"He didn’t even know that Nan Yao reported him and there was no way to prove that the article was made by Nan Yao himself. He always thought that he had just done the problem by" coincidence "and then" copied "his article. There is still a cloud in Chapter 77.


Lotus Yan jiing dissected and looked at the tea lamp at Dong Ling’s hand. This girl doesn’t seem to like this tea very much?
"It’s hard to say that your second brother can get away with leaking the test questions!"
"get out?" Dong Yuling’s black eyes with fire "is beautiful."
The current situation is that although Feng Ze was imprisoned, he didn’t know the cause and effect, and he didn’t know anything about Nanyao’s self-testimony, which was full of luck.
"Nan Yao and Feng Ze’s testimony are right, but Feng Ze still hesitates to quibble over his testimony. The current situation is that Feng Ze can’t prove that your second brother is guilty, but your second brother doesn’t have conclusive evidence to clear up the suspicion." Lian Yan Jiing talked about the current situation
"Ah, I think there’s still a lot to grind. You two slowly add up. It’s getting dark, so the general will go back to the office first and find me directly." Lotte got up and claimed to tease someone and tell a girl without trace. It’s a thief.
Lotus Yan Jing calm abnormal root don’t take it, but easy to say "a floating life for the world to send the general"
Claiming not to hesitate, this lotte and floating life are instantly drunk.
Greetings for a while and watched Lotte out of the house. After sitting down again, Dong Ling Ling picked up the tea at hand and suddenly raised a bit of curiosity. "Is it called a floating life?" Is there anything else? "
This name is really unique and stolen for half a day. Or is it a dream? Is there another kind of dream?
"Don’t?" Lian Yan Jiing’s elbow-propped expression actually brought out a little temptation, and people "have a floating cloud."
"Poof-"This answer is too unexpected. When Dong Yuling was unprepared, he immediately sprayed it and choked "Ahem!"
It’s so powerful that she’s still immersed in the sudden amorous feelings of a beautiful man but doesn’t want to hear a more "chic" name …
Lian Yan Jing wondered, "Is there anything wrong with this name?"
"no!" Dong Yuling quickly put the tea lamp away for fear that she would lose her manners again. "That’s a good name."
Don’t want to continue this topic, Dong Yuling quickly pulled back the discussion just now. "Did the world just say that Feng Zehua bought the test questions?"
If so, it’s time for the seller to worship Buddha. This is a felony
"ok!" Lian Yan Jing’s heart is still wondering what’s funny about the name "Floating Cloud". "The person who leaked the test questions would have to choose someone like Feng Ze if he didn’t want to earn money from the bank?"
Dong Yuling’s blink of an eye is so sharp, isn’t it That is to say, Feng Ze can’t bear to be big and has no real talent. If the people behind him want to benefit from the imperial examination, they will push people to a position to cultivate their own power. Isn’t it too tasteless to choose people like Feng Ze?
And the person who makes money is also sad to meet such a brain-dead Feng Ze who dares to copy a Huiyuan to be a pig.
Now good things have happened, one by one, shivering behind his back, racking his brains to clear up clues and vowing to get away with it
"Is there a clue?" Dong Fengling held her breath for this to save Dong Hanxuan’s life.
"Not yet, but behind the scenes, I’m sure I’m not weak and afraid of holding high positions. Otherwise, I’ll miss the exam in June and April, and I’ll still be able to keep the wind tight. Ordinary people can’t do this." Lotus Yan Jiing’s eyes are dark, which is obviously quite unpleasant to the figurines.
Seeing that the world is so accommodating, Dong Yuling’s mind is active. "I am surprised that the test questions have been determined so early?"
After asking Dong Yuling, I regret that the affinity in this world is too strong to let her lose her guard. Don’t say that she is a common woman and even a general official and minister can’t talk casually.
After secretly condescending, Dong Fengling is slightly strange. Today, it is only the first time for her to talk face to face with the world. How can they be so relaxed when they don’t know each other? Even in the face of lotte, she is not so secretive.
