"Yes!" Ye Feng quickly nodded and left the room.


Xu Kun eyelid jumped at ling day suddenly asked.
"Young master Liu Mei controls the sea of clouds business, and she is Yang Zhengxiong’s illegitimate daughter."
"This is equivalent to handing over the sea of clouds to the Yang family."
"Don’t we stop it?"
Ling day shook his head eyes flashed a cold mountain sink a way
"You don’t care about this."
"I have my own plans!"
A long-simmering plan in Ling Tian’s mind gradually took shape.
The provincial capital Yang’s Yang Zhengxiong is watching in the room.
Suddenly the door was hit by someone and two people stumbled and fell to the ground.
"Who? !”
Zheng-xiong Yang got a fright and suddenly looked on his guard.
"Zhong Bo?"
When I saw two people, Zheng-xiong Yang’s face changed and he was deeply surprised.
Seeing that Zhong Boshen is blood, one arm is bloody and even the bones are exposed.
The whole person was flushed, his eyes were violent and confused, as if he were out of his mind.
Look at Ke Yang even more unbearable.
Corners of the mouth with a wretched smile saliva DC gave a weird smile.
As if immersed in some inappropriate scene.
The body stinks and shit keeps flowing out of the trouser legs.
These two people are not in the right state!
"Sir, we are poisoned!"
"Get a doctor!"
"Otherwise, the young master and I will both die!"
Zhong Bo struggled to say a word, sometimes he was trance and sometimes he was awake.
But obviously it won’t last long, MoM
Zheng-xiong Yang is really surprised again afraid quickly nasty shouted.
"Please call Doctor Lin!"
People hurried and hurried and soon came in with a middle-aged man who looked cold and proud.
"Lin imperial doctor, look at it quickly."
"They are both poisoned!"
Zheng-xiong Yang saw bearer quickly with a hint of respect nasty said
Lin imperial doctor came to Zhong Bo and Yang Ke with a frown.
Both hands stretched out their fingers at the same time and put them on Zhong Bo and Ke Yang.
"Good blood pressure!"
"If you go like this for at most half an hour, your blood vessels will burst and die."
Lin imperial doctor mouth look dignified.
"Doctor Lin also please help them!" Zheng-xiong Yang nasty way
Lin imperial doctor nodded and then took out a small medicine bottle and two black pills from his arms.
Then I fed it to Zhong Bo and Ke Yang.
Soon Zhong Bo and Ke Yang’s faces were covered with black.
Zheng-xiong Yang said frightened nasty way
"Doctor Lin, what is this?"
Lin imperial doctor is a face of calm look proudly way
"Don’t panic. My witch doctor has its own uniqueness in treating diseases."
"The two of them will return to normal in ten minutes at most."
See Lin imperial doctor say so Yang Zhengxiong nodded, but some uneasy.
This doctor Lin was recommended to him by an extremely distinguished elder.
Yang Zhengxiong’s illness has been seen by several doctors, but there is no clue.
However, the doctor Lin found the symptoms of Yang Zhengxiong at the first hand.
After several days of treatment, Yang Zhengxiong showed signs of improvement.
Zheng-xiong Yang exultation at the same time to the Lin imperial doctor medical nature.
But now it is hard to worry about seeing Zhong Bo and Ke Yang’s face.
After all, one of these two people is the one he relies on most and the other is his son.
A few minutes later, Zhong Bo and Ke Yang suddenly opened their mouths and spat out one mouthful black blood.
Then eyes gradually clear mind recovered.
Chapter 179 The sea of clouds has changed
Zheng-xiong Yang said immediately exultation.