"That’s because you don’t have the eye for a beautiful woman as big as elder sister. You’re too young for a man to behave normally. I really doubt if you have any problems in that respect." Sebrina’s expression changed for a while and became stunned. "Wait, what did you just say? Yan Jiaxin lives in my building, not in your building."


"Well, haven’t you met her these two days?" I’m also surprised that Yan Jiaxin is a big beauty and Sebrina has lived in my house for a few days and hasn’t met Yan Jiaxin. Are they all forks when they go out?
Sebrina shook his head and answered, "I have hardly been out these days." Suddenly she pointed her mouth at me and smiled. "I remembered that you said that someone bought your rented house. Is it her?"
"Yes, if this woman hadn’t bought my house, I wouldn’t have lived upstairs. You may not know that this woman is still my boss," I replied.
"I’ll go. Are you kidding me? The boss bought you a rented house."
I looked at my watch and it was already 6: 03, so I didn’t stay outside with Sebrina. On the way in, Sebrina was very interested in asking me about Yan Jiaxin, just like a divination woman.
Sebrina and I came to the door of Yang Xun’s bag. As soon as we went in, we saw familiar faces sitting in chairs. Ye Bing slammed the door and I didn’t good the spirit and said, "Why did you take so long to come to the big guy and wait for you for half a day?"
I didn’t expect Ye Bing and Mo Yun to be here. What’s more, Yan Jiaxin is also sitting in a chair next to Yang Xun’s little ancestors.
Chen Yaomen and I entered, and the two women who were still talking and laughing turned to look at me and Chen Yaoyang Xun Xin and said to me, "Brother Security, sit down quickly."
Sebrina was pulled aside by Mo Yun. As soon as the two women sat down, they immediately found the topic and muttered. Ye Bing came up to me and pointed to Yan Jiaxin and said to me, "Do you know who she is?"
"Know my boss"
Ye Bing’s expression suddenly surprised. "I can’t even cooperate with you if you know it. Let me pretend to be B one."
"I just don’t want to see you pretend to be B."
"Don’t ask brother to help you after turtle Sun really won’t cooperate."
"You are a ghost grandson."
My Ye Bing scolded each other and made the two women next to me laugh at the dinner table. We ate and chatted while eating food silently. I somehow became the topic of their conversation, and I also learned from their mouths that Yan Jiaxin was Yang Xun’s cousin, so I also knew what Yang Xun, a little ancestor, would know so much about the school. It was also this meal that made us all more familiar.
After eating, we people came out. I have to say that such a five-star hotel tastes good. In fact, I never thought of coming here for a meal, not even in my life.
We came to the nearest kv, and it wasn’t long before the candy kv was bought. As soon as Yang Xun entered, he picked up the desk microphone and shouted, "I want to have a good time today."
Sebrina came up to me and asked me if I could sing.
I told her to "take a break"
Well, she took another microphone on the table and went to Yang Xun’s side to sing with Yang Xun. Yang Xun also nodded her heart. They seemed to have a natural tacit understanding. A by I know that it was completely sung by the two people who met for the first time without any stop.
They sang a song that seemed to confirm each other. I shouted "Yes" and then reached out and gave a warm clap to these two ancestors.
The two continued to choose a chorus song and sang tacitly.
"I heard that you like singing very much."
"How do you know?" I turned to look at Yan Jiaxin next to me and asked.
"Mo Yun said." She pointed to Mo Yun Ye Bing, two people sitting next to the jukebox
"What about you? You should like it, too." Yan Jiaxin is the principal. I think she sings well.
"I like it but I sing less."
I nodded, and she said that she was really busy, unlike when I have so much leisure, I can come to kv to indulge once in a while.
After two ancestors sang a few songs, they put the microphone on the table and lay down. They were tired of singing, but they sang very hard.
"Singing?" I asked Yan Jiaxin again.
"Well," she didn’t refuse me to take the microphone from the table to her. "What song do you want me to sing with you?"
"Exclusive memory. You can sing if you want."
She took the initiative to go to the jukebox and talked to Mo Yun and others. In the face of Yan Jiaxin’s initiative, Mo Yun also felt that she chose this song, which made me feel that she was not so unsociable and not as cold as the first time.
"If you can’t sing well, don’t say me. After all, I’m not studying art."
"I wish I didn’t sing what I like."
She curled up her long hair and waited quietly for the melody to play. At this moment, I saw a different person. She smiled at me.
When the melody sounded, I slowly shifted my attention to the screen and entered the singing world I liked. I closed my eyes and sang.
Exclusive Memory
From the first few days after I forgot to leave, I like to watch the heavy rain alone, and loneliness is like a chain reaction. I want to be happy, but I have no strength. The world of tears and rain is like a disaster. Now I feel sorry for anyone. The time machine is over and there is no room for discussion.
Chapter 41 We are very loving
We both looked at each other and sang this song until the end. She sang very well, and I could feel that the emotion in her song was true.
I said to her, "You sing very well. Does the headmaster still have two brushes?"
"You’re not bad either. If you can sing like you, maybe you’re a good person."
"Should I be happy to accept such a narrow compliment?"
"Reason" I asked with a smile.
"Because I generally don’t praise others, even with a narrow sense of praise."
She put the microphone aside and sat down to rest. She didn’t seem to be going to sing another song this night. I handed the microphone to Ye Bing, and the two of them picked it up and sang sweetly.
"What do you think of them?" I looked at Yan Jiaxin and asked a sentence.
"Well, my friends."
She didn’t answer me immediately, thought for a moment and then said, "Ye Bing is a real person, Mo Yun is a wise man and has a very unique opinion."
"Where’s Sebrina?" I saw that she didn’t say Sebrina. I became curious and asked.
She shook her head and then looked at Xiangyang Xun’s slapstick Sebrina. At this moment, Sebrina doesn’t seem to know that we are talking about her. "I can give my opinion that the guess is not necessarily correct. After all, it is the first contact."
After I thanked her, she went on to say, "She is real but also false. She is very tired but she is the most free and easy to live. She is smart but often pretends to be confused."
Her words made me feel that she knew more about Sebrina than I knew about Sebrina. I asked her with questions: "What? I feel that you know her better than I do."
"You want to know," she replied, slowly turning her tied hair into long hair and looking at me.
"women’s sixth sense"
"You’re teasing me again."

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