"Master Xiao, don’t be so polite. I have been entrusted here to find the sparrow feather. Now I can finish what I entrusted. There is really no regret in my heart. I won’t hate you for treating me like a sacrifice. I still feel a little bit about dealing with the rosefinch. I will try my best. I don’t believe that a bird can really turn this world upside down!" God and people come from different worlds, even if no one cares about this Suzaku for a while, it is impossible that no one will care about it all my life. Since I have touched nature, I have to do my part. What I hate most is those people who bully others like an elephant and trample on an ant without shame. I have indeed heard that I hope this will become a lucky bird. Suzaku will not be that kind of bird.


"Boss, it’s not long before the ten-day period. I don’t think that bird will come." Sleeping with a sword and walking on a bird feather goes to the altar.
Xiao Yun’s look changed, and suddenly he accelerated to sleep with a sword. He threw it back and slept with a sword. He was caught off guard and flew back to the place where he had just held himself!
That was close! If Xiao Yun hadn’t played it by ear early, I’m afraid he would have been riddled with holes now.
"Holding you is always so impulsive! I told you to look at it earlier, but you didn’t look at it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made such an obvious mistake now. You can’t climb the altar until the ninth day! "
"Eldest brother have you in me to see that? Ha ha "when sleeping with a sword without a straight face, it’s actually quite good to look at me, but it’s different when I have a cold face. It’s really enviable to watch others laugh at myself.
"Forget it, I’m too lazy to say that your arrival before the Suzaku meeting is just my guess. If it doesn’t come, we can wait here to hug you. Just be patient. It’s still a while before the ten-day period. Sit down and rest!"
"It’s the boss!" Sit cross-legged and put his black sword on his thigh.
"Xiao Wang, you rest here first and I’ll go and have a look."
"Xiao brothers! These bird feathers are spiritual. If it weren’t for the ninth day, they would attack all creatures near the altar like arrows. It’s too dangerous not to go there. "
"Don’t worry, nothing!" I ignored Xiao Yun’s persuasion to cast invisibility towards Suzaku God.
Everyone was afraid to get close enough to look at it with their necks stretched out, but they couldn’t see anything. Although my invisibility was not high, after all, I escaped the bird hair attack. Those bird hairs may also attack a certain range. Life will be fine outside that range. When I arrived at the altar, the invisibility had just passed and I was already on alert, but I didn’t wait for the bird hair attack.
I’m feeling lucky. I didn’t expect that the original copper rosefinch’s mouth was closed, but at this time, a bright beam of light came out of its mouth and shone on me. Then a mysterious force that I could resist dragged me off the ground and slowly floated up. The bird hair wind automatically flew to me one by one, and the flying speed was not fast as it was just shooting at sleeping with a sword.
I was dragged about ten meters off the ground and stopped at a semi-standstill. Those bird hairs stuck to me one by one, and it didn’t take long for me to become a person covered with bird hairs. Although these bird hairs are stuck, I’m afraid they will get into my flesh if there is no dragon armor to block them.
"Xiao brothers! Can you still talk? "
It’s not far away. I can clearly see Xiao Yun’s worry, sleeping with a sword in his face, and putting anxiety in his face. He is already clutching the black sword.
"I can’t move, don’t come over!"
I just finished saying that those bird feathers stuck to my back and formed a pair of wings, and then I flapped a few times, and the bright light disappeared, and now I can control those wings! I flew around Suzaku and didn’t see anything, so I wanted to fly to Xiaoyun and them.
As soon as I flew out of the altar, those bird hairs scattered on the ground shot at me unceremoniously. I didn’t want to make fun of my life and quickly fled back to the altar. Those flying bird hairs fell slowly before they hit me.
Shit! I swore that I controlled my wings and fell to the altar, but how did I toss them? My feet finally touched the ground, and those wings automatically flapped and got me off the ground.
Chapter 152 Suzaku arrival
I tried many times, and every time I landed on my feet, I was still picked up by those wings. Although my heart was burning with anger, I could come to Jin Jian to help everyone get to the altar because of the law, or I could just wait and see until I gave up the idea of landing and floated in the air to see what the wings were going to do.
Day and night can still be clearly distinguished in the valley. When night fell, I was so tired that I wanted to close my eyes and rest for a while. Just as my eyelids closed my head, there was a crisp sound.
Is Suzaku really here?
I manipulated my wings to fly to the bottom, Xiao Yun, and they also heard the ring and looked up and looked around.
Flying tens of meters high, I saw a mass of lux light sliding down to our valley from high, and the more the red light fell, the more clearly I could see that the lux feather and those two long tail feathers were Suzaku!
Although I have wings now, it’s not me after all. How can I compete with the authentic guy with wings and get out of the way?
Stay closer, you can clearly see that Suzaku is on fire-then Suzaku falls to the bronze sculpture, and the dark night suddenly becomes brighter than the whole valley as day.
Suzaku’s eyes have been searching for me everywhere since she landed on the bronze carving. This big goal naturally failed to escape her eyes. Suzaku flew to me like an arrow, and in a blink of an eye, Suzaku flew up quickly and rushed to my face. I can’t learn it just by stopping this effort. Suzaku is about two meters tall and a lot taller than me. His eyes kept looking at me.
"Who are you? Want to pretend to be my people? " Suzaku spoke.
"Are you Suzaku?" I asked.
"Don’t you think I look like it?"
"Yes, but I don’t know for sure until you say it yourself."
"Is there another bird in this world that dares to pretend to be my family?" Suzaku stared at me as if he were angry.
"Dear Mr. or Ms. Suzaku, with all due respect, it is the first time that a person has witnessed that it is difficult to tell the truth from the truth. You said that you are Suzaku. Please prove that you are Suzaku!"
"Ha ha ha is this difficult?" I opened my mouth and spit out a fire dragon, which instantly burned my bird hair to ashes!
"Hey? You’re not dead? Do you believe that I am Suzaku? "
If I hadn’t always been equipped with blood medicine to give Suzaku such a deathless skin, I would have to take off my skin. Bah, I spit out and sucked it into my mouth, and my face was unhappy. "I said this way is too direct, right?" Fortunately, I’m deadly or I’ll die. "
"Cut the crap. Why do you pretend to be my people?"
"You don’t blather, ok? When did I pretend to be a bird? It’s all these long-eyed bird hairs that have nothing to do with flying to me, but they also made a pair of wings to make me a bird man! "
"What? You mean these feathers fly to you automatically? "
"Otherwise, you and I will leave a good person to be a bird person?"
"But what do you want to come to my altar? You must know that only our people can come here! "
"This question also ask? Didn’t you get it out? "
"What are you talking about? I don’t understand, please make it clear. "Suzaku doesn’t look like doing it.
"Don’t you want to eat a heinous person every year? And I am the unlucky one this year. "
"Who says I eat people every year?"
"Depend! Ask the people and children in this continent that you eat people every year! "
"Please we rosefinch gens never eat people fireworks condition is a person? You’re mistaken! Our people come here every year on the ninth day, but definitely not to eat people! "
"Are you sure?"
"Do you dare to confront those people?"
"Why not?" Suzaku grabbed me and flew to Xiao Yun and them.
Xiao Yun and a helper saw Suzaku appear, all of them were excited and nervous. They all heard me talking to Suzaku, and then they saw Suzaku holding me and flying here, and all of them retreated unconsciously.