Luoyang has been treating Yao as a relative for a long time, and now she has risen to a higher position and become a relative she likes.


Qian Yaoyao remained the same and was cold. "I am a person who doesn’t mind incest."
Luo Yang froze silly ha ha laugh two immediately for money Zhang Yao a supercilious look.
When the bride and groom propose a toast, Luo Zheng and her prospective brother-in-law come to Luoyang, and their table Qian Yao deliberately seems to be sitting with them instead of his crop of people.
Luo Zheng a mindless is not serious. I’ve seen ya open her mouth when I came to Qian Yao. "Hey? This is about small and medium-sized dads! "
277 got a kiss and was hospitalized.
At the beginning, Qiao Yan and Qian Luo were serene. Who doesn’t know in the circle?
Luo Anping said that she didn’t agree with Luo Zheng. Xiao Qiaoyan was a courageous girl with her own ideas. Luo Zheng didn’t dare to offend Luo Anping. She didn’t have anything to do with Qiao Yan at all.
For her, it is not as good as Luoyang and Qiao Yan. It is said that there is a very young father in the Qian family who has never confronted Qian Yaoyao head-on.
Luo Zheng, a "little dad" exported to Luoyang, was happy. "Luo Zheng, this is little dad, shout." Looking at the groom with a glass next to Luo Zheng, "Brother-in-law, you also shouted for little dad to give you two a" mouth gift. "
A few minutes ago, Qian Yaoyao was shameless enough to say that she called him’ little dad’ and he regarded it as a nickname!
As soon as I heard the money, Luo Zheng crossed his face and carried the glass, and it dried up. I gave Qian Yao a loud’ little dad’!
The groom’s official called Qian Yao a "little dad" with his glass.
Qian Yao gave Luo Yang a hard stare and went to her pocket to pay a red envelope.
Luo Yang turned his head and whispered to Jiang Rufei around him, "Husband, didn’t dad give you a red envelope on the day of our wedding?" Jiang Rufei looked at her in a serious way. "Husband, you also called’ Little Dad’ and asked’ Little Dad’ to give you a red envelope."
Luo Zheng watched Qian Yao pause with a red envelope. "Dad …"
I’m still waiting!
Qian Yaoyao leisurely took out two red envelopes and gave one to the bride and groom.
Luoyang likes to be called’ Little Dad’, doesn’t he? Then he will wait and stare at Jiang Rufei.
Jiang Rufei knew what Luo Yang was thinking, but he couldn’t shout. He smiled at her and said’ Stop that now’ as if he were gentle and gentle, and held Luo Yang’s hand at the table.
Luo Yang knowingly smiled at Jiang Rufei and turned around to Qian Yao with a serious face. "My husband loves your wallet for you and saves you."
Jiang Rufei smiled meaningfully, and Luo Zheng bowed his head and prepared to make a red envelope to see how much he had taken away by the side.
Luo Yang looked at Luo Zheng with a sad face and was afraid to say anything.
The wedding banquet dispersed, and Luoyang was in a good mood, pulling Jiang Rufei to walk home, euphemistically calling it eating too much to help digestion and being afraid of being fat.
Jiang Rufei accompanied.
No matter how far you go, you won’t feel far if you have someone who wants to go with you.
Go to Luoyang near Jiang’s house in one breath and cling to Jiang Rufei to kiss the child’s mind.
Jiang Rufei almost forgot something.
Touched by her tiptoe lip for a moment, Jiang Rufei’s body tightened and his breathing stagnated.
He put lipstick on her …
Luo Yang noticed that Jiang Rufei was wrong and didn’t cooperate with "Husband …" How pitiful the water was wrapped in their eyes.
Jiang Rufei crustily skin of head bowed their heads and kissed to …
At ordinary times, it is not a dragonfly to kiss each other. Luoyang is not satisfied with the status quo, and his lips are chasing and frowning.
Jiang Rufei applied lipstick to Luoyang before going out today. It was a special pepper spray.
Doesn’t Qian Yaoyao love to chew Luo Yang’s lips? Aren’t you afraid that he won’t find the bite every time? Since he likes it so much, he becomes him.
But at the moment, Jiang Rufei was suddenly awakened by the stimulation of pepper. Is he crazy? Have this idea? Let Qian Yaoyao kiss Luoyang again. Is his brain eaten by a pig?
At that time, when smearing Luoyang’s lips, Jiang Rufei thought that in case Luoyang accidentally ate it in his mouth, he would say that it was spicy food, which was a punishment for her. Who asked her to make a phone call that day and let people pick up Qian Yao to go back?
Jiang Shaoshao was very upset, and he was very upset and kept feeling uncomfortable.
At the moment, I think of my ecstasy punishment. Jiang Rufei severely swallowed the spicy taste of her lip without feeling it …
As a result, the next day Jiang Rufei could not speak because of his sore throat, and he was forced to go to the hospital and was told by the doctor that he had to have an infusion.
Luoyang is caring and attentive, sticking to Jiang Rufei’s every step, making Jiang Rufei ashamed.