Ji Dong walked over to the girl’s side and became the side of Chen Sixuan at the end of the team. He said lightly, "Slowly inject your magic into the other side of the front student body, and so do you. Then everyone injects their magic into the last person in front. The two students urge you to make the magic surface release the magic from the body."


Chen Sixuan’s eyes lit up, and she had some white Ji Dong meaning. She didn’t hesitate to output her own ebony magic forward. They arranged their positions. She was in front of ebony, and it was the female student Ding Huo who made a fire. Doubt would greatly increase the female student Ding Huo’s magic in front, and then she would inject the magic into her own female student body forward, which would have a corresponding fire-born effect.
The same is true for the male students. According to the principle of five elements, the magic of five students, wood fire, fire, soil and gold, and water, is instantly integrated. At the end of the day, the magic that she can burst out in a moment is not as simple as the addition of five people. With the effect of mutual magic, the magic will rise several times.
There is nothing to pass the magic of wood fire to Ding Huo female students, but it gradually becomes stronger with the mutual magic. At the end of the day, there are two water property students, male and female, and the magic they accepted in an instant becomes extremely huge. When they were almost in control, they released this magic and suddenly the classroom became cold.
It was not until the magic was released that the ten students realized what Ji Dong meant by letting them output 10% magic. The first person output 10% magic, and the second person suffered nothing, but in the end, the last person changed several times.
Watching them finish the first experiment, Ji Dong nodded. "The water students go behind the wooden students, and the second round of water is initiated. And so on. From today on, you will practice this. When will the last student control the superposition of magic, then the output magic will increase to 20%? Remember that I mean that everyone can control the superposition of magic before increasing the output."
As he spoke, he looked at Chen Sixuan and said, "You practice this every afternoon after you are the monitor."
"The teacher what don’t let our hands lose magic? Isn’t this more stable? " The boy purple Morningstar over there has some doubts and said
Ji Dong gave him a cold look, said nothing, and walked away with the bottle shaking. It took only five minutes from entering the classroom to ending the teaching.
Looking at Ji Dong’s cold departure, Purple Morning Star can’t help but clench his fist. Looking at Ji Dong, he is not much older than him. Moreover, he can’t see the strength of Ji Dong, who has been pampered since childhood and despised by his family as a genius. What’s worse, he has never met before, especially in front of his wishful thinking.
Zi Morningstar just wanted to rush to work to find Ji Dong Theory, but was stopped by Chen Sixuan. "Zi Morningstar should respect the teacher."
At the sight of Chen Sixuan’s face, Purple Morning Star suddenly softened a lot. "But our squad leader is too irresponsible. Root didn’t tell us any theoretical knowledge. Let’s practice this unknown thing, which is neither a skill nor a magic practice. I think we should respond to the college."
Chen Sixuan face a heavy "reaction? I’ll tell you that teacher’s teaching is the most correct way to practice, and I’ll tell you what it means to lose magic with one hand and the left hand. The reason is very simple. Generally speaking, our left hand is not sensitive to attack the main hand with the right hand, and it is possible for the left hand to lose magic. It is possible for the right hand to free up skills. Won’t the enemy destroy our joint formation when you meet the enemy? "
Purple Morningstar froze. "But what didn’t he say clearly?"
Chen Sixuan sighed in his heart that the understanding of these students is far from that of Ji Dong at the beginning. "Your own understanding is always deeper than hearsay. Everyone should not be idle. According to Teacher Ji Dong, it is not difficult to practice this kind of cultivation, that is, it is to add a magic release process and add a magic release process. The last student in each row should try to control the huge magic that is lost."
When his classes and colleges were still having theoretical classes, the freshmen of Chihuo College had already practiced, but they never imagined that this exercise actually lasted for a whole month, and sometimes their teacher Ji Dong didn’t show up again for a whole month. Occasionally, when I saw him in the college, I could see him wandering. Chapter 333 The alcoholic teacher was in two places at once.
It’s no wonder that class one students of Chihuo College are going to riot. They will study like this for a month. Their class leader teacher Ji Dong once taught a very simple practitioner and never appeared again. If it weren’t for the suppression of Princess Xuan, the monitor of Dongmu Saint Horn, I’m afraid they would have been impatient for a long time.
A month’s repetition of boring training methods lasts for a whole noon every day, and the teacher doesn’t even show his face. These students finally can’t help it.
