She smirked and assumed herself as the mistress of the back palace.


For some reason, the emperor stood by and ignored it, and neither side helped.
Full of beautiful things also don’t need others to help her by yourself "how? You said so, of course I want to be cruel to you. "
She ordered Yang, "Someone will bring Guo Qingrong and call everyone in the palace to close in front of the dry Qing Palace."
She cleaned the palace several times, and the imperial secretary had a natural fear of her.
This killer doesn’t even blink. Whoever wants to die can provoke him.
Someone will do it as soon as she speaks. Don’t be so obedient.
Guo Ru can’t say how angry she is when she cleans up Su Linlang, and then she cleans up these bitches. "What do you want?"
Full of beautiful smiles and beautiful lips spit out the word "kill" when they spit out cold.
Guo Rumeng bouncing up again surprised again nu "how dare you? I’ll fight you as soon as you touch her. "
Full of beautiful things "with you? Also match? "
Guo Ru is arrogant and fearful. "I have an emperor in my stomach as the future successor of this empire."
Her ambition was exposed.
Full of beautiful things is ridiculous. Are you afraid that you will die soon enough?
"My husband is not dead yet. Where can I get others?"
"Hum for so long, I’m afraid the bodies have melted …" Guo Ru sneered and gloated.
"Pa" slap rings.
Guo Ru smiling face was knocked out, staring at the handsome man in front of him.
He is the most mature and attractive man in the prime of life, handsome in age, and has a fatal attraction to women
She’s pregnant with his child and she’s crazy about him.
She likes him and wants to be his queen and monopolize your heart.
But her heart was pricked, and the water poured down her eyes.
"The emperor you hit me? Beat your child’s biological mother? "
In this world, she is pregnant with his child, and she is special to him.
Although he is cold and indifferent to her, love is hard in his heart, and he will lose face for a while, but after a long time, he will accept her as a treasure and hold her in the palm of his hand.
She thinks it’s wonderful. The three of them are happy together
But the slap broke her dream and stung her heart
The emperor is no longer indifferent, but a face of anger. "If you dare to curse Ye Er, don’t blame me."
"I didn’t curse him for saying something wrong at the moment …" Guo Ru apologized consciously. This man is her biggest backer.
She held back the boiling anger and said, "I dare not, Toffee. I apologize. I hope you have a lot of adults."
Her attitude is very low, so it’s just a matter of enduring a moment of humiliation and paying him back a hundred times a day.
Full of beautiful things, eating snacks slowly. She eats more and more snacks.
Pink lips smiled with malicious intent. "When have you known me for so long?" qR1
Guo Ru stupefied in front of the emperor is so arrogant that she doesn’t care about her image?
Just then, an imperial secretary reported, "People have brought it."
Full of beautiful things came, and I wiped my mouth and walked out slowly.
Nelly followed her carefully, guarding her against others.
In front of Ganqing Palace, there is a square with a large area. From the steps, it is dark and crowded.
Eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting are divided into left and right rows to fill the whole square neatly.
At the front, a woman was kneeling, wearing a gorgeous head and I was full of headdresses.
She tried hard to remember, but someone always pinned her to the ground. She was angry and eager to kill people.
How dare these bastards bully her? Are you crazy?
She’s going to be an emperor, and her mother-in-law wants wind, wind, rain, and chickens and dogs will ascend to heaven. How dare these guards be so presumptuous?
She was full of anger and shouted at Ganqing Palace, "Help, Emperor, help."
Her name is hysterical. Her voice is high and shrill.
She secretly hates to let the emperor give her a head.