There are seven grandsons of the North and South Erguai, three of whom were originally left, and Yao Tong was the other one, while the other four have lived here in the abode of fairies and immortals for more than 30 years.


Is that The Hunger will come here one day to recover.
Yu Erxian was hoarse when he saw Joy Chen’s blood coming back. "Uncle Chen, you’re back. Where’s my deaf brother?"
Joy Chen knows that Yu Erxian is a second leng, and it is best to have a relationship with his deaf brother. If you know that the deaf is caught, you don’t know what will happen.
Joy Chen blood service road "your brother has something important to come back in two days. Where is your father now?"
Yu Er Xian Dao "My Dad Baicao Cave"
Joy Chen blood and charged two people without command who also can’t go out without authorization or break your leg.
Catharine, the seventh in Joy Chen Blood Cave House, came to a cave room.
There are several tables in the room, filled with all kinds of herbs and bottles, and the stone walls are hung with all kinds of animal organs. There is a smell of medicine in the room.
There is an old man squatting quietly, cooking a pot of medicine soup again.
The old man looks over seventy years old, with gray hair and a narrow face as small as a slap.
This man is Yu Beixue.
At the moment, appearance is what he looks like.
Yu Beixue saw him coming back and said, "Tell me about it soon?"
Joy Chen blood frustrated way "don’t bad luck exposed me very not easy to escape".
Yu Beixue snapped up and stared at Joy Chen’s bloody road. "Where’s my deaf child? !”
Joy Chen bloody road "Your deaf child was also found … I waited for him for a long time after I escaped, and he was either killed or fell into the enemy."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Continuous recovery (3)
Yu Bei’s blood is painful and angry. He slaps his hand and hits Joy Chen’s blood.
At the same time, Yu Beixue scolded, "You dead eunuch, you arbitrarily advocated taking my deaf children out to explore the wind. I said that after the blood ancestors woke up, let the blood ancestors decide that you wouldn’t listen. Now you have come back and ruined my deaf children! You also my son … "
A few tricks of Yubei blood company attacking Joy Chen blood
Joy Chen avoided two strokes of blood, and he passed two strokes.
Joy Chen blood gas way "stop it! Stop it … You’ve lost so many women for so many years, and there are still four. You can be such a good brother of mine for seventy years. Do you really want to kill me … "
Yu Beixue stopped. "I just have a hundred children. That’s my business. I have many women. That’s also my business. It’s a dream for a eunuch like you to have a son. Every one of them is my meat."
Joy Chen bloody way "don’t worry, you deaf child is not dead. If I were you, I would catch him alive. He should have been caught."
Yu Beixue Road "Blood ancestors won’t let us make a move, but you claim it without authorization! I’m afraid the blood Lord will wake up again this time. Go and tell the blood ancestors now! See how the blood ancestors punish you! "
Joy Chen Xue said kindly, "Brother, although we are not born in one mother, we are still closer than one mother. This time, I blame you for being careless and getting into trouble. Just say that it was our idea to go out and explore the wind with me, so that Zu Xue will be merciful and can’t punish both of us, otherwise others will do things."
After Joy Chen’s miserable blood repeatedly asked Yu Beixue to agree to Joy Chen’s blood request.
They went out of the Baicao Cave and came to the deepest cave.
This cave door is bright red.
A horseshoe lamp is hung on each side of the hole.
There is still a woman at the mouth of the cave.
This woman in her forties and fifties is also a dirty look.
She was sleepy with her hands in her sleeves and leaning against the stone wall by the door, and there was a wisp of saliva hanging from her mouth.
This woman is Yu Beixue’s daughter named Yu Tianxian.
Yu Bei’s meaningful daughter will be as beautiful as a fairy in the future, but her appearance will be ordinary.
Yu Beixue patted her head for more than a day and made a tingle to wake up.
She asked, "What about Dad?"
Yubei Xuedao "Can the blood ancestors wake up?"
Yu Tianxian wiped a corner of his mouth and said, "I’ve been keeping up my spirits and keeping the blood ancestors awake. There has been no movement inside."
Yu Bei blood scold a way "fart! You are lying to the old man, you are almost asleep! "
Yu Tianxian didn’t dare to chew.
The north and south monsters look at each other.
Then he pushed the door carefully.
This cave is round.
The ground is covered with animal skins, and the stone walls and the top are also covered with animal skins. All the animal skins are painted bright blood red, such as red wallpaper.
There is a red table with a red wax burning in the corner of the room.
The red candle flame adds a dreamlike atmosphere to the red cavern.
There is a bed in the middle of the room.
The sheets are also blood red.
There are two people sitting cross-legged on the bed at the moment.
The man in front wore a bloody robe.
Wearing a monster mask.
Just like him.
He put his knees and his hands were crystal clear and delicate, and if white jade was carved into one hand.
Impressively is the resurrection of The Hunger!
At the beginning, The Hunger’s palm was dark and shiny, but now it is glittering and translucent as jade.
At the moment, The Hunger doesn’t know whether to sleep or enter another "world" with his eyes closed.
The Hunger sat behind him with an iron face.
Now the iron head is removed, and the iron face is dressed in white and a red iron face.
The red atmosphere of his white clothes is like a holy white lotus in blood.
The iron-faced God’s palms reached The Hunger’s back, and the force was continuously input into The Hunger’s body. Since The Hunger’s resurrection, the iron-faced God has delivered force to The Hunger’s body three times a day according to Yubei’s blood method, and three times is six hours less each time.