"good!" O rush to order a head.


"You watch us go to dinner first." Wang Dazhi suddenly hesitated and looked at the car man. "Li Ge, why don’t you watch me take Ah Xian to dinner first and bring it to you?"
He doesn’t feel at ease about leaving his nephew alone.
Of course, the car man is white.
Wang Dazhi got into the carriage and took his nephew to eat first.
Car man is one year older than Wang Dazhi. His name is Li Qingnian. He is nearly fifty. He is silent and thick with a buzz cut.
He met Wang Dazhi when he was running a long distance together. His wife cheated on him and divorced him. At ordinary times, Wang Dazhi is good at rubbing his hands. He has no hobbies to earn some money and has lost his daughter.
My daughter was born late, and she was only fifteen years old. She is already a senior one, smart and good.
Not long ago, he found out that leukemia naturally spent money like running water. He begged his grandfather to tell his grandmother to borrow all the people around him. This is really no way out, so he wanted to borrow some money from Wang Dazhi.
Wang Dazhi introduced him to such a business.
Mainly because of his car.
There was no freight for a while. He was going to sell his car and never found a home.
His car is not the same as the original one in Wang Dazhi. It is a very secret Tibetan place with a carriage.
This is the first time to do such a thing …
Li Qing lit a cigarette and smoked against the carriage, when suddenly she heard it drumming inside.
It’s like a person crashing into a car.
He pondered a dozen times and knocked on the car door.
Jiang Jiang watched him in the carriage and saw him come in, so he called two buses to one side.
Li Qing raised my hand and pulled the rag in her mouth.
Jiang Jiang vomited at his feet in disgust and looked at him quickly. "My boyfriend is a professor at the Fourth Hospital!" "
Li Qing will rag directly back.
What he hates most now is the hospital. Doesn’t he just want money? Children are left alone in the middle of treatment. Those doctors and nurses are all fucking putting on airs. Don’t they all talk about money?
Li Qing’s hand is about to get into the carriage. Jiang Jiang hurriedly stepped forward and looked at him earnestly.
This look is a bit like her own daughter.
Li Qing pulled the rag in her mouth again and said coldly, "Don’t try any tricks, I’ll let you suffer less!"
"I asked him to find someone to see your daughter!" Jiang Jiang ignored him seriously and quickly. "I didn’t lie to you. My boyfriend is really a professor in the Fourth Hospital. Actually, he is not a boyfriend. We got a marriage certificate and just talked to that Yan brother. He is my husband, Marshal Yan Yunhan, and his grandson. Did you see him during the Qin ‘an earthquake in the Fourth Hospital? I can ask the youngest doctor in the medical team of the Fourth Hospital to help you believe me! "
She said something firmly, word by word, and Li Qing was stunned.
Long-distance drivers have been talking for decades, but they are not blocked.
Section 49
YanYunHan he still know QinAn earthquake nature also note did not think this girl has such a background.
On second thought, they tied it, but the mayor’s wife believed more than half of it for the first time.
On the contrary, I dare not talk to her easily.
Li Qing raised her hand to gag her again. Jiang Jiang quickly took a step back and continued, "If you can’t get the money with them, people like my dad will definitely send you to jail. You have a daughter waiting for treatment at home. It’s just about money. It’s better to help me with them. I can give you money and help you save your daughter. Think about it!"
"Help you? I helped you escape and I went to jail? " Li Qing finally said a words.
Looking at her impatiently, she looked a little bit at her trajectory and sneered at the root for not believing it.
Jiang Jiang looked at him intently and felt a little relieved. Make persistent efforts. "If something happens to me, you don’t have money. If nothing happens to me, you will still be arrested and sent to jail. married with children, you can’t run away. If your daughter knows about you and saves her from committing crimes, how can she recognize you again? You are ruining your home and protecting me, so that I can really help you. You can only go this way!"
"Sweet words!"
Jiang Jiang bowed his head directly in front of him and said, "I am sincere in the value of this necklace around my neck."
Li Qing one leng raise my hand to pull her neck pendant.
"Old pit glass jadeite, if you have heard of it, you should know its value. If I help you, I will help you keep your word and ask you to help me …"
"Li Shu!"
Far a high shout broke two people talking.
A hurried to the crowd. "What are you talking about?"