At this moment, their hearts are filled with emotion.


The Hunger was finally ruined by Lin Yi!
Lin Yi fulfilled his promise to end the The Hunger disaster!
Chapter two hundred and fifteen The last battle (1)
The Hunger looked at the burning face of resentment and several "The Hunger", and he emerged with sarcasm and sneer
Blood magic way "you don’t say let everyone in the place hear and let them know that these’ The Hunger’ are from their ancestors."
Lin Yi still has The Hunger to hear the sound, "Unless you beat me, I will keep my promise to tell the truth, or you are a liar from Kunlun Mountain! Heaven recognizes you! "
The Hunger quipped, "Will you burn these The Hunger II and go to The Hunger again? In the future, my ancestors will write more The Hunger so that everyone in the rivers and lakes will have a copy. "
Lin Yi shook his head and said, "You don’t have this chance."
Lin Yi has decided to kill The Hunger for good even if he returns to the same destination today.
Blood magic way "good tone even if you eliminate snow swordsman also difficult to defeat the ancestors, even worse now eliminate snow sword was destroyed by you, how can you beat me? !”
Lin Yi said, "Where is the sword?"
After that, Lin Yi grabbed a piece of red sand with his hand toward the ground, which surprised people that this red sand actually condensed into a sword shape in the process of flying to Lin Yi.
The hilt, body and tip of the sword are vivid.
Like a real sword.
This "sand sword" was condensed by Lin Yi’s true qi.
The red sand sword fell into Lin Yi’s hands to watch this situation. It is really unbelievable. Many people are even more dumbfounded.
Lin Yi waved a "sand sword" and said, "Sand is a sword!"
Say Lin Yi will shake the sword and condense the true qi of the sand sword, and the sand sword will be instantly withdrawn, and it will be scattered into thousands of grains of sand.
The true qi in Lin Yi’s body flocked to his arm again, and then along the palm of his arm, Lin Yi’s palm stretched out to face The Hunger, so The Hunger saw a milky white "tip" braved the cold, and then the blade came out from Lin Yi’s palm …
"Qi is also a sword." At this moment, Lin Yi’s eyes shone like ice. He looked at the blood magic road. "If you want a sword in your heart, everything is a sword. How do you say a sword!"
The Hunger didn’t hear Lin Yi’s words at the moment.
He stared at the milky qi sword in Lin Yi’s hand. His pupils contracted and his face twitched.
Lin Yi lived a life of returning to nature during this period, and also understood the words that Master Feidu said.
Master Feidu said that the martial arts summit is two words.
One day, sitting in the fishing place of Ling Qianchou, I closed my eyes and meditated. Lin Yi suddenly saw his eyes, and at that moment, he suddenly realized that Master Feidu meant to return to the original.
Break and forget everything you have learned, all rules and stereotypes.
Change from having to having
In those days, Ling Qianchou once said to Lin Yi that martial arts is like a sea storm that comes from calm and finally returns to calm.
It can also lead the trial to return to basics.
At that time, Lin Yi took out the blank piece of paper that his father-in-law wrapped Hu Ling’s hidden soul bones.
A piece of paper from scratch