Even later, the business was done. It was a pity that it fell short after all.


"Master" and Master An’s apprentice Qiu Wang hurried over to help the monk "How are you?"
"Let’s go" and Master An wiped a corner of their mouth with blood. "We can’t stay here."
Bai chop disciple Dong An also hurried over to help Bai chop, and then four people hurried out of the cave and ran outside.
In fact, the two disciples Dong An and Wang Wei fled the capital after waking up in a coma. Wang Wei felt that this master didn’t feel that hanging out with this master was not only useless but also life-threatening from time to time, so he just left without saying goodbye. Anyway, he had some savings and wouldn’t let him find a place to buy two acres of land to grow crops.
Today, Dong An is the only apprentice left beside him in vain.
It was four people who just walked out and heard the wolf howling not far away.
"Wolf" Dong An exclaimed a.
"Hurry that way" and Master An pointed to the direction of the back hill.
"Where are the two masters going?" A beautiful girl came to "it’s not authentic to run after bullying ghosts?"
Master He An and the white beheading Taoist priest suddenly felt a tingle and turned to look at the past, only to find that there were two figures coming in the forest, a man and a woman. But at this time, both of them wore face towels and couldn’t see clearly. Of course, they were not afraid of people, but the terrible thing was to follow a group of wolves with green eyes behind them.
They swallowed and looked at each other, knowing that it seemed difficult to get away tonight.
"Where is so much nonsense?" The knife got impatient. "The Lord said to kill it directly." Then he lit his weapon and rushed in.
Master He An and Bai Jian immediately pushed their disciples forward and then turned and ran.
Lan Yan jumped and chased "Where to go?"
He Anze directly hit the white chop with a palm, while he jumped off the cliff.
Lan Yan’s sword stabbed the white chop and then watched the big monk jump off the cliff.
The knife also solved the problem of chasing the two disciples to the cliff and found them. "
"but it may also fall to death."
"Let’s go back first." The knife breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little timid. There were really few people who could escape in his hand. I couldn’t help but look back at Xiaohei. "You are familiar in the forest and take your friends to look for it."
Blackie snorted and obviously understood the knife, but he didn’t refuse the wolf. He called a group of wolves and whistled and disappeared.
Knife and Lan Yan came with a white corpse.
Early summer at this time has been restored to almost a look at the white chop instantaneous a operator paper posted on his forehead.
Then, before the soul was separated from the body, it was played out by the paper, but it was not far away because of the physical traction.
"Tell me what wicked things you have done." Looking at the white soul in early summer, "If you say yes, maybe I can be merciful and send you into reincarnation. If you say no, then …"
Bai Jian looked at the early summer with some surprise. "Can you see me?" Said and glanced at the south from minister "I finally know from king what can be cured"
"Sure enough, what happened to me was written by you." Nan Yichen’s eyes narrowed. "Tell me who asked you to do it."
"You … you can see me, too?" White chop is even more surprising. Not everyone can see ghosts. That is to say, people need to have yin and yang eyes and generally have a certain ability. Otherwise, if they look at so many ghosts and can see them, they will naturally be able to contact ghosts. If they have no ability, they can either be scared to death by ghosts or be absorbed by ghosts.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five I said
"He is a natural dragon like Ziwei, and there is a godsend in Ziqi’s blood. Those ghosts have to detour when they see him. What do you think is rare to see you?" Early summer turned supercilious look.
It’s not good to cut a face for nothing, but it’s even worse at this time.
"Come on, don’t digress. Now let’s talk about your business." In early summer, I pointed to the middle school. "The Ghost Gate will be in a quarter of an hour. Either you go in and the world will go to the tenth floor of hell. Of course, you may be stunned. It’s up to you."
"I …" White cut a face of complexity.
"Time is running out." I woke up in the early summer. "Don’t want to say it when the time comes, but you are dead."
"I said, I said, isn’t it okay?" White cut with a sigh, he didn’t expect to sacrifice himself to escape when the senior brother pressed the key, so there is no need for him to hide anything.
South escape minister hand unconsciously shook up.
Early summer stretched out his hand and took his hand.
South escape minister instead hand wrapped in early summer hands and then smile just that kind of rage and tension instantaneous disappeared.
"My brother and I are orphans. More than 30 years ago, we met a big monk who accepted us as apprentices and taught us some basic skills …" Bai Jian simply sat down beside a big stone. Although he is a ghost now, he is not used to floating around. "Later, he took us everywhere to bluff … instead of doing things everywhere to relieve people’s suffering and solve problems …"
In the early summer, I smiled unkindly, but I quickly waved my hand. "I didn’t hold you back."
Cut the bitterness for nothing and then go on "but then I met something that my master couldn’t solve. He was beaten and then died. Finally, I lived with my brother, but we didn’t know anything and we ordered the Yin and Yang Art Institute. We changed places and went back to our old jobs, but some local people believed in Buddhism and some local people believed in it, so I changed to a Taoist …"
I can’t help but give a thumbs-up in early summer. That’s very clever.
"But there are many real Taoist masters in those Buddhist temples. Our business is not good, and we will not be able to uncover the pot. Just then, a woman found her channel and asked me to forge a ghost, or rather a baby soul …"
Frown in early summer "Who is that woman?" That baby soul should be the one in Nanyichen’s body.
"She covered her face, I don’t know what she looks like, but the man is from Beijing, and he is not like an ordinary person. Later, she sent someone to arrange a village for me. The man talks like a eunuch."
"You go on"
"I didn’t get home with kung fu, but I didn’t want to give up such a generous reward, so I took it, and then I found the method of refining the ghost from Master Li, but I wanted to be able to quickly cultivate my own JingXie Yun’s baby soul. In fact, after it became connected with me, I didn’t know who she was, but it has been nothing for more than 20 years. Who knows, last year I suddenly felt the ghost reaction, and then I was in a coma …"
"When I woke up, I knew that the ghost had failed to do something. I was afraid that the ghost would take the opportunity to find my place and I went to take refuge in my brother …"
"Brother also took a job to help people refine resin soldiers, but I don’t know who the other person is. He didn’t tell me …"
"Corpse soldiers?" In the early summer, my eyes lit up. "Is it in Heifengling?"
"It was you!" White chop a listen to suddenly get up "is that you broke our good thing"
"It’s me. It’s me. It’s me. You want it?" Early summer eyebrows: "Do you blame me for your poor academic skills, impure thoughts and ineffective brains?"
"You …" White chop nutcracker humbled.