles away.


Taibai Venus looked five or six miles away and said, "Santai, do you think the Tang Priest and his disciples are at the foot of that mountain?"
I looked in the direction pointed by Venus, but I saw the golden cicada stop and look at what Sun Wu said in the mouth of the peak. After a few words, Sun Wu urged the horse to re-enter the sheep’s intestines.
I nodded. First, when the Taibai Venus assimilated into the ancient age, the old man trembled on his crutches.
A few miles later, there was a high rock covered with pine needles, which was relatively flat. I waited here for a moment and thought that the two of us appeared in their sight.
I cleared my throat and shouted, "Don’t go any further over there. There are a group of goblins on this mountain who have eaten up the world!"
Maybe the ground is uneven, maybe the carved saddle is unstable, and when my voice falls to the ground, the golden cicada’s face will shake up and roll down in the grass, humming straight.
Sun Wu looked at the grass and comforted him naively. "Don’t be afraid that my two younger brothers are here."
Jin Chan fell motionless on the grass and turned a blind eye to Sun Wu’s hand. He said, "Listen to the old man Gao Yan, who dares to ask the truth?"
Sun Wu said, "Master, sit with me and ask him one."
Jin Chan suddenly sat up and shook his head for a while, trembling. "You are ugly and rude. What if you collide with him and can’t ask the truth?"
"When I become handsome, ask him." Sun Wu turned into a gentle and handsome young monk, but when he saw him, Jin Chan asked, "Master, do you think I have become good?"
Golden cicada nodding good canopy wu wear nose tone came vinegar generally sour "how bad! Just compare us to master! Old pig, I can’t be so handsome if I roll on the spot for a few years! "
Without words, Sun Wu leaned forward and hid from them on the hillside. "The old man and the poor monk inquired."
I saw his skull become very round, and I gave him a gift without answering. I reached out and smiled at his bare skull and asked, "Where did the young monk come from?"
Sun Wuyi said, "We just arrived here to learn Buddhist scriptures from the East, Tang Dynasty and the West. We heard the husband’s bulletin that the mountain demon was fierce and my master was timid. I came to inquire: What kind of demon is this? I don’t dare to bother my father-in-law so much, so I can explain it in detail."
Venus laughed. "You little monk are very ungrateful. That demon has magical powers. How dare you say that you should detain him?"
Sun Wu smiled when he heard this, and his eyes were shining. "The old man’s words meant to protect the demon. Isn’t it because he has a close relationship that he refused to tell me his origin?"
"If you don’t kiss, you’ll be your neighbor or your friend." I turned to Taibai Venus and said, "This young monk can make a fool of himself. I think he learned some spells in the cloud tour and knew something about the town house to exorcise ghosts. He has never seen such a vicious monster!"
When Taibai Venus nodded, Sun Wu asked, "How to be ruthless?"
"That’s strange!" Taibai Venus smoothed her beard and said, "A letter from Lingshan is greeted by 500 Arrows; A piece of paper, eleven big obsidians in Tiangong, all respect each other. "
I nodded and said, "The Four Seas Dragon King Zeng Youdong’s immortals often meet, and the Ten Temples Yan Jun called the brother Chenghuang Yin Shen an afterlife!"
Since Yun Cheng Wan changed his taste to eat scales and reptiles, the Four Seas Dragon King broke his friendship.
Sun Wu, look at me. I grabbed Taibai Venus. Xi Xi smiled. "The goblin, my epigenetic page, is nowhere to be found. If Gao Ruozhi knows that my young monk came to think that it was solved overnight."
You’re a monkey doll who hasn’t grown up, but you have to be the elder of others!
I walked on crutches and asked, "How do you untie him?"
Sun Wule said, "The young monk, everywhere in the world, is familiar with a lot of culture and education, and he has solved the problem of flying overnight."
Taibai Venus wrung her brow and asked, "Little monk, which generation of immortal family is your epigenetic page?"
Sun Wu said unhurriedly, "The Jade Emperor knows my heavenly king and fears me for 20 nights. Nine Yao Xing Jun is afraid of my county’s city god. I kneel in Dongyue Tianqi. I am afraid of my ten temples. I am a slave. I am a slave. I am a descendant. I am familiar with each other. Why can’t I teach him how to solve it overnight?"
Taibai Venus shook her head and read a amitabha. She leaned on the monkey’s head and touched it. Later, I said, "The young monk said that it is impossible to grow up."
Sun Wu said, "It’s enough to be my age."
I played a crisp reprimand on Sun Wu’s forehead, saying, "I used to talk nonsense at an early age!"
Taibai Venus laughed. "Why are you such a teenager?"
"Teenagers? But not ten thousand teenagers? " Sun woke up, jumped to the side, turned into a high voice and shouted, "My little monk has a lot of faces!" "
Taibai Venus pretended to be frightened and retreated, pretending to be scared and falling down.
Sun Wu helped him up and softened his color before. "Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! I’m just waiting for your kindness to report how many monsters are so strange and tired. Tell me about it and I’ll thank you! "
I never thought that Venus Taibai was also an old urchin when facing this monkey. He was so scared that he couldn’t speak. I wouldn’t tear him down and shake my hands to make a pretentious calm.
Sun Wunai had to jump back to Jinchan and explain that Taibai Venus stretched her neck and looked at him to comfort Jinchan Jiao Jiao’s temper.
Venus played with the monkey to teach him to go again and say some soft words. Unexpectedly, Jin Chan scolded the monkey for his lack of good sense and didn’t teach him to come. The anti-teaching canopy dragged the nail palladium to the mountain with a diligent look.
Taibai Venus just got up from the ground and looked up at the ceiling. Now she looks so frightened and falls to the ground. She panicked and said, "What kind of nightmare did God have today? She met the wicked again and again! Previously, there were people who were reluctant to say that they were cute. How is this half popular! "
Tianpeng laughed. "Ugliness is ugliness. I can bear to see you as an old man, but it’s good to praise or criticize others!" "
I asked, "Where are you from?"
Tianpeng looked at her face and put her arm around her waist and said, "I’m a disciple of Tang Priest, whose legal name is Wu Neng. The previous one was my brother and master, who blamed him for bumping into my father-in-law. This taught me to ask what is here, what are the caves in the mountains, what are the goblins and where is the westbound road."