"Xuan Si, don’t stop us. Although you are the monitor, we came to the college to study. It’s been a month. Our drunken teacher appeared once in total. We must find him this time and make it clear to the college. Everyone didn’t forget the class leader, Mr. XuanYuanxin, but it did say that we would surpass our class by the end of the year. We will practice hard again without an excellent teacher to give directions. We don’t want to lose. "
Take the lead in the outbreak. Naturally, it’s not him. His class of students all have the same meaning. Even Chen Sixuan can’t suppress it this time. Although her perfect face and the title of Princess Dongmu Dixuan have a great influence on these students, the students are still quite persistent in their pursuit of strength.
Chen Sixuan frowned. "The teacher’s teaching is excellent. In one month, the magic we can bear now has risen from ten percent to forty percent, and the base can be controlled. Don’t you think this is a great progress? Maybe this can’t further enhance everyone’s magic, but we cooperate with each other and feel more profound about the five elements’ attributes.
The most important thing is that the body continues to bear the impact of great magic and broaden our meridians, which is of great significance for post-cultivation. "
Purple Morningstar said, "Xuan Si, although we have some feelings, our strength has not improved! Magic level and magic skills are the most important things for magic teachers, don’t you think? "
A group of students nodded in succession.
Chen Sixuan said lightly, "Since we are going to find a teacher, let’s go together." Seeing that she can’t stop it, she doesn’t intend to stop it again. She hasn’t seen Ji Dong much this month, and her mood has gradually calmed down and gradually accepted her new identity. She has also been thinking about how to get close to Ji Dong to heal the wounds in his heart, and then go to see him with him while this is happening.
Ji Dong really stays with him and still drinks, and he has drunk a lot. The whole person is in a daze by the bed. His door is unlocked, and Zi Morningstar knocks at the door.
The tangy smell of wine made a group of students frown and saw that the squad leader’s room was full of drinking bottles.
"Mr. Ji Dong, are you our teacher or a drunk?" Suppressed for a month, anger can no longer suppress the purple Morningstar directly to Ji Dong roared.
Ji Dong gave him a drunken look. "Has it been a month?"
The purple morning star looked at Chen Sixuan. "Xuan Si, as you can see, our teacher doesn’t know for days if he will drink to death for a moment. We must …"! "
"Shut up" Chen Sixuan exclaims, showing a flash of cold light and intense pressure suddenly released from her body to suppress the purple morning star’s feeling of being out of breath.
Chen Sixuan was able to shock these students, except for their identity and appearance. No one knows how strong she really is, including Zi Morningstar. At this time, as soon as her momentum was released, she immediately shocked everyone. That was a magical suppression effect!
Purple Morningstar is also frightened to disgrace. Although he guessed that Chen Sixuan was very strong, he didn’t expect it to be so strong.
Chen Sixuan looked at him coldly. "Purple Morning Star, if I hear you insult the teacher again, don’t blame me for being rude to you."
Zi Morningstar was also angry. Although he is arrogant, he is a person who adheres to principles. "Is this drunk also worthy of being our teacher?"
Chen Sixuan snorted. "In my eyes, every hair of his is better than yours."
"You …" Morningstar turned pale with transient. It is well known that he likes Chen Sixuan. Few freshmen can compete with him, but he never thought that Chen Sixuan would say such a thing to him.
Even Chen Sixuan herself felt a little strange. It was impossible to say such a thing when she was a flame before, but after becoming Chen Sixuan, the original memory of this body was integrated with her gods and knowledge. Although she dominated her, she would still be influenced by some original memory of this body. This Dongmu Saint is not a good temper. Dongmu Imperial Royal Family is not only favored but also a famous violent little witch.
In extreme anger, the purple morning star turned to leave, but Ji’s voice rang "live" at this moment.
Purple Morningstar turned and glared at Ji Dong "what? Are you scared? Afraid I’ll complain to the college? "
Ji Dong body shaking the bed slowly walked to the front of these students "I fear this kind of mood in my life once you don’t deserve me to be afraid of your psychological imbalance, don’t you? Ok, I’ll give you a chance. You’re a fire master, and I’m a fire. There are ten of you, and one of me is still a drunk. My dormitory is only 30 square meters in total. When I give you a wick of incense, you should be able to touch my skirts. Even if I lose, I’ll resign as a teacher and let the college send you another teacher.
If you can’t touch my body when you burn incense, then go back and honestly practice the magic of life to 100%. When you can convey each other’s magic and control a person’s hand at any time, I will naturally teach you other things. "
Ji’s dynamic voice is cold and full of provocation. He means it, but he will never mistake his brother for others, and he will never make it difficult for Zhu Rong.