Is, after all, ginger spicy Gu He push Cui Relan came straight towards Ye Ran.


Gu Lengchen dropped his hand and said, "Grandma, she’s my friend. She’s coming to stay for a few days."
Gu He stretched out his hand and pointed to her glasses, her wrinkled face was fixed on Ye Ran, and her serious eyes were fixed on Ye Ran’s darling children.
Ye Ran drummed in her heart. She shouldn’t have said that Gu Lengchen deserved to die and let his family hear it.
Gu He finally looked at the green face and pushed one of the horizontal doors "Come with me, little girl"
☆, Chapter sixty-nine Cross-examination (everyone adds more)
"Grandma …"
Gu Lengchen clutched Ye Ran’s wrist and tried to stop it.
Gu He didn’t speak. The door was swinging and Ye Ran took the initiative to go in.
Cui Relan looked at Gu Lengchen and looked at Ye Ran and made an expression of eyes to signal Ye Ran’s obedience.
"I don’t know what to say and what not to say." Gu Lengchen gripped the disparity between men and women’s physical strength. Ye Ran had a kind of bone dislocation pain, "loose."
"Son, your grandmother won’t be hard on your friend. She’s still waiting. Let go."
Cui Relan also joined the persuasion team to stretch out his hand and dial Gu Lengchen to hold the palm.
Ye Ran heart shaking more than clap breast a look of death into Gu He room.
Turned around and took the door. She wanted them to talk. Grandma Gu Lengchen should not want Gu Lengchen to hear her.
"Good old lady" Ye Ran bowed slightly and was born in a rich family. She still understood the etiquette.
"Well" Gu He jaw a lift should be.
"What are you doing with my grandson?" Gu He doesn’t cover up and cut to the chase.
"Er, my friend, Mr. Gu has helped me several times, and I am very grateful." Ye Ran bowed his head and answered word by word
"friends?" Gu He’s tone is high and full of disbelief.
"Are you stupid to be a grandmother when you live together and lie to me?"
"ah? No, no? "
Ye Ran gave a more confused mind Gu Lengchen’s family raided the door and they were unprepared.
"You seem afraid of me?" Gu He got up and pulled Ye Ran to sit beside her.
"Grandma doesn’t eat people. You and grandma said where are you from? What do you do? Is Xiao Chen good to you? How long have you lived together? "
"It’s not …"
Gu Hegen didn’t give Ye Ran an opportunity to explain that they were living together before marriage, and there were a lot of export problems.
"The old lady I …"
"Tell grandma to call the old lady more diagnosis."
Gu He changed to hold Ye Ran’s hand seriously and asked her questions kindly, just like marrying home immediately after interrogating her.
"You listen to grandma’s saying that Xiao Chen’s character is cold and his words are not much. Because he is busy with work all the year round, his daily life is difficult to be boring, but grandma wants you to understand more about what he can’t do well, so he won’t listen to you and come to grandma to make decisions for you."
Ha Ye Ran is forced.
What’s the situation? How can she be treated so badly in a blink of an eye that she can be the wife of President Jinling without playing tricks?
Ye Ran secretly pinched her waist with her left hand! It hurts. She’s not dreaming.
"Did you hear that?" Gu He looked at Ye Ran and poked her on the shoulder.
"Old lady, you misunderstood me and Manager Gu. You can’t listen to Xiaoya’s nonsense."
"What? Xiaoya knew about you and her brother? Then why didn’t you inform us? We old guys were fooled around. You bear children are too worrying. "
Gu He’s face is red with anger, and Gu Ya and Gu Lengchen are ignorant and don’t know what to respect for the elderly.
Ye Ran covers her mouth. She seems to have said something wrong. The more she explains it, the more chaotic it is. What can I do?
"The old lady doesn’t tell me the truth, and my ordinary family is not worthy of your family’s apology."
"Grandma is not pedantic and doesn’t expect the door to be right. It is enough for Xiaochen to find a bosom daughter-in-law and someone to take care of him."
Two people in the room talked hand in hand.
Outside the room, calm things down, Gu Lengchen is anxious, like a hot pot, ants are pacing back and forth for a moment.
"Your mother is dizzy." Cui Relan grabbed Gu Lengchen’s arm and snickered.
It’s the first time I’ve seen a woman who is so anxious.
Judging from his performance, I can see that that girl just now has a high status in his mind!
"Mom, grandma, why can’t you finish asking? We’re really not as complicated as you think." Gu Lengchen was a little upset when pinching the eyebrows.
"Well, it’s impolite for us to bother grandma later."
Cui Relan speaking out of turn persuaded Gu Lengchen where to listen.
The hostess brings a little selfishness, but I prefer a little Bai Lianhua to the virgin Mary. No one is single-minded and deep-minded. Social factors, including family factors, have created human nature, and I hope the babies will understand.
I saw the evaluation ticket, cute ~ thank you two little babies ~
☆, Chapter 70 Embarrassed in the morning
"No," Gu Lengchen said as he raised his hand and knocked at the door.
Bedroom Gu He affectionately patted Ye Ran on the back of his hand and said, "Be nice to Xiaochen and be nice to him."
"I …"
Ye Ran sighed and experienced what it means to have a mouth full of words tonight.
I saw Gu Lengchen waiting at first sight when I came out of the room.
Four eyes relative to Gu Lengchen held Ye Ran’s shoulders and looked flustered and asked, "How are you?"
"What can your grandmother do when she is old? Can the child talk?" Cui Relan scolded her eyes with a smile covering her lips.
"Yeah, it’s okay."
Ye Ran’s embarrassing family members are really wonderful. Their inexplicable enthusiasm makes people particularly uncomfortable.
Gu Lengchen, who went back to each room, had to hold back for a while despite his full doubts.
Section 35
Ye Ran got into bed after washing and dressing, and soon fell asleep.
When Ye Ran, the willow twig, was dreaming in a daze, the short-tone notification bell of the mobile phone rang one after another and just woke her up.
Rub your eyes and take the phone.
"Are you asleep? What did grandma tell you? "

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