What the hell? When the target?


Your sister!
Old people don’t do it!
But how can he get it?
"Watch it!" Ling Tian suddenly had a low drink.
Then suddenly punch!
Air billow gathered into a boxing shadow and came towards the general manager in Shu.
Shu Zhong always opens his eyes and blinks, so he almost peed his pants.
How terrible is Ling Tian’s strength? He saw it with his own eyes.
Liu Jianfeng of Mobei Zongtang is a little stronger than him.
Was ling day and refers to the sword waved and cut in two.
Now ling day suddenly punches towards him.
Even if he has a life, he must die!
The general manager in Shu is out of her wits and desperate to escape.
But where did it come from?
Ling day this one punch directly in his chest.
At the same time, a terrorist force instantly exploded all over him.
In Shu, the master always screams and the body flies directly.
Burst to the ground and groaned in pain.
It seems that my bones are falling apart.
But soon my heart exultation exclaimed
"I’m not dead?"
"Ha ha ha I’m not dead!"
In Shu, the general manager cheered as if he had met a great event.
Laugh while screaming.
He got hit by Ling Tianyi’s fist, and there is no possibility of living.
But I didn’t expect myself to be alive except for the unbearable pain.
At that time, I felt better than happiness and joy
That funny look made everyone present feel a chill in my heart.
This is what Bai Lingtian meant when he said he was a target.
You’ve been teaching here for a long time?
But no one knows whether this on-site teaching is true or false.
But the same idea came into everyone’s mind.
You’re just looking for a reason to retaliate, aren’t you?
Chapter 527 I can defeat you.
The general manager in Shu was the first to send someone to fight.
As a result, Ling Tian directly pointed out the boxing excuse and made moves on the spot.
I’m crazy to play in Shu, always yelling and laughing.
This is not revenge. What is it?
I couldn’t help but frown at these provincial hall owners.
This young master is not only good at martial arts, but also cruel enough!
Does it mean that whoever sends someone to the ring has to be the target?
How can I fight this fucking game?
The provinces are always open to the Lord, and their faces are black as charcoal, and their hearts are directly rolling in the deep.
But Zhang Zhaoyuan is shine at the moment and then excited.
Ling Tian that punch others can’t understand.
But he clearly felt the mystery.
That forward movement, that strong and incomparable explosive force, that was just the right time.
No matter what is perfect, he has benefited a lot.
Suddenly Zhang Zhaoyuan felt that his proud punch was rubbish.
That’s terrible!
No wonder brother Tian is not satisfied with criticizing himself on the spot.
Criticism is right. Have you practiced a piece of shit for so long?
Zhao-yuan zhang ashamed quickly toward ling day fuels bowed their heads and said.
"Thank you for teaching me. I understand."
"I will practice hard when I get back."
"Never give the young master a shame again!"
Ling day before is a face of satisfaction nodded his head.
Zhang Zhaoyuan’s understanding is still quite good
It was obvious that he understood the mystery of his fist.
I have to go back and digest it. The future achievements are limitless.
Even if there is a chance to understand the meaning of boxing, I don’t know!
"Well, go!"
Ling day waved Zhang Zhaoyuan this just along the steps of the ring.
Back to the ling day stand behind him.