Early the next morning, Hua’s brother and sister came together.


Hua Minxuan did pay attention to the situation in Shen Xintang’s room. She saw the longan shell in the trash can and looked at it again. If it happened, Shen Xintang asked a little puzzled, "I bought this longan specially for you, but you didn’t give it to anyone else, did you?"
"Of course, I know that you bought it specially for me to eat. I didn’t disappoint your kindness. Before I went to bed last night, I ate a few longan while chatting with my grandmother. It was delicious and people wanted to eat it."
Shen Xintang speaks naturally and fluently without the slightest false situation.
"Oh, that’s good. I’ll buy it for you again if you like!" Although Hua Minxuan is full of doubts in her heart, her face is still. "I heard that my brother will take you out to play today. Have fun!"
"good!" Shen Xintang nodded and smiled very kindly.
Hua Minxuan came out of the hotel and called nany in Shanghai. "Sister nany, I bought her longan yesterday. She ate a little, but I don’t think she responded. It seems that eating longan will have a miscarriage."
"It should be that there is not enough to eat?" Nany also mused, "Min Xuan, thank you for always helping me. I knew that he married Shen Xintang because of his children. I wish I had directly tackled your brother. I didn’t expect my uncle and aunt to agree to their marriage so easily. That bitch is really cheap."
"Isn’t it? I suspect that my brother’s head is full of paste. He not only went to Shenyang to help them work, but also brought her blind grandmother to Chengdu for surgery. "Hua Minxuan said indignantly," I think they just treat my brother like a sucker in Shenyang and try to spend his money at will. I told you, this Shen Xintang is not a worry. She is not enough to drag my brother down, but it is really sinister to throw her relatives as a burden to my brother. "
"Didn’t the uncle and aunt say anything?" Nany asked earnestly.
"My mom has a big opinion, but my dad praised my brother for doing a good job, which really pissed me off."
Nany was silent for a moment.
"Your brother is crazy about her now. It’s true to me." nany sighed. "I’m so unwilling. If she is more beautiful than me, better than me and stronger than me, your brother loves her. I still have words to say, but look at her …"
"nany, don’t lose heart. Aren’t they not married yet?" Hua minxuan is bent on thinking for her. "They will stay in Chengdu for a few days. My brother can’t take care of them all the time. There will definitely be another chance!"
"Min Xuan, you still don’t want me to take risks," nany said with a pretence. "Besides, if your brother sees through your brother’s feelings, it will be bad."
"Don’t worry, anyway, since he is going to marry Shen Xintang, I can’t have a good relationship with him. Then I’ll hang up and think about it and call you back!"
Hua Wenxuan took the Shen family and his party to Chengdu’s famous Kuanzhai Lane, Huanhuaxi, Wuhou Temple and other places for a day, ate many famous snacks and took many photos.
After a day of shopping, everyone feels a little tired. Shall we go home and have a rest?
Hua Wenxuan accidentally popped up a door when he put the photos to his brain. There was a conspicuous picture in the news. The headline of the news read "Private photo of a male lover of a famous gallery boss in Shanghai". The picture was naked and two men were intertwined. In addition, there were two positive photos of the Zhuang, who he was not particularly familiar with, but who was the other man he could see clearly?
What’s going on here? Is Lin Lang gay?
Wang Youde said that he had caught Lin Lang, but the latter was taken away by someone. Was it taken away by this Zhuang?
It turned out that he was hiding in the sea, right under his nose!
Hua Wenxuan was about to call Wang Youde when she suddenly got a call from nany.
"What are you doing?" He just pressed the answer key, nany, and he was really singling out the blame.
"What?" He felt a little puzzled and suddenly remembered the group of pictures on the net. "Oh, you mean the picture on the net? I just saw how you did it on purpose? "
"Who else would it be if it wasn’t you?" Nany became hysterical. "Aren’t you so bitter about the last time he tried to rape Shen Xintang?"
I didn’t do it! I’m afraid no one will feel the feeling of being wronged by Hua Wenxuan. "Besides, what if I do it?" Why do you care so much about him? Didn’t you say he betrayed you and broke up with you? Have you always been in contact with him? "
"The fact that he used to be my servant, whether he betrayed me or not, is true." nany adjusted herself slightly and said calmly. "You are doing this to humiliate me, aren’t you? Do you still suspect that he is instructed by me? "
"Are you letting you know!" Hua Wenxuan said forcefully, "And I emphasize again that I didn’t do it, and I have been looking for him!"
"Hua Wenxuan, you are so hypocritical!" Nany said bitterly, "Since you dare to do something, you dare not admit it? Tell me quickly where he is? "
"It’s unreasonable!" Hua Wenxuan’s tone is cold. "You are really confused. I didn’t expect him to weigh a lot in your mind."
"Tell me quickly where he is?" Nany asked, not wanting to pester him too much.
"Don’t you think it’s childish to ask this question?" He sneered and said, "of course he’s at his mistress’s place. Didn’t you know when you saw the picture?"
"HuaWenXuan I hate you! I hate you! " Nany shouted at the top of her lungs for two times and then quickly cut off the call.
The world is finally quiet.
Hua Wenxuan took a closer look at those pictures. The two men were wild and intoxicated. From the shooting point of view, it was obvious that there was a third party present.
Section 65
And this photo is revealed on the internet, which shows that this photo is popular.
This is he to get back at Lin Lang?

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