Lingsheng quickly nodded and said with a smile, "Sister-in-law, it’s a good thing that you can help me. Maybe the two of us will depend on you for our lifelong events."


Looking at Ling Sheng’s excitement, Cheng Meng’s smile deepened. "I don’t know if it’s successful, but look at you. Are you really ready to be with her?"
"For this generation, I will recognize this woman. You must help me."
Cheng Meng, this is the first time I’ve seen Ling Sheng so funny and nodded with a smile. "Since you call me sister-in-law, of course I’ll help you. I want to go in and talk to her for a while. You’ll come back without a horse."
"Good wife"
Cheng Meng pushed the door of the ward and went in. Yali was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. She heard the movement and turned her head to see that it was Cheng Meng. She sat up. "Cheng Meng, why are you here?"
"Of course I came to see how you feel sick?"
"I’m not so delicate. I’ve had a fever injection and I’m much better now. If it weren’t for the doctor’s explanation, I’d like to leave the hospital right now."
Cheng Meng put the flowers in his hand on the table and sat down beside him. "I saw Ling Sheng when I just came in. How are you now?"
Cheng Meng looked straight at Yali and didn’t let her face look.
Section 26
Yali’s eyes hesitated for a moment, then said, "I know that I am very upset about our affairs now, and he actually told his parents that they just came here and left not long ago."
Cheng Mengmei couldn’t help but pick a pick. Of course, I didn’t expect Lingcheng to be quite fast. Actually, parents have already come over.
"Then what’s your attitude?"
Yali sighed irritably. "I lied that we were still together for fear that his mother would get too excited, but now I really regret how to explain this to his family."
"Then don’t explain it. It’s not natural for you two to be together. It’s just a big deal to make up."
Listening to Cheng Meng’s words, Yali’s eyes flashed a little surprised and looked at Cheng Meng very seriously and said, "What you said is that you have reached his side now, right?" Don’t you think about my feeling? "
Yali’s face flashed a bit of injustice.
Cheng Meng couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and said, "Yali, don’t be angry when I say what I think. In fact, Ling Sheng has already done this to such an important person. If you really still love him, I believe you have already agreed with him, so I am very puzzled now. What is the idea that you bite so hard and exclude him?"
Yali just looked straight at Cheng Meng. Of course, I didn’t expect Cheng Meng to say it. In this case, she bit her lip and frowned a little. "So you said that the biggest problem for both of us now is me?"
Cheng Meng nodded very seriously. "I think so."
Yali took a deep breath and felt a little wronged in her heart, but she was very serious about Cheng Meng. Her eyes just echoed in her mind. Is this her problem?
Cheng Meng didn’t continue to talk but looked straight at Yali.
Yaliwei hung her head and hesitated for a moment before she sighed and said, "Actually, I admit that I have a big problem. It’s not that I don’t love Ling Sheng. After so many years of affection, how could I be willing to give up that person? It’s already engraved in my bone marrow. This generation will never forget it, but as you know, Ling’s family background and Ling Sheng’s outstanding appearance. I’m an orphan who came out of the orphanage. Even if I’m getting along beautifully now, it won’t change my background. I really have no confidence to stay with him.
Cheng Meng This is the first time I heard Yali tell her own mind. Cheng Meng gently grabbed Yali’s hand and evoked a faint smile. She said, "I am honored that you can tell me what you think in your heart, but Yali actually wants to tell you whether it is wrong for you to think like this. Ling Sheng likes you. He doesn’t care about your background. Is it because of his family background that you like Ling Sheng?"
Yali quickly shook her head with tears in her eyes. "I am …"
"Don’t hesitate any longer. I think you should tell Ling Sheng what you think at this time and let him know that you have ruined your feelings because of various external factors. Do you think it is worth it?"
Cheng Meng tried her best to make her voice very soft. At this time, Yali thought of a girl who would be troubled by food and clothing since she was a child. What kind of human feelings are warm and cold? She didn’t even think about facing these things at this time. Most of her heart was scared. When Ling Sheng asked for marriage, her reaction was to refuse to be weak and inferior because of her personality. She didn’t believe it and dared not accept such a thing.
Yali listened to Cheng Meng’s words and saved her tears in her eyes. Finally, she couldn’t stop falling down.
Cheng Meng took a paper towel and gently wiped the tears on her face and continued, "In fact, what’s the difference between you and me? Although I was not born in an orphanage, I am an illegitimate daughter, which is why I have no good friends since I was a child. It is reasonable to say that Fu Junfeng and I would not be able to walk together, but haven’t we met and fallen in love and are living happily now? "
Yali looks up at Cheng Meng and purses her lips tightly.
Cheng Meng looked at her with a faint smile and said, "Actually, when I was with Fu Junfeng, I once flinched and didn’t believe the facts a little, but then I realized that life is for ourselves, not for others. What they think of it is our business, and what’s more important is that I’m always working hard now. Even though I don’t have a glamorous past, I believe that I can have a beautiful future worthy of Fu Junfeng with my hard work. I’m afraid that’s what you think in your heart now. Then why don’t you open your heart and express your attitude with Ling Sheng?"
