Fan Wencheng busy raised his head is full of flattering begged to look at Chen Zhong.


Chen Zhong laughed "LaoFan! You’re a little white! I promised to make friends with you before us! I give you a thousand people. I hope you won’t let me down! "
Fan Wencheng couldn’t help but kowtow to Chen Zhong desperately. "Thank you Chen Shuai, thank you Chen Shuai! Students will come if they go! "
At this time, there was a thunder behind him!
"The slave chieftain Mangurtai has bowed!"
"The slave chieftain Zilhallang has bowed!"
"The slave chieftain Dai Shan has bowed!"
"Slave Monsieur beaucaire …"
Chen Zhong face upwards laughed "brothers to the old! Go! The whole world will tremble at your feet! "
Chapter 1392 Cang has a good life?
The sun seems to be a shy little girl hiding in the clouds, hiding from cats and dogs. It was not until the moment of bidding that she shyly emerged from the clouds, but soon she hid in the depths of the clouds, as if she dared not look at the scene that was happening at the bottom.
At this time, the battle bases on the two wings of the battlefield have all ended, and the front battlefield bases have also been cleaned up. Although there are still some rebels who don’t know how to live or die, the stars are sparse.
Chen Zhong laughed and went straight to Li Yuanqing’s subjective platform. There were more than a hundred soldiers carrying more than a dozen bodies behind him.
The first fat male corpse in yellow, but dirty and full of filthy blood is Huang Taiji, the great gold master and the old slave of destiny Khan.
"Yuan Qinglai can catch live, but this fellow of Huang Taiji is unappreciative …"
Chen Zhong what else to say? Li Yuanqing smiled and waved his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Eldest brother has worked hard."
How can Chen Zhong not understand Li Yuanqing’s meaning? Tears will come out for a while.
Busy for a moment with a heavy nod to suppress the excitement in the heart, "Yuan Qing, we finally put out the donkey ball of Huang Taiji! It’s a pity that Dourgen, Duo Duo brothers, Yue Tuo and Shuotuo brothers are even more slippery than loach and let them run away. "
Li Yuanqing smiled. He had received the news of Huang Taiji’s physical death as early as half an hour ago. At this time, his mood had already recovered from excitement.
Li Yuanqing smiled and glanced at the foot of Huang Taiji’s body. "Eldest brother, the power of Houjin Machine is too strong. Today’s achievements have been very successful. A little slip through the net has been neglected! Come and have a cup of hot wine to warm up first. "
Two people, one person, one glass of hot wine, and finely chopped snowflakes are floating in the sky.
Imitation ~ Even God will mourn for hundreds of thousands of creatures in this land.
Chen Zhong haha laughed. "Yuan Qing looks at God so much. If this snow comes earlier, our firearms will be affected by many things. It will take some twists and turns."
Li Yuanqing smiled and threw a cigar to Chen Zhong and lit one himself. "Eldest brother, to tell the truth, at this time, my heart is not too happy … instead, it is somewhat falling."
Chen Zhong one leng for a moment also react some slightly wry smile way "don’t say yuanqing I actually have this feeling"
Then he poured another glass of wine and sprinkled it on Huang Taiji’s body. "Old Emperor, although you and I are enemies, you always feel something is missing without this world."
Li Yuanqing laughed "eldest brother, what’s the old saying? A dead Tatar is a good Tatar! Huang taiji deserves his hero name! I’m going to bury him here! "
"Yuan Qing that the imperial court there …"
Chen Zhongyi suddenly felt a little cold in his back.
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Where’s Big Brother?"
Chen Zhong didn’t react at this moment and spat out "Yuan Qing dog day Dalai has been destroyed by us! Can the scum of the court dig up the flowers? "
Li Yuanqing laughed and patted Chen Zhong on the shoulder. "Eldest brother, you have a rest first. There seems to be a monkey coming over there."
