Really give the treasure to those three people?


And just then there was a population.
They finally have someone going against Ling Tian.
As a result, when I looked in the direction of the sound, I found that the speaker was none other than Ling Tianren.
Those scattered repairs were stupefied at that time.
Not their Hong family and Xinghai Pavilion people also have a face of doubt.
"Is there anything else?"
"We have kept our promises. Are you going to leave us all here?"
"Don’t be afraid of you if you are strong."
"There are a hundred of us, and you are only three!"
I’m sure I’m still afraid, but the loser doesn’t lose the battle. Whether it’s Hong’s family or Xinghai Pavilion, we must save our faces.
Ling day shrugged his shoulders expression calm way
"You misunderstand that I don’t want to start work or ask you if you really don’t want the treasure here?"
"What do you mean?"
Maybe this guy is willing to give them the treasure?
Is there such a good thing in the world that you do your own work and give the benefits to others?
They don’t believe it at all.
Chapter 957 Not many pits how line?
"Of course it can’t be. After all, I can’t work in vain, right?"
"If you are willing to pay … ten thousand pieces of spar, the treasure here will be yours after I break the array. I won’t take any points."
Ling day looked at them and smiling and said
Yu Hongqing wants something, then it’s gone with him.
Anyway, he said he didn’t want it himself.
Hong Qingbai is not someone else. He can’t control it.
In addition, his remarks deliberately set a trap.
Ten thousand pieces of spar, whether these people can take it out or not, they can’t give it.
So this figure is deliberately confusing their attention.
Let them consciously ignore the option of whether to spend money or not.
"Little Fox"
HongQingBai tick tick corners of the mouth clearly understand the meaning of ling day.
Zhou Zhenghao didn’t understand.
But I don’t understand. Does he know what the concept of 10 thousand spar is?
That’s ten million spar!
Eldest brother is really dare to rob … Not really dare to talk!
"Ten thousand pieces of spar? You rob money! "
Scattered repairs are the first ones that can’t help but be poor when they come, let alone ten thousand pieces of spar, even spar they can’t gather together.
It’s not bad to scrape together a few thousand dollars.
Hong’s family can take it out, but it’s just this one. I don’t know what there are and how many treasures there are.
Not worth it.
Hongmang directly shake head a way
"Too many"
"Opening your mouth is 10,000 pieces of spar. You really dare to open your mouth."
Xinghai Pavilion is much richer than Hong’s family, but it doesn’t want to be such a sucker.
See they all refused to ling day feel no accident instead of smiling more.
"I don’t think we can discuss it."
"You spent so much time here, are you really willing to leave?"
"Even if you are willing to part with or use it, there are so many people present today. If this matter accidentally goes out, it will not be very good."
"When the time comes, everyone will say that your Xinghai Pavilion and Hong family are illusory, and even a law can’t be broken, so you can finally leave in despair."
"It’s not just you guys, is it?"
This remark directly silenced those people.
As Ling Tian said, they are shameful and have nothing to lose. The people in Xinghai Pavilion and the people in Dihong’s family must not.
The bigger the family, the more they care about face.