With a change of mind, Dong Ling looked across the couch at Lian Yan Jing. Could this person’s affinity penetrate unconsciously? So horrible?
Lotus Yan jiing holding the little finger of the tea lamp is not that I can’t feel Dong Wei’s obscure eyes, but I don’t know what that girl suddenly thought of to make this change, so he doesn’t observe the charm. It’s still "it’s just the beginning of April that the emperor wrote the test letter."
Dong Yuling didn’t see a natural coming back and looking at it. "That is to say, it was when Feng Ze left early and returned late?" Did the test question get leaked just after it was written? At that time, there should not be too many people who can access the examination questions! "
"Not much indeed!" Lian Yan Jing sighed, and her eyes flashed with regret. I don’t know if it’s a pity. It’s still a pity that jane doe withdrew his eyes. "But many people who have access to the examination questions from the maid-in-waiting eunuch to the minister’s guardian Royal Guards can’t find out in a few days."
Dong Yuling really wants to vomit a maid-in-waiting eunuch? Even if the ordinary attendants are close to the place where the examination questions are sealed, it is impossible to see that the minister and the Royal Guards can directly touch the questions, and it is not much. It is a little troublesome to find out who has tampered with them privately.
I think that whoever did this must have done everything possible to hide his eyes and ears. It is impossible to leave a trail, but the investigation may not lead to clues.
The most puzzling thing is why did the emperor determine the test questions so early? Writing an article is generally a "propositional essay". You have to write several questions in nine days at most. The root needs to be like the classification of modern subjects and the classification of questions. If you don’t determine it early, you can’t successfully test.
In the eyes of Dong Fengling, the emperor’s line of work is really troublesome.
Seeing Dong Ling’s expression, Lian Yan Jiing seemed to guess that her psychology could not help but evoke a charming and uber smile, but she bowed her head and looked down at the condescending emperor Dong Ling and missed that amazing touch.
"The real difficulty is to find out the truth about the cheating in the imperial examination. Your second brother’s affair is a little simpler." Lian Yan Jing Zhizhu holds "Although your second brother has proved his innocence by law, you can pick out your second brother first if you can prove that Feng Ze lied and did that slander."
Dong Fengling wanted to think, but he felt that this statement should not be slandered by Feng Ze. The root cause of Dong Er’s natural crime needs hard work to prove his innocence.
It’s easier to refute a lie than to look for evidence of "not doing it"
"Thank you!" Can wake up to this share is the good thank Dong Yong ling eyes swept lotus Yan jiing that never moved his legs "it’s getting late, let’s rest early. Chapter 78 The real Lord is eccentric."
See Dong Yuling get up, Lian Yan Jiing is still leisurely, drinking tea. "If you want to go back at the right time, you are afraid of the gate."
Smell speech Dong Fengling consciousness looked at the farm synchronization was five minutes to twelve o’ clock at night.
Dong Yuling sincerely admired the ancient people’s ability to see the weather. Anyway, she has been in this world for six years and still can’t play this game.
"I haven’t returned my inn yet." Dong Yuling is glad that he hasn’t come to deal with it yet, otherwise he will be afraid of trouble at the moment.
However, it will not be impossible to rent a room. After the examination, many people have already started to return home without taking the examination, and there are no more people than before the examination.
Lotus Yan Jing wants to say that there is a small courtyard behind the flavor building, but no one lives in it on weekdays, but it will just be pressed back by Dong Yuling’s words.
They’re not that familiar. Too much attention is afraid of being offensive.
"Your second brother, you can rest assured that although it’s a prison, you can take care of it. I’m afraid I can’t take you in recently." Lotus Yan Jiing said faintly.
"Well, thank you. If you can please send some or something to my second brother to play tricks on my daughter, I thank you." I don’t trust Dong Yuling in the little black house. Who is crying when this 11,000-case has broken people’s spirit?
Although Dong Yuling knows that his second brother is psychologically strong, let alone ten days and a half months, even ten years may not drive him crazy.