"Boss!" Shao Xue pushed him. "In the past, when I was hacked, Mo always didn’t seem to be ahead of me. So I’m not a talent in his heart?"


Jing Bai gave Shao Xue a record as soon as possible. Mao Li idiot, are you a man or a woman?
"Don’t think about work."
Waiting for someone to leave Mojun night to get up from his chair and walk to the French window and light a cigarette.
Although Tao Yi got up by himself and was not afraid of rumors, he still couldn’t bear to bear it alone.
Because the ink winds can’t eradicate Tao Rou for her, it doesn’t mean that there is no other way to get Abe to come forward. It should be the most appropriate.
Slowly spit out a cigarette, and Mo Jun’s eyes sank at night.
At this moment, the phone suddenly sounded and the screen flashed, making him stunned.
The word "Shen Xintong" keeps flashing on the screen.
Ink gentleman night eyebrows a wrinkly slightly didn’t immediately answer the ring until the fifth time he slowly pressed the answer key.
"Is there a weekend in Tsukiyomi ikuto?"
"What is it?" Mo Jun didn’t answer the rhetorical question at night.
"I haven’t been together for a long time. I want to invite you and Azeri to come home for a potluck. Dad, they also want to see the children."
Mo Jun frowned at night and made no answer in silence.
"Is there something wrong with Tsukiyomi ikuto? If you have other plans, we can make it another time."
It is better to escape than to face it;
Maybe Shenyang found something and wanted to test him.
Mo Jun meditated for a moment at night. "I’ll take Azeri there."
"That’s great!"
Mo Jun threw away his mobile phone at night and put out his cigarette. After a few minutes of silence, his charming lips were stirred up high.
And the other side
Shen Xintong put away his mobile phone and looked back and smiled. "Dad, he agreed."
Shen Ling’s face didn’t brighten up, but it was somewhat dignified
The dinner was arranged because he got the news that Mo Lin is doing very well now, and he has robbed some of Mo Jun’s night karma and gradually established his prestige among shareholders.
But Mo Jun’s side failed repeatedly at night, which made him feel very uneasy.
Master Mohist has always been a person who pays attention to ability. Whoever is in charge of Mohism is qualified to be the successor of Mohism.
The original ink gentleman is as sure as a gun at night. Now it seems that things are far from the moment when the dust settles.
So it is necessary for him to listen to Mo Jun’s thoughts at night.
"Then I’ll leave the dinner to you to arrange. Call your brother back. It’s better for him to be present. He always has a good eye for problems."
Shen Xintong was very kind because Mo Jun promised at night, but he lost it because of this sentence. "Dad, can you not be so powerful? Even if Mo Jun lost some strength at night, so what? Don’t we still have Shenyang?"
Shen Ling immediately turned cold. "Now the question is not whether he lost his strength, but whether he can be a successor. Mo Jun can’t do that position at night. The position is that Mo Jun is suppressed by Mo Jun at night. He has long hated it to death. Once he gets the position, he will let Mo Jun go at night without killing him."
"It’s not that serious, is it? They are brothers."
Shen Ling sneered, "There will be a life-and-death brother, Tong Tong. You underestimate a man’s desire for profit and hatred for the enemy. When the time comes, Mojun will have bad luck, and we will follow the bad luck as Shenyang."
"Dad, no matter what, I’m still at the end of Mojun Night."
Shen Ling sneer at the heart, then you can’t. Your daughter’s marriage must be sacrificed by Shenyang.
The night is deep
Mo Jun went home at night and went to Azeri Room without changing his clothes.
Mo Jun sat in bed at night and rubbed his hair. "I can’t go to Teacher Tao this weekend."
"What?" Mo Tianze immediately got out of bed and got angry. "You promised to go every weekend."
"I can’t make it this weekend. Shenyang has an appointment with our father and son for dinner." Mojun night is also a face of nai.
Originally, he also planned to go with Azeri then, by the way.
Aze rolled his eyes for two nunu and closed his mouth. "Do you mean you need my cooperation?"
Section 113
"Smart!" Mo Jun’s excited hand at night can’t help but increase the strength.