"… everything is arranged, and there are two last questions to consider. What if I can’t succeed in my promotion? What if the latecomers still have the old lady’s native land, or even the reincarnation of the old lady after her death? "


"That kind of power is so terrible, no matter how to plan, how dare you say you are sure? Perhaps, the old plan, is also falling into its calculation? So what? "
"If you have been tortured by this from generation to generation, I would rather … die and die, and never enter the reincarnation."
"… Heaven is cruel, and everything is a straw dog. However, although I am a worm, I have to live clearly. In this case, I will leave a warning in the language of my native land. If there is a latecomer, no matter the native land or the reincarnation of the old lady, after seeing this thing, you should be vigilant and never sink into it. "
"So to speak, the old stay in Yihua country, if it is a coincidence, it may also have some effect. Perhaps it can also be the help of latecomers, which is really unexpected. What I did at the beginning was unintentional. Now that I think about it, is it also a sign, or a sign? "
",no matter what, the old have already made a decision. How can I surmise the reincarnation of later generations and let it be? "
"The other two jade slips, which recorded the old master’s main learning and the incomplete eye method of surprises, stayed here together. If the latecomers can get it, I will be very comforted. "
"After all this, the old will go away alone, find a secret place, and close the door. Just wait for the day when you are robbed, or escape from the cage, or die. What the outcome is, only depends on God’s will. "
"Above, Tang Qing’s personal viewers should remember to be cautious."
The words in the jade slips came to a screeching halt. Tang Qing’s mood, like an ice cave, fell to the bottom.
He was not bored enough to consider his own life experience, although according to what Bao Puzi wrote, Tang Qing probably experienced thousands of years of reincarnation, and then set foot on the origin again and continued the road of spiritual slavery.
If you put this matter on someone else, you will definitely be unable to sleep at night when you are sad, and it is not surprising that your spirit will collapse. However, for Tang Qing, it is a real joke.
What reincarnation is not reincarnation, Tang Ye is Tang Ye, and this is the identity now. Whether he is reincarnated or not, he won’t have any psychological burden, and he won’t be half sad because of it. As for today’s self, she is also faced with the choice of spiritual envoys like Bao Puzi, and Tang Qing has no hesitation.
In a word: "Fuck you"
This is all his attitude, which is ten thousand times more than that of Bao Puzi. The problem that Tang Qing was considering at this time was that this teleportation array actually led to another place in the territory of the orc kingdom, not the cave in Mengcheng.
What can I do?
Without seeing the so-called map, no one knows where the abode of fairies and immortals is and how far it is from Yanlong. What will happen on the way? Will there be any accidents?
To put it more seriously, what if Xiaoyao, the old immortal, built the abode of fairies and immortals in the depths of the monster mountain range? Of course he and Bao Puzi are not afraid of any monster beast, but what about Tang Qing?
Hundreds of mountains, but there are 8 or even more advanced monsters.
Confused suddenly, Tang Qing looked up dully and glanced at the chessboard inadvertently. However, I saw that the chess pieces were scattered, which turned out to be a big Chinese character: "prisoner"
Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven: the "cage" of reincarnation
Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven: the "cage" of reincarnation, go to the website.

Chapter four hundred and fifty-eight: Italian robbery (I)
Chapter four hundred and fifty-eight: Italian robbery (I)
The word "prisoner" is like a prisoner, and it is like a fierce beast with an open mouth, containing the little man who is struggling to get rid of it, chewing its bones and muscles, biting its flesh and blood and trying to swallow it.
Dark mouth, biting a pale person. To the audience watching it, laugh wildly.
Staring at the word "prisoner" for a long time, Tang Qing seemed to write down the whole chess shape, and it was not bad in his mind.
Later, he leaned over, raised his hand, classified the black and white sons one by one, and received them one by one in the chess urn.
His movements are gentle and careful, his eyes are gentle and even obsessed, and he is not reckless and rude in the past, as if he were afraid to break these pieces that have not rotted for thousands of years.
There is firmness in gentleness and accuracy in carefulness. Tang Qing didn’t rush to look at the other two jade slips, so she picked up the pieces one by one and put them back in its original home, the chess urn.
The chess piece fell back to its original place, making a tinkling sound. In the pavilion, there was a faint feeling of joy, and even the originally thick air became fresh and happy.
When the chess pieces are removed, the word "prisoner" gradually changes and finally becomes the word "person".
A big "man" and a pale "man" floated on the Black Sea.
Tang Qing stared at the "man", shook his head and continued to pick up the pieces.
Sunspots were picked out one by one, and in the end, there was no extra chess piece on the board, leaving only the "person".
Free people, floating on the chessboard, floating in that line, a grid. The breath in the pavilion is more and more cheerful, and the angry bamboo forest seems to be swaying and rustling.
