Shit! It’s a question mark! Li She has been hit by the question mark.


"Li Dage, do you know this bow bending ability?" Li She asked Li Zhuang again.
"I don’t know" Li Zhuang answered simply.
"What? Aren’t you the owner of this bow? " Li was surprised and said
"Because I haven’t changed my job yet, this treasure bow won’t be owned until I change my job. Strictly speaking, I’m not an old friend of this bow owner," said Li Zhuang.
"What about this power?" Li is deeply impressed and hateful, and he has to find everything by himself without introducing one.
"power! Man symbol! " Li Zhuang’s domineering said that he provoked the force value of the side to be 3. Li Shehen couldn’t find a rift drill to go to Nai and said, "Brother Li, I am asking what this force is about?"
"Is a symbol of men! What’s wrong? " Li Zhuang also didn’t understand its meaning. As a result, Li She kept explaining that she was salivating and finally made Li Zhuang understand that Li She wanted to ask what Li She was thirsty and said, "Li Dage can say it."
"But the first thing to emphasize is …" Li Zhuang’s face was very serious, which aroused more than 100,000 curiosity in Li She’s heart and seriously said, "Power is a symbol of men!"
"ah! Kill me! " Li She wanted to vomit blood and died.
"I don’t know anything else. I won’t be white until I change my job." Li Zhuanggen ignored the side and said, "Hey, there’s food!" As he spoke, he bowed and shot an arrow, and everything moved like flowing water. The wind roared ahead and the wolf was killed by an arrow.
"Ha ha! Big black go! " Li Zhuang bossing big black happily said
Li She swore that she would never ask questions to Li Zhuang again. After asking for a long time, she turned white after changing her job. This feeling is really worse than eating a dead fly.
However, as the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat is even worse. Li She is so curious that how can a person hold back his doubts and soon forget his vows? Just now, Li Zhuang shot and killed a wolf. At this time, the two were sitting in a tree and resting. Li She asked, "Brother Li, aren’t you going to change your job? How can you change your job?" Li She remembers that Li Zhuang’s information is to be transferred.
"In fact, in the final analysis, changing jobs is very simple. If barracks or colleges and villages can change jobs," Li Zhuang seems to have many past events in his heart.
"Then why doesn’t Li Dage change his job?" Li she asked
"Because I can’t go!" Li Zhuang gnashed her teeth and said
"Do you really want to know?"
"No regrets?"
"I’m a wanted man"
"I’m wanted all over jiangling county."
"ding! Congratulations to the player, you triggered the hide (Feng Li story). Do you accept it? " The sudden ringing of the unified tone startled Li She and immediately chose to accept it without consideration.
Feng Li Story jiangling county Li Fu Dong Han Yuntai Twenty Descendants of Jong Li have arrived at the home. Master Li Yue Li’s generation has fallen, and it has long since lost its previous glory. Master Li’s ability to be literate and martial is quite ancestral, but it is a pity that he likes to play freely on weekdays. When he reaches middle age, he will still be able to play in Feng Li Street and meet a noble man with his servants. A good woman’s anger prevented the two from colliding. Your husband was not an opponent of Feng Li, so he drew his sword and was killed by Feng Li. Later, it was learned that your husband was a jiangling county county commandant, Ai county commandant. After learning the news, he immediately led troops to kill Li Fu. Master Li fought bloody battles with all the slaves, but secretly arranged for Feng Li to leave Feng Li, but he was knocked unconscious by Li Yue and handed over to his domestic slave, Fobo, who took it out and gave the Zubao bow to Feng Li. After waking up, Feng Li turned to the sky and wailed and cried desperately to kill Jiangling. However, he was held by Fubo and urged Feng Li to take revenge when he has the strength. Now the whole of jiangling county is looking for him to give away his name for nothing. Later, Feng Li changed his name to Li Zhuangfubo and lived in the wilderness. Not long ago, Fubo died of illness, leaving Feng Li alone to live, and the flames of revenge became more and more turbulent.
Target killed jiangling county county commandant.
