"It’s not the end of the year yet. If you can’t find the blood fox, I’m willing to be disposed of by you!"


"What about the mountain? You don’t underestimate the emperor too much!" Yin Niang asked coldly.
"The teacher elder sister if I don’t trust you? The teacher elder sister one guarding more than enough "Mrs Tang sneer at.
"Why? Why can you be free and unfettered in this bustling downtown? I am just an elder of the Discipline Hall but I have to guard the mountain gate? " Yin Niang asked.
"Isn’t that just like the elder martial sister leaving the guard to the three elders? If you like this downtown area, it’s okay to stay a few more days. Maybe you can meet another child?" Mrs. Tang is obviously testing.
"My child!" Yin Niang, however, seems to have lost her mind and jumped over and left for nowhere.
Mrs. Tang just heaved a sigh of relief and really got sick again. How did she get excited today?
245 force & enter the mountain
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Gucun village
It’s quiet everywhere, like a village at the foot of a mountain. Few people dare to go out at sunset.
At this time, the day is still bright.
However, every family is closed.
Transfer houses are rare in this village, but the most noticeable thing is the little dolls in this house.
Everyone knows that she was sent here. Her master has entered Wandashan Mountain and will never come back.
The house was restless every night, and then the curse began again
"Smelly girl! What time is it now? Is it so hard for you to leave you here to cook for free? " The old lady has a mean face, and the old man is smoking a cigarette.
"Didn’t I finish it?" The little doll looked at a table of food and replied faintly.
"This is ready? Look at this white rice. It’s half cooked. This soup has no taste at all. This is called good. I asked you to redo it two hours ago. Where did you finish playing? " The old lady walked over and picked up a bowl of soup, but she suddenly smashed it at the little doll.
The little doll easily dodges sideways and is very agile.
"Can you hide? Hey! " The old lady’s cold hum is to smash the table, chopsticks and dishes at the little doll one after another.
The little doll frowned and escaped impatience one by one. "I’m going to bed if I like to eat or not. I’m not playing with you!" "
"Wait!" The old lady stopped her sharply. "This dinner is gone. Should you make another table?"
You!’ The little doll suddenly turned and her face was full of anger.
"Why? You eat, I live, I will let you do some housework, and I can’t treat you badly. Your master just left, leaving none of us. If you don’t do it, please leave. "The old lady said coldly that she was trying to get rid of the child.
"You lie!" The little doll is finally angry.
"What are we lying to you for? I’ll tell you the truth. Your master will never come back. Don’t wait. Where is Wandashan?" The old man also took a look of disdain.
"You cheat my master very much! He will definitely come back! I’ll wait for him and I won’t leave. You can’t kick me out! " Although the little doll is careful, it is clear.
"He’s amazing. Why didn’t he take you with him? What are you doing here?" The old lady sneered.
The little doll’s heart suddenly tightened, which just stung her. He just left, sneaking away while she was sleeping without saying a word.
It’s hard with him. She has to get used to it
It’s all a lie
"Let’s go, let’s go. It’s an eyesore. I don’t know how to get out, gamin." The old man glanced at her and went into the house.
The little doll slowly raised her head and eyes, and a trace of Yinzhi passed over her hands, clutching tightly as if trying to restrain something.
"Don’t go to cook! If you hadn’t cooked the meal tonight, you would have slept outside! " When the old lady saw that she seemed to be unbearable, she just intensified.
However, the little doll finally endured and bowed his head and went to the fire room.