I looked at Kang Jun anxiously and went to the back with a slight squint. I was surprised to see a clue … They were affectionate.


It seems that Kang Jun approached me just to stimulate Kang Qina.
But … KangQinNa who does she love?
Is it not love that she is so attached to Zou Chen?
Maybe she took Zou Chen as Cheng Ying?
Or does she love both men?
At that time, my mind was very confused, and I felt a little confused and depressed when I got mixed up in the paste.
After about half an hour, the door was hit by Kang Jun from outside again, and when he came in, he untied me with a guilty look on his face. "I’m really sorry to have wronged you."
My hands are red with rope, and the back of my neck hurts even more. If I couldn’t lift my hands, I would have slapped him hard.
"I’m so sorry. I didn’t expect her to …"
I interrupted him. "Shouldn’t you be happy that she is so crazy because you finally found out her heart … aren’t you?"
Kang Jun looked at me in amazement, and then he seemed to explain something, but I interrupted him, "I’m not interested in your disputes. Where are they?"
Kang Jun looked a little embarrassed and sighed apologetically. "Your friend is waiting for you outside. Ah Cheng is a little hurt … She sent people back to Kang Zhai." There was a pause. "You look very pale. I’ll let people take you to the hospital first."
As soon as I heard Zou Chen went back to Kangzhai, I felt full of strength.
When I came out of the room, I found Leo sitting in the small hall. Someone was giving him face medicine. I was just about to act quickly and Nai’s legs were numb. Just after a big step, he fell to the ground and passed out again.
When I woke up again, it was the second morning, and Leo was sitting beside the hospital bed with a stranger.
"Wake up" Leo got up and came over.
I saw bruises on the corners of his eyes and corners of his mouth, and his wrist was still wrapped in gauze. When I got up in a hurry, I just moved the back of my neck and it hurt.
Leo pressed me back. "Don’t move."
"Are you all right?" I looked at him and felt guilty.
Leo raised his hand and smiled. "I’m fine. It’s all skin injuries."
"Miss Lin, I’m assistant manager Gu. He asked me to take care of you here. Do you feel uncomfortable there?" The strange man in the mouth.
"I’m fine, thank you." I smiled at him faintly and then looked at Leo anxiously and asked, "How is he?" After I fainted, they must have fought a fierce battle. Kang Jun said Zou Chen was injured, which must be a serious injury.
Leo was stunned. I asked who it was. "He’s a little hurt, but he’s fine. Don’t worry. Uncle Gu went to Kang’s early in the morning. It should be fine."
I was slightly relieved.
I observed the fever in the hospital for a day and then returned to the hotel.
Leo stayed with me in the hospital for a day, and then he followed me to my hotel, saying that it was convenient to take care of me. I told him to go to other things, but I didn’t take care of him. He said that he came to Nanning to play, and I thought that there was such a coincidence. Later, I realized that he actually came with Gu Pingjun.
Gu Pingjun came and talked to me once after I returned to the hotel from the hospital. He said that the Kang family was very arrogant and refused to let people live or die, which made him even more angry. Zou Chen didn’t say whether to stay or not.
I have long thought about how Kang Qina’s personality can be so easily compromised. If she really has feelings for Kang Jun and misunderstood me and Kang Jun, she will not let Zou Chen go lightly.
Gu Pingjun said that he would take Zou Chen back by any means, and the next day after I returned to the hotel, I received a message from the villa saying that Panpan had a cold, fever and crying badly. My master asked me to go back first.
As soon as I heard that Xiao Panpan was ill, I was so anxious that I couldn’t bear to hear her cry again, so I booked a plane back to Beijing the next morning.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-four Back to Beijing
As soon as I heard that Xiao Panpan was ill, I was so anxious that I couldn’t bear to hear her cry again, so I booked a plane back to Beijing the next morning.
In the evening, I thought I would go back tomorrow, so I sent Zou Chen a message. In fact, I sent him several messages and called him in the past two days, but no one answered.
I told him that my daughter caught a cold and it was very noisy. I booked an early morning flight back to Beijing. Will you come back with me?
The message was sent without response.
Leo accompanied me back to Beijing for security check the next day. I turned around several times, but I still didn’t see the movie I wanted to see. I was very lonely and went to security check, but when I was about to board the plane, I received a message from Zou Chen, which made me very excited. Are you okay?
His text messages are strange? Didn’t seem to see those messages I sent before?
I immediately replied to him that it was okay, but my horse was about to board the plane and return to Beijing. My daughter was ill and I had to go back.
After waiting for a long time, my mobile phone didn’t respond.
When the plane was about to take off, I sent him another one. If you really want to stay in Nanning, I can find her another father. "
I don’t know why I sent him such a short message with anger, and he didn’t have a good impression on me. Sending such a message again didn’t make him misunderstand more, but I was angry.
When the plane landed in Beijing, I couldn’t wait for the message behind the mobile phone to show that I couldn’t help smiling bitterly. I still overestimated my short message root and couldn’t stab him. Because he didn’t remember anything, how could he care who I was with?
When I came out of the airport, I was so depressed that I forgot about my promise to bring Panpan a gift. Leo took out a porcelain doll from his bag and said it was a gift for Xiao Panpan. He always surprised me like this.
When I got back to the villa, I crouched down and was about to change my shoes. When Xiao Panpan heard the noise, he rushed over and hugged my neck tightly and cried several times.
"Madam, you can come back. Panpan cries for her mother every day." Sister Lin walked up behind Panpan.
"How is the fever gone?" I picked her up and raised my hand-her forehead was a little hot, but it was okay.
Mrs. Lin carried my suitcase. "My fever has gone down this morning, and I still have a low fever, but my cough is a little bad at night."
"Mom … how did you come back? I miss you so much." My daughter put her head on my shoulder.
"Mom also wants to look forward to dying." I kissed her on the side of my head and held her into the living room. The master was a little disappointed to see me come back alone in the living room.
Section 27
I walked to him with Panpan in my arms. "How are you these days?"
Master sat back on the sofa and motioned for me to sit too. "I’m fine. Why … he still won’t come back?"
"He … didn’t say he couldn’t come back. It’s a bit complicated. I’ll tell you in detail later." I held Panpan up and looked at her daughter carefully. I felt a little thinner after a few days of absence. I was distressed and kissed her again.