[Private Chat] Guy, come on. I have something important to say.


Something important? Hooking up with this kind of thing, even if it is not reliable, it should not be counted, right? What would that be? The two gangs established diplomatic relations? This kind of thing should not be looking for her!
Zuo Tangtang thought hard.
"Can’t answer! Cut the crap and pk me quickly. "Sunny Wan Li was still there and said.
Zuo Tangtang suddenly a surprised her stunned hurriedly to sunny Wan Li shouted "false niang! It’s the night song that helped Wang Gai find me. It’s urgent. I’ll go and they’ll drop it. "
Say it and quickly flash back and leave a clear Wan Li.
I didn’t expect Zuo Tangtang to be frightened as soon as he entered the channel where Gebang was located in the evening.
Because it has always been very indecent, it is loud and serious at the moment.
I’m sorry!
[52] Chapter 53 Seal the oath]
"What are you …" Zuo Tangtang tried very hard to swallow the word "convulsion" back into his mouth. "What’s the matter?"
Then came the cover crying and shouting, "I’m sorry for you!" ~~~”
Seeing that his emotions were so out of control, Gai Zuo Tangtang’s previous depressed feelings were gone at the moment and he asked cautiously, "What happened?"
Gammer, no
Zuo Tangtang patiently comforted, "Don’t worry, tell me, and we can solve it together. Isn’t that enough?"
Who knows that after listening to this sentence, Gai sobbed even more.
Zuo Tangtang felt that his forehead black line had deepened a lot inexplicably.
Fortunately, before Zuo Tangtang broke out, Gai finally broke off. "You … I … I did something wrong. You can still be so kind to me … I’m really …"
"What did you do wrong?" Zuo Tangtang wondered and asked
"Didn’t you quarrel with that thing because of my conflict and recklessness?" Gaila stopped feeling about to burst its banks and seriously answered Zuo Tangtang.
"How do you know?" This time it’s Zuo Tangtang’s turn to lose control of his emotions. Why did this matter go outside? It’s so dead!
"It’s you who help those people with soy sauce!" Cover koo said.
Zuo Tangtang gnashed her teeth. "Really?"
"Yes," Guy didn’t seem to feel the dense malice emanating from Zuo Tangtang’s body and continued to state, "We all know about this in the gang!"
Does the gang know?
Zuo Tangtang seems to have heard Ba take off the note.
Until a long time, Zuo Tangtang opened her mouth and asked her in an unprecedented hoarse voice, "Do you really know everything?"
"Yes," Guy said carelessly. "We helped you to help the alliance. The day before yesterday, we came to help you fight for the station, but unfortunately, as soon as we entered you, we were still listening to you talking about it. They didn’t even notice that we came until the next nine days …"
"You’ve been listening?" Zuo Tangtang asked incredulously
Cover at that end seems to eat potato chips and mumble, "I know."
It’s over, it’s over, Zuo Tangtang muttered. It’s a shame.
"Nothing!" Gai, in turn, comforted Zuo Tangtang. "We didn’t mean to listen to BengCha first. BengCha is the latest divination in the Jianghu. After all, the discussion was very lively. We didn’t know until we heard your name!"
"So you didn’t listen after hearing the name?"
"Well, this … this, after all, everyone still has a friendship to hook up with sister paper. What they do to you is still more heartfelt …"