The reward is unknown
Failure punishment
"ding! Congratulations to the player, you have accepted the concealment (Feng Li story) ".The untimely unified sound disturbed Li’s thoughts.
"Li Dage …" Li She really doesn’t know what to comfort Li Zhuang.
"I don’t need to comfort me!" Li Zhuang said firmly
"Well, Li Dage, I will definitely help you!" Li looked at Li Zhuang and said sincerely, "Because we are brothers!"
"good! Ha ha ha! " Li Zhuang-yang laughed and gave Li She a "good brother!"
"Why don’t we become sworn brothers?" Li Zhuang said happily
"Brothers can’t ask for it!" Li She was excited not only because of having a good brother, but also because of the unified style. The first np will definitely be rewarded. Li She is true and happy, and her mouth is closed.
Li She Li Zhuang cautiously said to a bow down to Li Zhuang’s heroism, "I Li Zhuang would like Li She to become a brother today, though not flesh and blood, but to share weal and woe with flesh and blood from now on. I don’t want to be born on the same day in the same year, but I want to die on the same day in the same year."
Said Li she crossed her heart and said, "I’m Li she …"
"ding! Amazing news! I am a player in Wuling County, Jingzhou. I am the master of Xiaoyuer Mountain Thief. Huang Xing has successfully married a brother. I am a Jin Lan unified reward player. I am a small fish who can train special arms mountain thieves. I hope to announce the day at 5 o’clock! "
"I, Li She, wish that Li Zhuang will become a brother today, although he is not flesh and blood, but he will share weal and woe than flesh and blood from now on. I don’t want to be born on the same day of the same year, but I want to die on the same day of the same year." Li She almost said these words mechanically.
"Holy shit!" Then Li Sheyang roared a mouthful of blood and fainted. This strong little man was finally defeated by repeated blows.
Chapter II Small Leader of Mountain Thief
"Ha ha beauty don’t do this!" A stunning beauty is * * taking off Li’s clothes. Although Li’s mouth refuses to do it manually, it’s not slow to remove her clothes crazily, and the beauty is licking Li’s cheeks intimately at this time.
Well, what’s licking? Is it a dream? Li she pinched her thigh.
"ouch!" The pain made Li She wake up and looked at Lickitung licking her big black and said; "I wipe! It’s really a dream! "
While Li Zhuang looked at Li She with a strange face and said, "I have always liked men, and I am so sorry to find that I was wrong."
"So you like animals! Ha ha ha! "
"ah! Dear friends! " Li said and jumped at Li Zhuang.
"Ha ha ha …"
Two people laughed in the Woods. Li She hasn’t been so worried and happy for a long time in reality. It’s time to let go of her heart.
Li’s involvement in Li Zhuang’s loyalty is not complete. Among them, there are two rewards, one is to get Li Zhuang’s ancestral bow, and the other is to learn one of Li Zhuang’s three skills.
Li She chose the latter without thinking. There are things that can be seen and can’t be seen, and it’s the only thing that Li Zhuang can miss. Can Li She want a treasure bow? She chose three skills: screaming, what does Li She not choose, Lian Zhu or righteousness? First, Li She doesn’t like bows and arrows. Second, Li She doesn’t feel that she needs that vital qi skill. On the contrary, she often yells when she has something to do. It is better to choose screaming.
"The younger brother came back with his friends when he was fooling around. The two wolves still didn’t eat enough, mainly because they didn’t have enough meat! Why don’t we go to the forest and shoot a wild boar? " After two people calm Li Zhuang suggested.
"Well, just listen to the eldest brother. Anyway, I’m not familiar with this land." Li She said simply.
In the evening, I saw Li Zhuang’s shoulder against a wild boar, holding a wild wolf with amazing strength. Li She was also holding a wild wolf. Even the big black mouth was holding a rabbit, two people and a dog. Just as he was about to walk out of the forest, he met an accident.
"This road is mine, this tree is mine. I want to think about this road and stay here to buy money! I am Han Sa in Fuhu Village! " On both sides of the forest, fifteen or sixteen people suddenly jumped out and stopped Li She’s way. One of them took a meteor hammer and a mountain thief in one hand and said a slogan that people could understand.