Fu Jingxiao whispered, "I’ll take you back when I’m dealing with it."


"Good" Xu Jinyan promised.
I walked into the police station and saw the man. She looked at it and the whole person shuddered. Fu Jingxiao let Xu Jinyan lean against him.
Continue the midnight on Friday ~ Remember to chase Fu Gou ~
Chapter one hundred and forty-four I don’t want to go back
"Comrade police, I suggest that the offender and the victim should make separate records, and this matter involves civil and criminal cases. I demand that when my lawyer comes, it is necessary for the police to impose administrative detention on the offender to prevent him from going out and harming the good people." Fu Jingxiao applied.
The police saw Xu Jinyan agree to the request.
Soon Cheng Kang came in with a team of lawyers.
This is Cheng Kang who immediately joined the team of lawyers in Beijing and then arranged to come to the elite representative of the best law firm in Yuncheng. After all, who doesn’t want to go to Fu’s legal adviser?
"Hello, Mr. Fu, I’m Mr. He Senjing Xia Zhiyu from Baisen Law Office." The young man in front of me nodded his regards.
Fu Jingxiao looked up and negotiated with him. He replied coldly, "I don’t want to see him anywhere for a short time."
"It’s Mr. Fu. We’ll handle it in the past." He Sen took his assistant to negotiate with the police.
Threatening, stalking, harassing, intentional injury, and seeking medical treatment without identity can put people in jail.
Huang Bin is not that man’s name.
Soon the team of lawyers who bailed him out also said that he was a priceless rich man, Wang Jiaer, and it was not the first time for Cong Wang to go to the police station with money at home.
But it’s not as serious as usual
Describing him from his mouth is to pursue Xu Jinyan. He has been fond of Xu Jinyan for a long time because he fell in love at first sight when he was drunk and showed him Xu Jinyan in the emergency department, and then he has been trying to get close to Xu Jinyan. This is a way he pursues.
I have never felt that being liked is also a kind of horror. It is hard to imagine that things have evolved into what they are today because of liking.
On behalf of the lawyer, Cong Wang took out the hospital medical diagnosis certificate that Wang Cong had serious mental illness and mental illness, which led to his disorder.
He Sen and the police said, "My victim will be investigated for legal responsibility. The law does not stipulate that he can commit a crime if he is sick. Since he is sick, he should stay at home and be watched. If he can’t watch at home, the police station is a good choice."
"You …" The opposing lawyer retorted.
The industry knows about Hessen.
He is a wild road lawyer who often doesn’t follow the routine. Others say that strict laws make the whole person strict, but Hesen is not, but he has his own unique means to set a benchmark for his peers in Yuncheng.
"This is a police station, not a court. Go to court to argue that the victim is still taking notes. It is beneficial for the victim to pursue the police and detain the responsible person."
Although it succeeded in substance, it has already caused the crime of intentional injury and the investigation of the victim.
Cong Wang is not leaving here tonight.
While the police in another interrogation room are questioning.
"What time did it happen?"
Xu Jin inkstone was silent for half a day with his head down.
Fu Jingxiao touched her arm with her palm. After a while, she whispered, "Around 7 o’clock."
"Do you know that man?"
Xu Jin inkstone pinched his finger. "He was in the hospital before my patient. I asked the safeguard section to take people away."
"Did he do anything to make you sick?"
Xu Jinyan bowed his head and closed his eyes. Fu Jingxiao beside her let her head lean against his body and caressed the back of her head to stabilize her mood.
"In the hospital, he asked me to have a physical examination as a patient, and then …" She choked up. "Then I held on to me and took appropriate self-defense. There were witnesses who pretended to be a courier and sent me flowers and threatened food to my home …"
Listening to Xu Jin’s slow narrative, Fu Jingxiao didn’t know that she had experienced these horrible things recently. He couldn’t help folding his arm and thinking that she had been hesitant and afraid of herself, but he didn’t know that he was full of remorse.
He, they just do it again.
I didn’t expect them to be separated by a distance
"Sign here, the police will follow up and deal with this kind of criminal tendency, and report to the police when you are on high alert."
Xu Jin inkstone nodded
"Witnesses sign here" and the police handed it to Fu Jingxiao for signature.
Fu Jingxiao took out a black pen from his west pocket and signed his name in a flowing way. Xu Jinyan watched him bend over to take the pen and then neatly stuffed it back into his west pocket.
That pen …
She stared for a few seconds.
Fu Jingxiao squatted down and sat flush with her in the chair. "I’m not afraid anymore."
"No fear" she pouted.
He didn’t expose her.
"Comrade police, let’s go now. Just leave the rest to our lawyers." Fu Jingxiao negotiated a.
When they went out from the police station, Xu Jinxi was still held by Fu Jingxiao.
After walking out of the police station, Xu Jinyan hesitated. "Did you see my mobile phone being thrown to the ground by him? I want to send a message to Xia Lu to pick me up. I don’t want to go back tonight. "
"If you want to go back, I won’t let you go back to your mobile phone. Cheng Kang took it, but it’s already broken. I asked Cheng Kang to prepare a new one for you." Fu Jingxiao reassured her.
Xu Jinyan held out her hand. "Then lend me your mobile phone and give Xia Lu a message."
"I have no Xialu dialect."
"I can recite it"
"I don’t want to lend it to you."
Xu Jin inkstone looked at him and frowned. "Then I will borrow Mr. Cheng."
"He listens to me and won’t lend it to you," Fu Jingxiao emphasized.
Cheng Kang, who is behind them, is worried about his boss, so he can’t say "I don’t want you to go back"
I really realized that the emperor is not in a hurry and the eunuch is in a hurry.
"How can you be like this?" Xu Jinyan has some grievances that she can’t say. All she can think of is that Xia Lu can’t blame Fu Jingxiao tonight or say, "Can you take me in?"
He will plot against him himself.
They don’t seem to be in the right state yet.
"I’m like this. I saved you tonight, so you should listen to me." Fu Jingxiao grabbed her wrist and dragged her forward.
In the dark, she could see his side face, jawbone, and his perfect line sense filled her eyes.
Cheng Kang coughed twice to prove whether he was a tool man or not.
Fu Jingxiao looked back at Cheng Kang. "Don’t go to the car?"
Cheng Kang immediately ran to the front of them. He didn’t have a chance to slip away. He was forced to open his business in the back. Now he runs away like a hamster.

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