Jiang Rufei realized that it was unusual to ask Jiang Zhao, "Are you at Mujia?"


Jiang Zhao sneer at "what? You’re afraid I’ll show up at Mujia, aren’t you? "
Jiang Rufei got up and walked out and took the car keys. "Don’t be delirious. Hu said that I did something, and I will admit that I didn’t do it. Don’t buckle my head."
Jiang Zhao was distressed that Mu was born late and held her arm in acid. "Jiang Rufei, you are so hateful!" grind one’s teeth
Hang up, Jiang Zhao put his arms around Mu Yousheng, sobbing and coaxing, "Don’t worry, I’ll let people come in and find out if your parents are here. Don’t worry."
Wood was born late, shaking his head and his legs weak, and he fell to the ground. His body was firmly imprisoned by Jiang Zhao.
There is a certain distance from the urban area. When you want someone to come over, Jiang Zhao is worried that you will be too impatient and put her in a neighbor’s house with a sponge bench. "I’m going in to see you now. Don’t cry. I’m going in to find someone now."
Suddenly, when my parents came back, my home was burned by a fire, and the framework of the remaining house was not burned. The furniture was exposed, and the late students followed Jiang Zhao and went in. Jiang Zhao turned around and stopped her from going forward. "You also heard your neighbor say that the fire just stopped and I don’t know what hidden dangers are in it. If you can’t go in, just wait here and my horse will come out."
Wood was born late, with his head down, his headache and tears in his eyes.
Jiang Zhao asked the kind people next to her, "Please take care of her."
When did Jiang Zhao ever say such a thing?
No, Jiang Zhao is an asshole in Mu Yousheng’s cognition. When he is responsible for helping her at this time, Mu Yousheng is upset.
Fear of losing parents, fear of hidden dangers
There are more and more people around. After Jiang Zhao went in, someone whispered.
"I met them walking outside before I went to bed last night."
"Yeah, I met it, too."
"Well, how do you say that a fire is on fire?"
"Maybe the line is aging?"
"I didn’t hear anything last night?"
She hoped that her parents hadn’t been at home last night, praying that her only two relatives in the world wouldn’t lose her.
Someone next to Muwansheng looked at Muwansheng and worried about her condition. "Don’t be too sad."
Mu Zhongsheng stared at Jiang Zhao and rushed in. There was nothing left in the house. She could see Jiang Zhao through the tattered window burned by the fire.
Jiang Zhao is full of joy and wants to come back to give good news to her parents. When he is done, he will take Mu as his parents’ filial preparation. He wants to turn over a new leaf and treat them well. He no longer threatens to live a good family life with them.
He really wants to buy a house for Muwansheng’s parents, give them everything, let them enjoy their old age and look after the children for him and Muwansheng.
God knows how this happened.
When you get out of the car, you can see that it has been swallowed up by the fire.
There is no reason why the unique wood late-born family suffered a fire.
Next to someone talking about Jiang Zhao, he asked about the situation and said that everyone has one. What makes Jiang Zhao care the most is that someone said that he saw Jiang Shaodong come here yesterday and found him coming out of Mubeisheng’s home.
Jiang Zhiyuan and Mu Wansheng have no disputes. Jiang Zhao no, he wants to directly hit Jiang Rufei.
Wood was stupid at that time and has been imprisoned by Jiang Zhao before rushing in.
Most of the local people think that it is a natural fire, and the aging of the home wiring has led to unfortunate feelings for the late parents of Mu.
Jiang Rufei’s express car rushed over and asked the only person who knew Mu Yousheng outside, "Did you call the police?"
He didn’t blindly see everything in front of him.
Wood was born looked up and turned to raise my hand according to Jiang Rufei is a slap.

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