Quietly lying by the stream, the silver hair gently floats on the dng water. The body of the charming Yan yu is still full of pain. S A thick blood drips from her mouth. The most thrilling place is that a silver arrow runs through her left arm and firmly nails her to the ground. < D Chapter 15 Does this count as a "hero to save the United States"?


Text] Chapter 15 Does this count as a "hero saving the United States"? ——
A beautiful little nv was bloodied by an arrow. The shock of this sad picture made the feather burn the blood. His pupil suddenly enlarged and strength emerged from nowhere to make him prop up his weak body.
"What’s the matter?" He hurriedly knelt down before Cen’s side and locked his eyebrows into a "Sichuan" word. "What an overbearing arrow actually penetrated his arm."
There was something around him that pulled his clothes and feathered, and I knew it was the sheep. When I nodded, "There is no fatal danger, I should be able to save her, but there is something hidden in this ing department." His eyes fell in shame, but the picture of "steaming white steamed bread" was sketched in ing’s mind, and then there was a pain behind him. It was the sheep’s head that arched him.
"Well, it’s time to start work. Later, maybe it will bleed too much." Feather finally kept her conscience. Her right hand stretched out a tear and the shirt on Cen sleeve was torn. His stream soaked the cloth and rolled it into a ball. Shihou Zhang pinched Cen’s cheeks and mouth with his left hand and stuffed it in.
"This way, you won’t bite your tongue off because of pain. Now it’s not suitable for children." Slightly sinking yn, he strengthened his mind and took a hair to wrap around the arrow shaft. When he pulled the arrow shaft, it broke the fracture with interest, and it was very smooth. It was like being cut by a sharp knife, and it broke and feathered. Immediately, his eyes were dizzy and he gasped a few times. Because he moved too hard and the amplitude was too great, he accidentally tore a piece of white huahua’s arm and a pink and tender arm when he tore the cloth near the wound.
This section of Y is like a bright red rose on the shoulder of the skin. hua is white, white, red and charming. At one time, it seems that it is natural to have the S-color jia’s wrong fantasy breath floating.
There is something vaguely called "blood" to drip out of the nose. "It’s not good for children." At this critical juncture, I have been strongly protested by Kong Laotai’s higher quality education for many years. A handful of water has been fished up and feathered, and I will not hesitate to spread it on my face. I will put my left hand behind Cen’s neck and gently lift my right hand to stick the broken pole. At the same time, I will be eager to get up.
The charming body is in my arms, and the nose tip is full of little nv fragrance. I can’t help but put my heart in the middle. The corners of my mouth are bent up on both sides, and my eyes are turned over. Vaguely, saliva drips from the corners of my mouth. It’s a pity to forget that the broken arrow has already been forced into the soil by his strength.
The sheep was psychic and roared "baa ~ ~ ~"
Feathering that carefree heavenly heart was instantly pulled back to the ing cavity, and quickly put Cen down gently and stretched out her finger to stop the gushing blood, and then pulled a piece of cloth to tie dng through the wound. Only then did he take a long breath and took out the cloth in Cen’s mouth. "It depends on whether your master has tenacious vitality. Look at this scene, I think she is not an ordinary person, but the person who hurt her is not an easy generation."
Sheep are really psychic. They keep hissing and rubbing their heads against his shoulders.
It is estimated that the sheep is active and heavier. Maybe it is because he finished his work and suddenly became dizzy and weak. When he was wrapped up again, he immediately softened half of his body and slipped. It happened that he was lying down to the girl’s soft abdomen.
Slender and slender hands set up a tree with purple hair and little nv shook her body, and the blood tree dyed mottled and vomited blood, which relieved the uncomfortable pressure. Many little nv stumbled a few steps and sat softly against another tree, and the sunset glow blushed her face, but she knew that her face must be ugly.
"Shielding technique can’t believe that nv child actually has this trick. People in’ Waltz’ are really to be reckoned with."
She indifferently enjoyed the sunset scene, and she seemed to have no feeling of being injured when she was drunk in the sunset glow.
She was really surprised that she shot the "purple arrow" because it was a must-kill trick, but she hesitated to "kill" and "not kill". Then this slight hesitation finally made the arrow sh miss the opponent’s arm. However, the power of the "purple arrow" was strong enough for dng to penetrate the opponent’s arm, but she was injured in the counterattack of the "shield screen" that gathered wind elements.
