Although Su Mo ‘er has a certain scheming, after all, Xiao Lang has been a passer-by since she entered the Houmen Gate.


Being able to make a living in the red wall of Biwa and being around a big master like Bumu Butai, Sumer couldn’t have survived without two brushes.
But at this time, Bumu Butai not only has a congenital strong advantage, but also has dozens of mental means than Sumer.
How can Sumer be Bumu Butai’s opponent?
For a moment, Su Mo ‘er nodded like a mosquito. "The Lord … the Lord treats the handmaiden like a mountain, and the handmaiden always treats the Lord as a sister at heart."
Bumu Butai smiled. "Isn’t that settled? Su Mo ‘er, do you think that my sister never shied away from you when she had sex with you in the same sweat? Do you want to shied away from your sister when you have a lover? "
"Lord …"
Su Mo ‘er simply leaned against Bumu Butai’s ear at the moment and whispered her Li Yuanqing affair to Bumu Butai word by word …
Chapter 1335 Huang taiji coping strategies
The night wind gently swings the candle light and updates the fastest.
Next to the small camp bed, Su Mo’ er has fallen asleep a little tired and frightened, but it is more comfortable. The camp bed Bumu Butai is tossed and turned, trouble sleeping
Today, Sumer’s expression of Bumu Butai is really a little … some are too shocking.
Even shattered Bumu Butai’s seventeen-year life cognition …
It never occurred to her that it could be so …
Especially in Su Mo ‘er’s speech expression, the shyness of the form and the happiness of My Sweetie oozing from the bottom of my heart are like a knife and a knife straight into her heart.
for what reason
She’s a beautiful grassland flower with golden branches and jade leaves, but Su Mo ‘er, a little girl with a humble life, has been compared with her?
More key is Li Yuanqing unexpectedly … unexpectedly …
Even Bumu Butai also said it.
In particular, Su Mo ‘er’s words, but parody happened right in front of her eyes, and even the general things of her Bumu Butai made Bumu Butai burn, as if there were thousands of ants biting over and over her body.
How can she fall asleep?
Bumu Butai never dreamed that Li Yuanqing should actually.
It’s also strange that Li Yuanqing has a lot of wives in recent years, but he has never heard of anything in his house. It’s not very good news.
Li Yuanqing, this person is simply …
Bumu Butai forced herself not to think about it, only to find that her body roots were out of control, just like a gurgling and continuous stream … so she couldn’t help but put her hand …
Bumu Butai bit her red lip tightly and looked carefully at Su Mo ‘er.
Fortunately, Sumer was already fast asleep at this time, and it was impossible to find her in the depths of the bed.
Yes ~ Bumu Butai suddenly found that she was so pitiful that she had to come like this.
In my mind, it seems that there is a ship bigger than a huge one, and the huge waves behind it shake the calm sea.
Confused and anxious, Bumu Butai suddenly remembered an allusion of Yan Hongliang, the king of Jin Hailing.
I heard that there was a beautiful woman named Yelu Maitreya in Nanjing (Fengfeng) when she was young.
At that time, the neighbor of Hamidulu, a beautiful man, was a charming story at that time.
When Yelv Maitreya was fifteen years old, his fame reached the ears of Dabao.
"It’s amazing to get a wife!"
How can you let go of this piece of fat when you are high and arrogant? Immediately, I sent the brother-in-law of Yelv Maitreya and the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites, Di Di Abu, to seal relatives and friends.
Things are going well.
How dare Yelu Maitreya’s parents refuse the call of heaven? They quickly agreed to this marriage and were escorted into Beijing by his loving husband, Aiti Abu.