Zuo Fu, Zhu Mei, Wu Xiang, and Wu Sangui all raised their glasses with disguised terms.


Who can not be white at this time?
According to Chen Zhong, the lowest and lowest country in Li Yuanqing has not run away, and it should be the highest country.
Even sealing the king is not impossible.
But Sun Chengzong didn’t end up with the glass, but struck the table with a cold hum and glared at Li Yuanqing. "Li Yuanqing’s old husband was really wrong about you! You ~ ~ you have committed such a heinous crime! You ~ you should be guilty? "
Account atmosphere to detain a nervous.
Wu Xiang can’t stop swallowing saliva, but she is afraid that she will make any sound.
This this old man this is not asking for it …
This is no time for him. He’s so pedantic …
Li Yuanqing’s general trend has become that he has personally destroyed Houjin and Ligdan Khan. Do you still expect him to be a good court minister?
According to Li Yuanqing’s strength at this time, what else can be taken out to reward Li Yuanqing?
This old man is really …
Wu Sangui heart also at that time there are some words and expressions.
Sun Chengzong’s ambition is commendable
It’s a pity that at this time ~ the flag of King Chengtou is changing, and his old grandson will do the same. Isn’t that …
Zuo Fu and Zhu Mei are also watching the present situation. If the master really says something outrageous, one thousand will irritate Li Yuanqing and give the master …
That’s a great tragedy.
At this time, Li Yuanqing took a easy look at Sun Chengzong with a smile. "Ge Lao taught Yuan Qing to listen, but Yuan Qing was a little wrong. What did Ge Lao say? After the destruction of Ge Lao Yuan Qing, Jin destroyed Ligdan Khan to kill Dourgen, and Duo Duo’s remnants killed me?"
Sun Chengzong cold hum a glare Li Yuanqing way "Li Yuanqing you you are both minister Chen heavily my town? What’s more, it’s such a threat to the court official ~ what is this not rebellion? I’m really blind! Unexpectedly, you will be so ambitious as a wolf! "
"The emperor! I’m guilty. I’m guilty! I’m sorry, veteran, for commanding his ancestors … "
Sun Chengzong more say more excited finally directly facing the direction of the capital repeatedly upon his head.
The key is that he is still knocking his head while criticizing Li Yuanqing for not.
The atmosphere of the tent is almost freezing.
Chen Zhong also said something about this master. This isn’t it? This isn’t forcing Yuan Qing to be a difficult person …
Busy looking at Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing winked at Chen Zhong and winked at Wu Sangui around Sun Chengzong.
Wu Sangui instant to react busy first set up Sun Chengzong an arm.
Chen Zhong hurried to help Sun Chengzong up with Wu Sangui. "Ge Lao, please calm down and have something to say."
Sun Chengzong also cried a little tired at this moment and got up and glared at Li Yuanqing "Li Yuanqing, today, today, you don’t give the old man a replacement! I’ll kill myself before you! ! ! Let you endure the scorn of thousands of people! "
Chapter 144 Life is like a play by acting!
? Thief Chapter 144 Life is like a play by acting!
Chapter 144 Life is like a play by acting!
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Chapter 144 Life is like a play by acting!
Li Yuanqing silently watched Sun Chengzong play with his gold pocket watch and remained silent for a while.
Sun Chengzong see Li Yuanqing weakness cried again in high spirits "Li Yuanqing you still have some conscience! Hurry up and give up, old lady. For the sake of the past, you pleaded with me to spare your dog’s life before you went to heaven in person! "
Li Yuanqing smiled and shook his head "pavilion old you don’t be angry! I want to ask you a question: Is it possible or how long will it take you to destroy the afterpayment according to your great strength? "
"Uh …"
Sun Chengzong one leng to detain some speechless.