Tang Qing looked for a while and shook his head again. With a wave of his hand, the chessboard was in his pocket, but the man composed of chess pieces remained intact and landed firmly on the desktop.
The brown desktop, holding up the little man, looks very spacious. That flick seems to be alive, active and smart, like a light dancer, gracefully intertwined.
Tang Qing took a serious look, still dissatisfied, shook his head again and waved again. The round table made of something was put away, and the man fell to the ground without a sound.
People are still people, and two simple strokes seem to be fuels, as if facing something and thanking something. There seems to be a sigh floating in the air, with relief and a trace of ridicule and helplessness.
The blue ground is hard, stable and big. Holding that little man, it’s easy, happy and disdainful.
Tang Qing’s face, first joy, then doubt, then helplessness, then anxiety and rage. Eyes glued to the "man", mania gradually emerged. Like a beast that failed to courtship, Tang Qing staggered back and forth in the pavilion, but no matter where he was, his eyes were like being attracted by a magnet, and he was firmly hooked on the little word "person".
Can’t move the fraction, and don’t want to move the fraction.
His face, muscles gradually twisted, the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and his eyes began to congest, sending out the breath of madness. Mind, as if there is a person, with extreme despair and sadness, screaming in a secluded field … struggling …
There was silence, darkness and lifelessness all around. Even his crazy cry can’t get any response. As if the whole universe, has turned into a dark nothingness, leaving only one person, crazy in it, until the sink.
Vaguely, Tang Qing felt that it was himself.
I don’t know when, Tang Qing’s body is glowing with red light, and there is a bit of black gas scattered. There was light in his lower abdomen, but this time, the Buddha’s light, which should have been strong, was extremely dim. There is an invisible pressure around, which firmly presses it, and the Buddha’s light is like a faint flickering candle, which will go out at any time.
Tang Qing’s face became more and more ferocious, and her body revolved around the "person" at an increasing speed. Slowly become scurrying, running, and even flying
The villain in my mind is getting more and more crazy and desperate; Tang Qing also became crazy, irritable and irrational. In the end, his body turned into a ghosting image, a ball of fire, a hurricane, and his mouth growled and whirled around the little man.
This situation has been going on. Tang Qing has been unaware of anything around him, and only the little man who is struggling crazily is left in his mind. No matter what he does, he can’t be dragged out of the cage.
Went to the mouth, and chess sea; The chess pieces have gone, and there are chessboards; The chessboard is gone, but there is still a desktop. If the desktop is removed, it will usher in the earth.
Even if the earth can be removed, there is still a vast starry sky. Where should we go and where can we go?
At this time, Tang Qing was obsessed with madness in that set of unsolvable cycles, and there was no room for any thoughts in her mind. I only know that I run like a wild animal, burn and hover like a flame, and roar and roll like a strong wind.
If there is no change, he will keep running like this until he becomes mad and dies.
I don’t know when, the bat king with thirteen blood bats, quietly appeared around the pavilion. Previously, Tang Qing was worried about an accident, and ordered the blood bat to stop at the periphery and act as his own cause. However, at this time, extreme anxiety and fear drove the Bat King to disobey Tang Qing’s orders for the first time in his life and came to the pavilion.
The bat king can’t read any words, and he can’t tell what is a prisoner and what is a person. It can only feel that the owner is in an extremely dangerous state, and if he can’t wake up in time, the consequences will be unimaginable.
In the animal ring, the sleeping meow suddenly woke up, and the big purple pupil flashed, revealing doubt and vigilance. Wrinkle up your nose and smell it. Meow meow Huo Ran got up. For the first time, he jumped out without the consent of Dad. Tang Qing has given meow the highest authority and can freely enter and leave the space of the spirit beast ring. However, this is the first time it has used the privilege, and it is awakened in the process of advanced sleep.
Meow meow appeared in the pavilion, and there was great anger in the pupil, which even contained fear. As soon as she appeared, she instantly turned into a fighting posture. Between the eyebrows, faint stars are looming, which is a sign of trying your best.
The bat king found meow, and with excitement and anxiety in his eyes, he spread his wings and flew to his side. Two completely different monsters looked at each other and made a few growls and screams from time to time, as if they were doing some kind of communication.
Tang Qing is still running wildly, spinning around the word "person" crazily, with no intention of stopping. His roar is like thunder, his voice is full of madness and fatigue, and his whole body emits purple flames mixed with black silk, forming a rare ring of fire.
At this time, in his body, the two wrapped thunder balls were floating faintly, showing signs of instability. If they burst at this time, Tang Qing has no defense and resistance, and is destined to turn into ashes.
Meow meow eyes show decisively, the blood bat made a few growls. The blood bat answered a few times, fired into the air, and then issued a call. Fourteen blood bats moved at the sound, forming an arrow formation headed by the king of bats, facing the rotating ring of fire.
Meow meow and bat king looked at each other again, then turned to Tang Qing, qi qi let out a loud roar.