The tip of the knife has slightly stirred up the foam on the neck. If the skin is slightly moved and deeper, blood will gush out immediately!


"Start work? Aren’t you trying to kill me? A little harder! I will die in front of you! Do it! Do it yourself! " Xingtianmo let herself hold the green hand.
At the moment, the dagger beside the neck of Xingtianmo is completely controlled by green.
"Moer!" Others were scared by this scene!
Green root can’t be stimulated at this moment, otherwise there is no guarantee that he will do something!
"You’re not green die feel very sad and angry? Then why don’t you do it? Don’t you think it’s me? Don’t you want to avenge Qing Er by killing me? "
Starry foam looks directly at the green eyes, sad and desperate, and the tone is horribly cold and calm!
"Ahhh … you devil! Xingtianmo, you devil! !” Green has a splitting headache and finally throws a dagger angrily and roars in despair!
Yes! He is very angry now! He thought it was the stars and the sky that killed Qing! He really wants to kill Xingtianmo now!
But … He can’t stop! He always felt that if he did that … he would regret it …
So who will tell him what to do? !
"Ah, you say the devil is the devil, right?" Xingtianmo smiled bitterly.
The devil is the devil. Anyway, it’s not the first time that she has been accused of being a cold-blooded devil.
Anyway, she can’t tell them the truth. It’s still dangerous. Fans can’t make a move!
"No, let’s go." Xingtianmo looked up and walked out with a straight back.
No matter how hard it hurts, she must be the proudest, and she must raise her head!
"Moer!" Orange pulls starry sky foam.
He really hopes that Xingtianmo can say a few more words at the moment, even if it is revealed a little. He knows that all this is for a reason. He doesn’t want Xingtianmo to suffer all this alone!
"Since she doesn’t want to say that you will? You shouldn’t know. Don’t ask this most basic thing. Don’t you know? "
Gong Luo tore off the orange hand and took a meaningful look at the orange. He quickly pulled Xingtianmo and went out.
"Where are you going?"
The desolate highway palace asked the calm and silent starry sky foam
"Go home"
Home is the only place that can give her a little warmth and comfort at the moment.
"I’ll take you back to the car?"
Car? Or the car she pried …
"No, I want to walk back."
"Then I’ll walk with you."
Anyway, he doesn’t know whose car this is.
"You’re naked."
"What? ! Who said I wasn’t dressed! I this is not … "Wearing a robe? !
Gong Luo explodes! How can this girl talk? ! ?
Xingtianmo glanced at him lightly and walked forward.
I don’t know how long I’ve been walking. I’m familiar with the gate, the flowers, the lights, the stars and the foam, and finally I have a little reaction
Got home
I don’t know how long I’ve been walking. I’m familiar with the gate, the flowers, the lights, the stars and the foam, and finally I have a little reaction
Got home
Xingtianmo walked into the house and it was very quiet.
No one spoke until Xingtianmo found the slender figure sitting on the sofa.
"Yi …"
Xingtian foam really wants to call it out at the moment, but I don’t know what I think, but I can’t send it out when it comes to my mouth.
On Xuan Yi’s awareness of the breath of Xingtianmo, I looked back and saw Xingtianmo’s slightly distressed and tired figure slightly surprised.
She hasn’t been seen since the accident at the party last night. What happened?
Yue Xuanyi got up and just wanted to come over, but she listened to the stairs and walked briskly.
"Yi … do you think it looks good to wear this when you go home?"
Ou Menger appeared on the stairs.
The temperature in the room suddenly dropped a lot.
Starry day foam eyes instantly cold heart wound is burning with anger at the moment more painful!
"Yi Moer, are you back?" Ou Menger was stunned when he saw Xingtianmo.

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