I can’t believe he’s …


Li Yuanqing’s heart was a little surprised. I didn’t expect Kong Youde to have such a big mood fluctuation. Fortunately, he found it early, otherwise something might happen.
"What are the men crying about?"
Li Yuanqing smiled and smoked Kong Youde a whip. Of course, the strength is not great. "Man Mo Wen source! No one is born from the womb and is a warrior against ten thousand people! Let’s call back if we lose before! Let’s get the woman back! "
Why didn’t Kong Youde understand Li Yuanqing at this moment?
Busy to wipe a tear respectfully fuels, "the general taught BeiZhi in mind! It is the general who wants to attack the city striker this time! "
Li Yuanqing nodded and smiled. "But we have to tidy things up first!"
Li Yuanqing said to Chen Zhongdao, "Big Brother asked the firemen to bury the pot and cook. The other boys are going to attack the city for half an hour, and then the army will attack the city for an hour to get Lianshan!"
Here and now, it’s just a tiger’s mouth pulling out its teeth. Chen Zhong also dare not neglect and quickly direct the idlers to be busy in person.
In this weather, the soldiers are ready for the war. They and their horses are carrying a lot of charcoal. When Mars is triggered, they don’t have much strength.
A little while, smoke from kitchen chimneys rose from the temporary camp.
Others are quickly cutting down the surrounding bamboo and building simple rafts.
Li Yuanqing root is not afraid of these dogs dare to come out and attack the army. Two hundred soldiers and fifty pitchers have already packed up and waited for these dogs to come out.
Soon the hot broth in the cauldron rolled up and the idlers came to eat in an orderly way.
In this weather, a bowl of hot soup with ginger slices, big bones, fat meat and fat oil will make the whole body sweat and warm all over.
Even the nose of Artoo, the head of the mountain city, is going to be out of breath
"Li Yuanqing this dog thief is really really bold! How dare you eat in front of the little master! Isn’t he really a little brother who doesn’t like mud paste? Somebody send a brave man out of the city to kill Li Yuanqing, the son of a bitch! "
Next to Ishihara and a few true slaves, they hurriedly pulled it, and they were about to suddenly and violently worship Artu.
Ishihara is busy. "Lord, we can’t be impulsive at this time. After all, Li Yuanqing is a famous warrior. This is our territory. We have the city and we need to hold the city slowly and steadily."
"Yes, yes, master Li Yuanqing, this thief is crafty and sinister. If this is a trap for Li Yuanqing, our warriors will suffer losses, but it will not be worth the loss."
Hearing the minions around him dissuade the worshippers, Artoo also calmed down a little.
He didn’t have much war experience, and he was able to sit on the throne of Lianshan because of his sister’s strength.
Although he is a dandy, he still has some idea about his weight.
The thief in Li Yuanqing is his brother-in-law, and the master Baylor Mangurtai has repeatedly eaten ash in front of Li Yuanqing, not to mention his little chicken.
"good! Since everyone says so, I’ll let Li Yuanqing, the son of a bitch, live a little longer! You warriors, I’ll listen to you. If Li Yuanqing dares to come, I’ll say hello to you! Small ye must let Li Yuanqing this dog thief white this day or my golden day! ! He’s a lowly Chinese dog who can be a slave to Xiao Ye! !”
"Master Ying!"
"Lord ye terrible …"
I’ve never eaten pork, but I’ve seen pigs run.
Although he has no experience in unifying soldiers, Bayin Artu is a jurchen after all, and he still knows the importance of military morale naturally in the war.
Encourage the army. He still won’t be taught by others.
At this time, I saw that the morale of the army had risen and worshiped Atul with a wave. "Ishihara! Master, my orders! Make those cooks and slaves kill more pigs and sheep and stew them in the cauldron for me! I will reward the three armed forces when I kill Li Yuanqing, the little dog thief! "
"Little Ye Ying!"
A crowd of Tatars around cried with great joy, which greatly boosted the morale of the army.
At this time, the military side has already finished eating.
In this cold war, it is naturally impossible to pay too much attention to two or three bowls of hot soup and a few dry cakes to fill your stomach and add a heat, which is enough.
If you want to eat, drink and wait until you get into the city, you will have everything.
At this time, Chen Zhong quickly came to Li Yuanqing’s side. "Yuan Qing is tidy up neatly, but if we want to build a pontoon bridge, we must first ensure the firepower."
A city like Lianshan is absolutely a natural barrier for ordinary troops. I’m afraid it would be difficult to break it without tens of thousands of people playing for a few months.
But for Li Yuanqing and the longevity camp idlers, it’s not a thing after this.
Even if Tiantiangong is supported by the powerful firepower of Changsheng Camp, it is guaranteed that they will go to "flying" and travel to the Western Heaven …