"In …"


Very light, a little weak
Sugar cube pulled a corner of his mouth. "What about Mu Yunze?"
Singing in silence
"Love doesn’t mean that you don’t care about reporting and paying. If both sides pay, it will be unbalanced. When this imbalance accumulates to a certain extent, it will collapse one day."
Seems to think of what sugar cube eyes dark dark for a long time light way "think about it yourself"
Singing touched his heart.
Sugar cube asks if your heart is still there?
I seem to have lost my way
When did her feelings for MuYunZe change? Even she didn’t know it.
She carefully hides her heartless smile, whitewashes her flat face, and lies to each other. In fact, she has already fallen into an uncontrollable vortex.
I can’t help it. He can’t help but miss him when he paints. Please don’t care about him …
Her heart is long gone.
Things are not going well in Guangzhou.
I invited five dinners in three days and was almost knocked down at the table twice in a row. It took five days to finally pay some deposit to redeem the goods.
After returning to the hotel, MuYunZe pinched the eyebrows and eased for a long time before picking up the phone.
I’ve been so busy these two days, I’ve been drunk every night, and I haven’t turned over my mobile phone. Now I’m free to find that Ke Muqing hasn’t contacted him for two whole days.
Looking through the mobile phone, it was two days ago that the five links were not answered, but at that time, he was mute at dinner.
He pressed the callback with his lips pressed.
"I’m sorry you dialed the telephone …"
MuYunZe screwed up his eyebrows.
A kind of uneasiness in my heart is amplifying. He quickly dialed the sugar cube words and dialed the past.
It is also a machine.
President Weibo, who has never loved him, finally thought of this kind of social software and made a quick fight.
This week, the news exploded into our eyes. The more Mu Yunze looked at it, the heavier his face became. For ten minutes, he maintained that posture, then got up, stuffed his mobile phone into his pocket and left the hotel with his carry-on luggage.
Chapter 249 Meet a noble person
Chapter 249
The beating incident lasted early in the morning and afternoon, and a live video at that time was suddenly exploded.
The incident happened at that time was recorded in person.
The so-called "beating" is that the wicked first complained that the fans were making trouble and smashed the eggs in the singer’s body. Instead, they deliberately took out the camera and smashed it to gain public sympathy. The video shows that it was the male reporter who photographed the singer’s face and directly grabbed the other person’s hair. The singer assistant was angry and started to do it.
The sudden turnaround of the incident made many people forward the incident early, and one by one eloquently argued that the video was fake because of the slapping of the keyboard man’s face.
Sugar cube simply and neatly removed the photo of Gao Xingtou’s wound and exaggerated it with a large number of lost hair. The caption said, "I have been to the hospital for treatment. Thank you for your heart."
There is no defense in this article. This set of photos seems to be to tell fans that singing is all right.
Just like this, I didn’t refute myself at all, which immediately aroused the sympathy of many netizens.
In addition, the incident that the "beaten" reporter deleted his blog before seems to be a bit of a lie.
"It’s not your family manager, is it?"
After brushing the sugar cube, Weibo lifted his eyes and sang loudly, "In front of him, those reporters colluded well, and no one went to restore the truth at that time. Why did they change their minds at noon?"
He shook his head loudly. "He doesn’t often. Weibo probably doesn’t know what happened later."
Sugar cube shrugged. "It’s really strange. Is there really a so-called good man?"
Singing and laughing, "I probably met a noble person."
Sugar cube picked his eyebrows and turned to hold the little guy in his leg. "Then I might as well believe that this little guy is our lucky star."
The little guy is burying his head in playing with the Rubik’s cube. His hand is very small, holding the Rubik’s cube in a clumsy way, and it is not particularly flexible to turn it. But Gao Song watched him easily turn a fourth-order Rubik’s cube to six sides in a few minutes, and 90% of them were delayed in hand speed.
Sugar cube dazed a clearly noticed.
"I’m going to blind you?"
The little guy looked at her doubtfully and obviously didn’t understand what she meant.
Sugar cube took the Rubik’s cube and twisted it in a mess before handing it to the little guy, "Come to Baobeier and turn another one."
The little guy was obedient, holding the Rubik’s cube and turning it clumsily. After two minutes, the Rubik’s cube returned to its original shape.
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