"Xiao Yin recently ok?"


Xiao Zhendong’s expression is a little uncomfortable, slightly adjusting his sitting posture and slowly saying, "The doctor said that the situation is not very optimistic because of chemotherapy control for the time being."
Eyes put a glass of white water in front of the song and sang. Xie lowered his eyes and said, "What do you want me to do when you come to see me?"
Xiao Zhendong, who has always been aboveboard, suddenly raised his head when facing the problem of singing loudly.
"Actually, I found the right match."
Gordon, look at him.
Xiao Zhendong took a deep breath and said, "More than half a month ago, I contacted a girl named Sugar Cube. She left a bone marrow match in the hospital with a very high degree of matching with Yinyin. I didn’t know which person really left a match until later."
Singing without saying anything, sitting quietly.
"I know it’s very presumptuous and unreasonable for me to ask this."
Chapter 61 Have a guilty conscience
Chapter 61
"I know it’s very presumptuous and unreasonable for me to ask, but I really can’t help it now. I can’t watch my daughter suffer from illness day by day and lose her morale and courage to live. If I can save her life, I can’t. I can’t save her. My family is rich, but I can’t save my daughter."
"I can’t save her, but you can be my father. I beg you, can you save my daughter? I’m willing to bear any price."
Sing slowly, put your cup down, raise your eyes and look at him.
"Uncle or Mr. Xiao" sounds a little cool thin. "Do you know about my pregnancy?"
Xiao Zhendong bowed his head in shame. "I … know"
Gao Song pulled the corners of his mouth. "How could you let me risk losing my child with my parents? Would you do that if you were you?"
Xiao Zhendong couldn’t lift his head with his teeth clenched, which was the most unassuming time in his life.
"But Yinyin is not an outsider to you …"
"It’s my sister, right?"
Singing indifferently interrupted him, "I have to save someone who is related to me?"
Xiao Zhendong didn’t expect Gao Ge to know that all his face turned white for a short time and he was ready to say a word.
"This world is ridiculous." She tried hard to suppress the acidity in her eyes. "I never felt that my parents loved Xiao Yin when I was young, but I grew up in your favor. When I was outside, Xiao Yin was protected by you like a greenhouse flower. I was so hard and healthy that it was not easy to have someone who loved me. You said that she was my sister and I was related to her, so let me abandon my child to save her. Have you ever thought about my feelings? What makes you think that I should do this? You want me to take my belly.
Xiao Zhendong is ashamed.
"If Xiao Yin hadn’t been ill, if it hadn’t been impossible to hide it, wouldn’t you have never interrupted us?"
"It’s actually quite good, so I don’t still have the illusion that she left me because she had to, but she didn’t want it."
Singing loudly and laughing coldly at the corners of the mouth, "I can also die of this heart."
"No" Xiao Zhendong wanted to explain, but even he didn’t know much about it in those days. "Song, when I first met you, I felt that you were very kind. You made me see the elegy. I never hated you. Later, I learned that I was not angry after you and elegy. I was very happy. I felt that Yinyin had a sister and a person who hurt her. There was nothing more heart-warming than this. In my heart, you were like my daughter. I really wanted Yinyin to recognize you at such a time.
"Treat me like my own daughter …" Sing softly and scold me. "Will you let your own daughter abort the baby? Don’t be so grandiose. If you are a bone marrow, I might still respect you, but I’m sorry now. "
I got up and sang, "I didn’t look for bone marrow with your Xiao family in the past or now. How to save Xiao Yin is your business and mine."
Then pick up the bag and go outside.
Xiao Zhendong got up and called, "Xiao Ge, wait for one."
Stop singing, turn around and look indifferent.
Xiao Zhendong wiped his face and bent down 90 degrees to make a deep bow to her.
This move allows Gao Ge to take a step back.
"I was impulsive. Let’s just pretend that today didn’t happen. Believe it or not, I really hope that elegy can recognize you. If possible, I hope a father can make up for your childhood shortcomings. Unfortunately, now is not the right time. I’m sorry."
Singing, trembling fingers, trembling in place, not moving
Xiao Zhendong said these words and settled the account and left the coffee shop steadily.
Singing in the same place for a long time, I woke up and slowly walked out of the coffee shop.
"Is it a high song?" Su Jinghuan frowned. "Did you see it clearly?"
"I can see clearly that they sat by the window and talked for a long time. It seems that they are a little unhappy and finally left the coffee shop in tandem."
"All right, I get it."
Section 416
See the ward door was pushed Su Jinghuan quickly hung up the words and saw the elegy and some refused to call an "aunt"
Elegy indifference saw his one eye and calmly said, "Yinyin will let you in."
Su Jinghuan should be a first-class elegy and walk away before pushing the door and entering the ward.
Gao Ge has been absent-minded since he returned from the coffee shop.
She was restless all afternoon.
Finally, I simply picked up the ipad and played games.
Absent-minded games can’t be played well, and the game can’t help but hit the web page and input a sentence to the search engine-can pregnant women be bone marrow donor?
When the ener key is pressed, a lot of information comes out. The exception is no.
Donating bone marrow requires a mobilization needle, and no one knows what effect the mobilization needle will have on the fetus. If it is necessary to donate, the only way is to abort the fetus
I just saw the door suddenly coming here. The singer shook the page quickly and had a guilty conscience. I adjusted my hair and turned my head to see Mu Yunze changing shoes in Xuan.
"Come back"
She smiled, looked at Mu Yunze and asked, "What’s with the strange smile?"
Gao Ge ran from the sofa and helped Mu Yunze take the coat and briefcase like a little daughter-in-law and asked, "Are you thirsty? Can I make you a cup of tea?"
Mu Yunze raised his eyebrows. "Do you know how to rush?"
"Of course I remember what to drink after you have taught me for so long?"
"Maojian bar"
After singing loudly, he ran into the kitchen to boil water.
Mu Yunze just sat down and thought that sitting on something sounded like singing a song in the face ipad.