"It’s really not simple. It’s no wonder that Mrs. Silk always says that I haven’t reached the realm of Horcruxes. It’s just that this’ secret Taoist’ is extremely difficult to deal with the enemy."
I thought about it casually, and the feeling of weakness hit my heart again. If I don’t hesitate, I will sit up straight and breathe silently. She needs to take good care of her injury and then look for her little master.
Yu Hua is glad that he was taught by the Great Xia * * because he was always ordered by * * not to eat because of his neglect in practicing martial arts. Now he feels that his master has saved his life. This is the first thing he realized when he woke up. You have to look at the bonfire not far from him, where two rabbits are roasting. This question is easy for a starving person to answer.
At night, S invaded here, and the stream was floating with a little dazzling brilliance, accompanied by beautiful playing, and the tenderness came to the limit. This tenderness was sent to the sky by the night wind, so the moon was also gentle. The ngng light was magnified by her without stint, and the leaves were scattered. The stream sang happily, and the little nv was kneeling by the campfire, forming a silhouette that made people sigh. All this made the feather as unreal as a dream, so he groaned for a long time.
"Take it to yn thief!"
Less nv lightly chastising in a roast rabbit hit the feather arms to the original this hungry dizzy several times people will gobble up the feather reaction to the surprise of normal people Cen wait for a while looked at him with a roast rabbit to the stream.
First, put away the stone beside the roast rabbit stream, then squat down to the stream to wash your face, then cut your long hair casually, and finally straighten up and carry the roast rabbit, sit quietly while tempering, and slowly taste it, which Cen can’t understand.
I borrowed the firelight and Cen discovered that the man in front of me was not bad-looking, with thin eyebrows and fine eyes, and his face lines were softer than ordinary people. Many of them looked unmanly and seemed to be thrown into a crowd. It is estimated that it would be difficult to find it again. It was more handsome when I was fighting with that evil-thinking person just now, but was he hungry or not? Cen turned several times when he was in a face-to-face relationship.
It took a while for the roast rabbit to finish, and then his eyes fell to Cening.
"Don’t look! Yn thief! "
"I want to ask if your rabbit can be eaten for me."
"yn thief!"
"I mean, that’s not you in your hand."
< d Chapter 16 Cen’s mind
Text] Chapter 16 Cen mind-
I misunderstood the meaning of feathering. Rao is a cheeky guy like Cen, and it’s a little embarrassing. After all, just now, she thought too much about ji, and she hated throwing the half-baked rabbit in her hand.
It’s a while before the feathering finally buries half of the rabbits into the belly. That eating is absolutely gentle, but his strange appearance makes Cen even more suspicious.
"Almost starved to death" Feather contentedly long sigh tone is full of ease.
Cen nodded in wonder. "Then you still eat so slowly?"
Feather raised a finger to Shi Shiran and said, "Remember that overeating is not allowed for a hungry person."
Cen watched him get up and pace back and forth for a while and asked more questions in his heart. "Why are you dangling?"
Only to see this man put up a finger again and still said slowly, "Remember that for a person who has just had enough to eat, walking after a meal must help relieve gastrointestinal pressure."
Cengang wanted to say something more. A long and deep howl tore through the forest, like a river raging in the past. In the dark, birds flew in fright, pikas and foxes plunged into the grass, and even the stream was in a panic. This long howl contained too many grievances, dissatisfaction, anger and regrets, and all kinds of emotions were varied, which exhausted the pain suffered by the eclosion day.
"It’s really comfortable to have a full meal. It feels so good. Ahahahaha." Feather sat down on the ground, right ui rolled up, left ui propped up two fists, clenched her head and lifted it high, yelling at the moon.
"Are you a wolf?" Cen’s sorrow and feather changed for a while, so she couldn’t help but want to swear and then asked, "What about now?"
Feather raised her finger for the third time. Hehe smiled. "Remember that a person with a normal biological clock should sleep at this time."
Cen was completely silent and glanced at him. He just fell asleep on the floor. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. When I locked my eyebrows, I got up slowly and walked slowly to Feather’s side. The dark red light made her shadow cover the feathered eyes, and the "fantasy blade" in my hand also shook blue light. When her eyes became firm, blue light Huo Ran soared!