Suddenly I remembered the feather, and Haikui took out the imperial feather.


The sky is full of feathers and flocs flying, and Haikui’s back generates a pair of white wings. When a fan is slightly updated, it rushes into the cave and moves quickly and disappears.
A fairy soldier couldn’t make a move to stop Haikui, but he also found someone rushing into the hole.
Immediately, a Xianbing shouted, "Who will not retreat to the spot if the hole is closed?"
Xianbing, armed with a golden faucet and a short staff, incited him, a magic weapon. The faucet spouted a light and chased him into the cave. The cave array was still near the Dragon Temple Gate, and the immortal instantly felt an overwhelming sense of killing and was directly killed by the killing force.
The famous Xianbing started the cave array to kill the people who rushed into the back by array method, and they were also big killers and killed several people in the blink of an eye.
Seeing that it is impossible to enter the back, it is easy to retreat. However, dozens of people have died on the spot. Fortunately, Yuan Shen will continue to cultivate and reshape the flesh. Unfortunately, he will be strangled by law and even Yuan Shen will be bombed.
Haikui rushed into the hole with the power of imperial virtual feather and entered the ten-foot ground. He saw two dark gates emitting cold breath as if there were fiends inside, which made people feel uneasy.
At the moment, these two doors are slowly closing, but one person can pass through. At the same time, a golden light flashed behind him, and a powerful murder burst towards him.
Haikui dare not hesitate to stop and rush into the gate.
It’s dark in front of me. God is powerful and it’s dark. I can’t see my fingers.
After entering the dark place, the murder is getting farther and farther away from him, but this darkness makes Haikui uneasy.
After thinking about it, I decided to move for a day and then talk about it after the eye pupil is broken.
How do people in front see the direction and where to go, but he doesn’t know.
At this time, he is hanging in the dark and afraid to move, and there are other things waiting for him to stop and dare not move after he falls to the ground.
Quickly pinch your hands and hold your breath. Point out the eyebrows and slowly open your eyes.
The golden light from the eye of heaven flashed in the darkness, but he didn’t hesitate to dodge. He saw a man with a magic weapon calling from him.
Haikui saw this dark dragon temple through the eye of the eye. At the moment, dozens of people were hanging in it and did not dare to move. The first update was a few centimeters away from each other, and dozens of bodies fell down.
It seems that they have killed each other since they entered the Dragon Hall.
It is not an overnight event that Eye of Heaven can persist in searching for dragon blood for about 20 seconds.
These people should be regarded as enemies. He doesn’t feel safe, let alone these people. If he touches each other, he will definitely slay each other.
Haikui saw clearly the range he could see at present, and after remembering their direction roughly, he also saw the direction he was going to, and there was a relatively safe hiding place.
He rushed past and hid in a hiding place first.
It’s a temple, but it’s actually a cave. When it was first updated, it was a huge cave, and he was hiding in a groove in the cave at this time.
Sure enough, he didn’t go to sea. As Kui expected, he just hid. Someone couldn’t hold back and attacked.
You can’t see anything in the dark. The attacks are all different attacks in the direction of Italy.
They practice almost all, although they are physically and mentally prepared, but it is very disadvantageous to resist the same level of attack.
Twenty seconds have passed since the eye of heaven gradually closed.
This twenty seconds to see clearly how many people see the direction inside.
However, Haikui was not in a hurry, and there was a big gap between what he expected and what he is now.
Thinking that the eye pupil has arrived, sometimes it seems that if he doesn’t, he will die at any time for two hours, but now he has to wait until the eye pupil can make it.
To cultivate immortality, one is perseverance and the other is patience.
It’s not important when it’s important, it’s important when it’s fatal.
Haikui prefers to get out of here with his life than to find the dragon blood.
So many people are looking forward to coming here, but they left Xianyuan here, thinking of dozens of bodies lying on the ground. Haikui mourned for them for a while.
I don’t know what happened to the same girl.
Fighting goes on from time to time, but you can’t see it, but you can hear it. Haikui stays still and waits quietly until you can hear the fight coming near him, and he won’t stab in the back and hurt people. There is no shame at this moment.
Those who leave their lives here can’t fix it, but it’s a magic weapon. Haikui knows that among the people who enter the Dragon Hall, there must be someone who can see things in the dark like Haikui.
In this case, it is not speed but patience.
Two hours later, there were only a few people left in this temple, and some people successfully left here, so no one knew Haikui.
He turned to look at the temple again in the face of the stone wall, and the remaining five people were careful to hold their breath and dare not move for fear of exposing their direction.
Haikui did not hesitate to shoot five palms for five people, and then he quickly retreated and rushed in the direction of the cave.
You can’t teleport in 20 seconds, but you can fly at the fastest speed. You need to find out where you should go and where you should hide as soon as possible, and then wait for another two hours.
He flew thousands of feet towards the cave and met people all the way. He always attacked and went over there, which made those people panic and fight.
There are a lot of bodies along the way. This short distance is thousands of feet, and there are many casualties. At least a hundred people will disappear here.
There is a little light ahead, but this is the light. All those who can see the living are flying there. Haikui carefully pulls the living to a certain distance and comes to the place where there is light.
The place with light will soon be displayed in front of Haikui, and this place can be called the Dragon Hall.
The starting line comes from the first time!

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