Being said by Cheng Meng, Yali finally couldn’t control her emotions. The whole person just lay on Cheng Meng’s shoulder, tears could not stop, and the sound was vague. "Cheng Meng, thank you for understanding me. I really envy you. You can live yourself so freely. How did you do it? If I think about the situation now, I can’t even sleep."
Cheng Meng patted her on the back. "I didn’t succeed very much either. Now Fu Junfeng and I have been in a state of hidden marriage until when I think I don’t enjoy his brilliance and I will tell us when I live."
Yali sat up straight from Cheng Meng’s shoulder. She looked at Cheng Meng in consternation and left her face at the corner of her mouth with tears. "I still have what you have. It turned out to be as simple as hidden marriage."
Cheng Meng smiled. "Where is love and life so complicated as you think? Is it enough for two people and their families to love each other soon?" Life is lived by two people, not by any high method. Yali, don’t dwell on the past and roots, and you won’t be troubled. "
Looking at Cheng Mengyali, she took a sniff and smoked a piece of paper towel to dry her face and took a deep breath and said, "Well, I’ll listen to you and tell Ling Sheng about it."
Cheng Meng’s smile instantly deepened a few minutes. "That’s right. You have to face your heart bravely."
Looking at Cheng Meng’s gentleness, Yali couldn’t help laughing. "I said that it’s too bad for you to be an actor now. Why don’t you be an emotional expert?" How embarrassed I am to be solved by you in such a few words. "
Cheng Mengnai shook his head. "You’re still embarrassed. I don’t know how naive you were when you swore that shit."
Yali suddenly thought about it. At that time, things flashed a little embarrassed expression on her face. "I almost forgot that there was such a poison oath. Was I not angry with that bastard Ling Sheng at that time? I didn’t say that until he really broke up with me. But now that I think about it, if Ling Sheng insists on being with me, can I fulfill that poison oath and let him eat shit?"
At this time, Yali’s face was still in tears because she had just cried, and her eyes were slightly swollen with tears, but she was very excited and looking forward to the thought of the oath. This expression was so ridiculous that Cheng Meng laughed unkindly. "I said that you are an adult, so you two should make up. Don’t do it again."
Listening to Cheng Meng’s words, Yali can’t help but leave her pie mouth and say, "I don’t know who gave him any bad ideas. Yesterday, he told me that he wanted to make a good word with me and he went to have a cup of cat excrement coffee. Is there such a person?" Did he fool around like this when he said he was eating shit? "
Looking at such a heavy heart, Yali Cheng Meng shook her head and sighed. This bad idea was of course thought out by her family. "How long has Ling Sheng been gone? Why hasn’t she come back yet?"
Cheng Meng took one look at her words, but she was nervous as soon as she fell. Cheng Meng looked at her and looked funny and asked, "What’s the matter with you?" Is your body uncomfortable? "
"I … I’m nervous at the thought of telling him these things later."
"It turns out that you are nervous sometimes. In this case, I am embarrassed to stay here as an outsider, and it is late when I come out. I want to go back to the company."
Words fall Cheng Meng got up and was about to leave Yali when she grabbed her hand. "Cheng Meng, you can stay with me later, okay? I really can’t say that without you."
"This is your thing. I am so embarrassed that I am an outsider here. He is the closest person to you. Can’t you say that? Ok, it’s okay. I really have to go. "
I waved to Cheng Meng when she turned and walked outside and walked to the door of the house.
Looking at the ward door, Yali Nai sighed and was very nervous lying in bed directly.
After Cheng Meng left the ward, he called Ling Sheng directly and asked him to come directly.
Ling Sheng went out to buy a porridge, and when he received Cheng Meng’s words, he hurried back.
When I pushed the ward door, I saw the hospital bed with her eyes closed. Yali Ling Chengfang walked past with light steps. He Yali was already asleep, but at this time she was completely caught up in tension. Yali didn’t fall asleep. She just closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.
Ling Sheng put the porridge on the next table and then quietly sat down beside the hospital bed and pulled up Yali’s hand. At the moment when he touched Yali, Ling Sheng felt the miniature of Yali’s hand. First, he was stunned, and then his mouth evoked a smile. He got up and bent down and put his face directly next to Yali’s ear.
"I know you’re not asleep and you must have something to say to me now. Get up quickly."
LingSheng with bewitch sound in the ear through the eardrum directly scratched her heart Yali opened her eyes fidgety sat up and looked straight at LingSheng hesitated and said, "How do you know I have something to say to you?"
Ling Sheng’s eyebrows picked slightly. "The person who knows you best in the world also has me. How can I not know what you are thinking at this time?"
Looking at Ling Cheng’s handsome face at hand, Yali shrank back nervously, but it was a moment when she was held tightly in her arms by Ling Cheng. So Yali was directly imprisoned in his arms by Ling Cheng.