Chen Zhong is busy looking in the direction along Li Yuanqing. Sure enough, Zhang Pan, Chen Liang Ce, Li Sansheng, Niu Gensheng, Huang Guoshan, Jin Shiqi, yaoyu and other generals are carrying many bodies and many living people to get here.
How can Chen Zhong have sex to sit and rest at this time?
Busy way "yuanqing I go with you"
Li Yuanqing laughed. "Go!"
"Beizhi has seen a guard and Chen Shuai!"
Li Yuanqing and Chen Zhong just went to the podium, and all the generals went to their knees. Zhang Pan and Chen Liangce, the old oil, all knelt on the ground.
At this time, although it is snowing in the sky, everyone is white, and the dark clouds have dispersed. The Li Yuanqing era that belongs to southern Liaoning and belongs to him has arrived!
At this time, don’t say that you are kneeling, but you should be disciplined for three times and nine times.
And Chen Zhong this fellow can’t even run away according to his Li Yuanqing king …
"Your brothers don’t have to bother. Hehe, these brothers Yuan Qing look a little unfamiliar."
Li Yuanqing smiled and looked at the captured dozen people.
One side had already prepared for a long time. Fan Wencheng was busy with fart Dian fart and trotted to the front of Li Yuanqing. Li Yuanqing explained with an obsequious smile, "Uncle Bo is younger, and Bo Chongtian is the old slave office. Twelve Azig is young, but his face is full of whiskers. Ao Bai is a slave emirates and Huang Taiji’s confidant. This faded and thin tartar civil servant is Sony. This chubby is Du Du .."
"Fan Wencheng you dirty dog! Khan is really blind and treats you like a national! "
Haven’t wait for Fan Wencheng to introduce a scribe to dress up the Han people around him, but suddenly he thundered at Fan Wencheng Shirley.
Fan Wencheng couldn’t help but point to this man with great anger and huffed, "I’d rather finish this humble little man before slave emirates and Huang Taiji. I read in your seniority and everything makes you three points at this time. How dare you do this in front of Uncle?" It’ s really tolerable and unbearable! "
Fan Wencheng said it was like fighting a rooster. He was about to rush to the front of me to see if he wanted to slap me in the face.
Li Yuanqing gave Yang Lei a wink.
Yang Lei stopped in front of Fan Wencheng before he died. "Fan’s adult, please calm down."
Fan Wencheng also return to absolute being, he’s a little too busy to finish my cold hum, but he looks flattering at Li Yuanqing. "Uncle blames this scumbag for interrupting the students to think about the students’ horses and then introduce you."
Fan Wencheng was about to speak, but Li Yuanqing smiled and waved, "Fan Xiong, you have worked hard and have a rest for a while."
Said Li Yuanqing going to see me, "Brother Ning, you are a senior in Liao. When Yuan Qing was still a soldier in Shenyang, he had heard about Brother Ning for a long time."
The original righteousness is just words, and I am stiff. I suddenly’ flop’ and kneel on the ground.
Even if the mud is frozen hard at this time, his knee will be hurt when he kneels.
But I’m not aware of the tears. It’s like Yongquan kowtowing to Li Yuanqing desperately. "Uncle! As early as more than ten years ago, students had already seen that there was a dragon in Shenyang, and the poor students were ignorant and blind … "
"Uncle! Students are guilty, students are guilty! "
Ning finished kowtowing while I was crying loudly, "Uncle! Fortunately, God bless our ancestors’ eyes! Although the students are ignorant and blind at this time, they finally met the main student. It’s really true that the words are vivid! This is really the eye of God, blessed by our ancestors! "
"I …"
Chen Zhong cried some language.
For a moment, I couldn’t help cursing. "I’ll be stung!" To be a man, you can still be so ashamed of me with Ning Wan … "
Aside Fan Wencheng also froze for a while.
Chen Zhong for a moment is not white Li Yuanqing meaning he Fan Wencheng can not white Li Yuanqing meaning?
This is what Li Yuanqing wants to divide and draw …

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