"That’s her, my grandson’s wife!" Zhong Jingxuan smiled and pointed to the Qin Lan heart.


In the northwest, Qin Lanxin Health Club was lost because of the rebellion in Kang Wang, but now all the rebels and thieves have been brought to justice, and twenty medical women have also been brought back to Kyoto, and Zhong Jingxuan has seen Qin Lanxin with his own eyes. Those methods are like magically making a woman more beautiful from the outside.
"Please help me!" Lily went to Qin Lan’s heart and asked for blessings.
"I don’t know medical skills, but I do have some ways to make your skin and spirit better. By the way, are you going to Kyoto, too?" Qin Lan asked with a smile.
Qiu and Shang Rong nodded and told Qin Lanxin and Zhong Jingxuan that they were the dependents of a silk merchant in Kyoto. Three years ago, Lily got a strange disease and her face became like this after she was cured. At that time, Shang Rong was eleven years old.
Seeing that Lily has reached the age of matchmaking, everyone knows that her face is ruined, and her family is seeking relatives and friends. Plus, in Kyoto, a concubine gave birth to a son, and Qiu’s wife and mother are not guaranteed.
So both mother and daughter came back to Beijing from their hometown thinking about keeping their position at home. In the past three years, they have sought medical advice from Lily, but they have spent a lot of money. Even if they meet again, they are already stretched.
Whoever thinks of inferiority because of his appearance, the closer Lily is to Beijing, the heavier his thoughts will be, and finally he will want to die impulsively.
"I don’t want to bring trouble to my mother any more, and I don’t want to go to Kyoto to listen to others’ sarcasm and ridicule. Without my cumbersome mother, I can have another child and my aunt can’t live in Weifu." Lily cried with inferiority.
"You silly child, if you don’t have a mother, what are you doing alive?" Qiu was just in her early thirties, but now she looks like a 40-year-old woman who has been a child in Lily for years. She is already content.
"You can’t say that when you die, you are relieved. You can think about your mother’s mood. I know how much women value appearance, but the most important thing for a person to live is to have confidence. If you are not confident and strong, you can still lift your head even if you are beautiful and beautiful in front of people, but even if you are ugly, you can live happily." Women’s self-confidence is the most important thing, and inferiority will destroy a person’s possession.
"Alas, even so, how many women don’t care about their appearance, and who can be free and easy as the lady said?" Qiu’s sad smile at home is that young concubines will seduce talents and let their "xianggong" often stay in her room because they are younger than themselves.
Qin Lan was also aware that Qiu’s family was depressed. It was not easy for women in her ancient backyard. This was also the original intention of her health club. She hoped that women could learn to love themselves more.
"Mrs. Qiu said that since she went to Kyoto together for the past few days, Grandpa San treated Shang girl, so I’ll help Shang girl recuperate!" Qin Lan heart said with a smile
Lily and Qiu’s a listen to hurriedly gratefully blessing ceremony and let people prepare for the diagnosis of gold honoraria and other things Zhong Jingxuan and Qin Lan heart naturally confiscated after this Lily face cured that’s a living sign.
Because the ship didn’t have the medicinal materials needed by Zhong Jingxuan, it was finally decided to treat her with acupuncture first, and then cook and eat according to the prescription when she got to the shore, and Qin Lan didn’t have any tools in her hand. She first taught Lily a few simple yoga exercises and then made a mask for her.
When we left Baiwei Manor, we were able to eat the spring cucumber in our own greenhouse. Han had two baskets picked and put them on the boat. Now this cucumber has been popularized by the Ministry and is very common with corn, tomato and eggplant in the Wei Dynasty.
"Miss Qin, is this a foreign cucumber?" Since I plan to go back to Beijing with Qin Lanxin and Zhong Jingxuan, I have been in Lily. She has been in the countryside for a long time and has no doubt about Qin Lanxin’s identity.
However, Qiushi is a fine woman. She is grateful to Zhong Jingxuan and Qin Lan for saving her life. On the other hand, she also guessed that the identity of these two people is not simple and extraordinary. Ordinary people can let their daughters know the rules.
"Good business girl also know?" Qin Lanxin sliced the cucumber and crushed the pills Zhong Jingxuan carried with him to make liquid medicine and put them on the cucumber slices to make a mask for Lily later.
"I know that there are many farmers planting in my hometown. This is a foreign species, which was first planted by Princess Fuhui of Wei Dynasty!" Lily stayed with Qin Lan in the past two days. Although she still wore a mask, she was in a good mood.
Qin Lan smiled, but Lily didn’t stop there. Maybe she didn’t have many friends because of inferiority, so she didn’t talk more when she was considerate.
Lily told Qin Lan that she admired Princess Fu Hui very much. During the past three years, whenever she heard that Princess Fu Hui was doing all kinds of things in the northwest, her gloomy mood would be better. Speaking of excitement, Qin Lan could see the light in her eyes. I didn’t expect to meet a fan of her own.
"Shang girl, take off your mask!" Qin Lanxin has prepared cucumber slices.
Lily obediently did it. When the thin cucumber slices were attached to her face, she felt cool, and it was so cool that it became refreshing when it was attached to her body in the bones.
"It will take about two quarters of an hour. Just lie down like this after I put it up. Don’t talk or move your face!" Qin Lanxin personally pasted it for her.
After two quarters of an hour, Qin Lanxin has been waiting to see the effect. The effect of the original cucumber mask will not be so obvious once, but the specially prepared Chinese medicine is the right medicine. When the cucumber slices are brought, Lily’s face spots look a lot lighter. The most important thing is that her sallow skin becomes whiter and firmer.
"Little … miss you … your face …" It’s amazing to follow the servant girl who served Lily and was already speechless.
"What’s the matter with Tweety?" Lily was a little nervous, although Qin Lan told her that this was the first time to see if there was one, but she still hoped.
"Do you want to take a look?" Qin Lanxin is also very satisfied that the effect of this special mask is better than her original imagination.
Lily thought for a moment and looked at her maid and Qin Lan with a surprised smile. She thought that the result must be good, but the ship didn’t have a mirror. Finally, the maid called a basin of water and she saw her reflection in the water.
Speaking of which, she hasn’t seen a mirror for three years. When she was a child, the "monster" in the mirror had left a deep imprint on her heart. Now it’s much lighter to see you again.
"Miss, we really met a doctor. Two more times, the handmaiden will think about your face!" Is locked tweety said with delight.
Lily suddenly hid her face and cried. She hadn’t felt this way for a long time. After her face was saved, her life was saved.
Qiu’s side is also anxious to know that her daughter, like two passenger ships, has been walking very close. When she heard Tweety say that her daughter’s face has improved, she couldn’t help it anymore.
"Rong Er is great!" Qiu Shi also cried with joy.
After a few days, Zhong Jingxuan helped Lily acupuncture, Qin Lanxin helped her make a mask, and by the time she got to the shore of Shuntian Wharf, Lily’s face was better than half.
Zhong Jingxuan gave Qiu’s mother and daughter a prescription, and Lily had learned how to make cucumber mask by herself. Qin Lanxin refused their mother and daughter’s intention to visit and then split up.
After Qin Lanyue’s marriage, Qin Lanbing and Qin Lanrui stayed in Kyoto for three days and returned to Fujiangkou together.