Thyme Mo’s moist mask was uncovered as a cold and hard image of a dark guard.


Na Lanqing jumped from a tree and casually sneered, "What about Hua Guojun?"
China congress, like her, doesn’t care.
"You should know that positions if not …"
"If you don’t have an emperor, you can ascend to the throne, but the Emperor Hua Kingdom won’t have a monarch!" NaLanQing tone is still light, she is stating a fact.
"Long Ze are you? I told you that Long Ze can’t be an emperor … "
"I’m dying. If I’m stabbed by my own son, I may die!"
"You …" Li Mo’s angry eyes cooled a little. "I am the Royal Dark Guard to protect the Emperor of China and don’t push me!"
"Thanks for the warning!"
Thyme Mo lip-pursed turned and disappeared.
A pair of big hands gently covered her sight. Long Ze’s cold and overbearing voice started, "You can’t be soft-hearted after the enemy. You have no friends in front of you!"
"Is it necessary to leave me alone?" Na Lanqing has no mood to ask
"You still have me!" Long Ze firmly answered.
It’s enough for Xiao Qing-er to have him around him.
"So you’re going to kill your father?" With a wave of his hand, Na Lanqing turned around and tugged at his skirt. "Long Ze, I told you long ago that it was a big taboo not to touch your hands with any blood and kill your father!"
"He didn’t take me as a son, I will take him as a father? Xiao Qinger, I admit that I benefited your plan but I don’t regret it! "
Nalanqing plan is to let Long Haotian sit in her sedan chair and study the weapon successfully, so he can be tricked out. There is Nalanxi who dares to assassinate him …
Whether Long Haotian is injured or not, the charge of killing your father is over.
But there was an accident.
Long Haotian is really hurt. He can’t be hurt in martial arts. Absolutely, something happened to him.
"I sent someone to give him the medicine, and it won’t find you!"
Long Ze’s eyes are very cold. "He’s lucky if he doesn’t die!"
Na Lanqing couldn’t help but look at his skirt and feel distressed. "Have you ever thought about killing you?"
"It doesn’t matter!" Long Ze’s face is not half emotional. The father’s affection has been broken in the past life. This life is just the second time to kill him.
Killing my father and killing my brother in previous lives will not change in this life.
"But …" NaLanQing lips gently move "there will be no parents who hate their children …"
"Xiao Qing-er, look me in the eye and say this again. Do you really have parents who really hate their children?" Long Ze stretched out his hand and held her face and looked at her with some guilty eyes, mocking and sneering. "Little Qing’s parents will really hate their children even if I don’t know anything, but they still hate me!"
Yes, there will be parents who really hate their children.
Isn’t she really hated by her mother in her previous life?
I wish she were dead!
Reach out and gently hook his neck. She tiptoed her head against his neck. "You can’t touch the blood of Long Haotian or your brother. Promise me!"
Nature encircles her waist and Long Ze snuggles up beside her. "Good!"
"You can’t leave a stigma on the road to the throne. You are Guanghua Guoguang … The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow will be. I need you, and you can absolutely abandon me."
"I will never abandon you!" Long Ze firmly answered.
Behind the light is the shadow. As long as the light is still there, the shadow will always be there.
So he will ask him not to fail in front of Xiao Qing-er, who is there.
"Long Haotian and your brother don’t interfere. Your hands must be clean!"
"It’s up to you!"
When two people embrace each other, they not only love each other, but also protect each other in their love. Na Lanqing wants Long Ze to be respected by thousands of people, and her hands should not be stained with the blood of her father and brother.
And Long Ze indulges her protection and wants him to go to the throne, so young Qing will be protected by him.
Who says emperors can’t help themselves?
I can’t help myself. It’s because I’m obsessed with the throne that I can’t help myself.