It’s the end of the dragon and phoenix dance again


Chai Xue smiled again after reading it. Shen Jin usually looks at him seriously, but there is also a funny side in secret.
However, Chai Xuexiao stimulated Qiao Rui to see him step in front of Chai Xue rather crossly, and then stretched out his hand with a long warning and took the note in his hand.
Chai Xue was so frightened that he reached for it.
Qiao Rui held high with a bad heart and Chai Xue had to jump up.
The height difference between the two people is almost 30 cm. It is conceivable that Chai Xue jumped and jumped, but she couldn’t reach it. Instead, she slipped her collar and showed a large white shoulder and didn’t know it.
And the two full from time to time also rub Qiao Ruishen Qiao Rui black eyes more and more deepened the color, looking at the smooth skin Adam’s apple can’t help rolling.
Inadvertently subtle feelings flowed around them. When Qiao Rui was rubbed, it was about to catch fire. Chai Xue also realized that Qiao Rui fixed Chai Xue on his chest when he was flushed.
In an instant, both of them couldn’t look directly at each other, especially Chai Xue, who blushed like a ripe persimmon and broke her face with a bite. She was deeply buried in Qiao Rui’s arms.
At this moment, it was still, and it was rare for them to lean against each other. Neither of them pushed or felt each other’s irregular heartbeat quietly, and neither of them broke this rare silence.
At this moment, Chai Xueduo is really still, so she can stay in his arms for a generation.
Similarly, Qiao Rui also strangely thought that she would be held in her arms, and she didn’t dislike nephrite and fragrance at all, just like she wanted to hold her like this a long time ago.
Gradually, Qiao Rui raised his hand and gently put it around Chai Xue’s waist, while the other hand caressed Chai Xuelou’s shoulder.
When Qiao Rui lightly glided across the snow-white skin with her cocoon fingers, it was a wonderful feeling that both of them trembled involuntarily.
Chapter 4 is not half done.
A piece of paper floated lightly to the feet of the two men, and turned around like a blushing picture and flew to the feet of the tea table in situ.
If two people are in love with each other, everything will come naturally.
Chai Xue’s heart is like a thunder drum, nervous and shy, closed at first sight, intoxicated, but in fact, his head is getting white with nervousness.
Qiao Rui, on the other hand, is like touching addiction and gradually getting low, and finding Chai Xuehong’s lips will be repeated accurately and mistakenly.
Although they had a close skin kiss, it was the first time that they touched each other’s lips.
When I posted that moment, Chai Xue obviously felt like a stream had hit me, and I thought stiffly, but I couldn’t help myself.
It is equivalent to Chai Xueqing and astringent Qiao Rui, which is much more familiar. It is easy to pry Chai Xuebei’s teeth to get the fragrance inside.
It’s neither sweet nor warm. It’s always like this kiss. It’s unconsciously made it happen. It doesn’t mean anything. It seems so natural.
If Qiao Rui hadn’t been indifferent to her for years, if Jiang Youling hadn’t been here, if there had been no divorce agreement, the kiss wouldn’t have been three years late.
However, if there is any regret medicine in this world, it is not rare.
No matter what will happen next, both of them want to enjoy this second at the moment. Chai Xue first gave her a push and said that if she is not interested, it would be good to be interested at the moment, even for a while.
The gas in the room is heating up rapidly. Chai Xueyi has been torn off by Qiao Rui, and most of it is still holding tightly like rubbing Chai Xueyi into her arms and ravaging it again.
Gradually, Qiao Rui was not satisfied with this hand slipping quietly into Chai Xueyi’s coat, and Chai Xueyi felt limp and numb, and then felt his chest covered with a big hand and rubbed in various ways.
Chai Xue couldn’t help but soften her stiff body and finally fell into Qiao Rui’s arms. Now it’s really like being slaughtered.
Knocking on the door suddenly interrupted the room gradually charming picture.
Qiao Rui looked up with reddish eyes full of anger and a low curse crossly. Chai Xue was too shy to look up and his ears were red.
No one wants to go to the door. It seems that everyone will give up automatically when they are impatient with it.
The fact knocks on the door for a while, and then it is a small but persistent one.
Chai Xue bit her lips and gently pushed away from Qiao Rui’s mind while tidying up her clothes, and glared at Qiao Rui like Chen and Chen. The meaning is no longer obvious!
Qiao Rui also stared back crossly but turned to the door and then slammed a sliding door as if the door had been enemies with him.
The door was outside the door, holding a suit in one hand and holding it high in the other. It was obviously still knocking, and I didn’t realize that the door was true this time.
"What is it?" Qiao Rui is simply roared.