"Hey, God, come on, it’s okay to lose. We won’t abandon you."


"Fuck you for saying that."
Chen Yi was drunk after listening to Erhong’s words. It was quite normal when he was drunk. Why did it get worse and worse in the future?
However, Chen Yi is also used to it, and he didn’t care about such things. The mid-season competition is just around the corner, and rio has sent invitations to the giants and teams in the major competition areas. The war can be described as explosive.
"I hope there will be a good result."
Chen Yi looked out of the window and his thoughts drifted into the distance, where there was an I-match waiting for everyone to fight.
Chapter 646 China-South Korea showdown
I’m glad to meet you. We are going to play in the mid-season competition. I won’t interfere too much in the competition. I will give you my own opinions and suggestions. I won’t say much about other things. Come on, let’s go.
At this moment, Chen Yi and S team members have been sitting on the flight to the mid-season competition. To the surprise of the Three Kingdoms, Chen Yi did not talk a lot of nonsense, but introduced himself concisely and forcefully.
"This is coach lk."
At the moment, Yan Liang and Wen Chou, the road to the Three Kingdoms, are also curious. Of course, Yan Liang is still very familiar with lk. After all, Zhang Hao is from lk, and Zhang Hao also visited this coach when he played the star game.
Moreover, it seems that Zhang Hao’s performance and facial expression still respect this coach. At first sight today, he really has some courage and no nonsense. It is very clean and gives people a very good feeling
"Not bad."
After all, this is a very troublesome guy, but at the moment, the situation seems to be much better than expected, and it is important for the Three Kingdoms to teach them not to play the league, but to have meaningful tactics and analysis
This coach seems to know this very well, and there is not much difference between him and his former coach.
But how can they know that their coach wanted to win Chen Yi at first, but it took racking his brains.
"I have no idea about this competition. I don’t know what you think."
"No idea, really?"
Shan Changshan Zhao Long is a little confused. What is the situation without an idea? Wouldn’t it be nice to make an egg and wait for 2 without an idea?
"This idea is not about what’s in your head, but about the game. I’m not worried about the game. What about you? Have you done it?"
"I don’t think so. I’m still worried that I can’t beat South Korea."
Lu ad Yan Liang expressed his opinion that the South Korean team is strong, and everyone knows that of course, the Three Kingdoms is far from being afraid of Korea, which is a bit fearful.
"I’m a little worried, too, but when everyone is worried, this worry is not a big problem, and the rest of the team is not worried, right?"
"Something like that."
Chen Yi’s words got the response of the Three Kingdoms team, which really showed that the lpl of the other teams outside the South Korean team felt that there was no great pressure to take words.
"But it seems that you don’t have an idea. It’s in a good state. We have to consider it. I’m afraid it’s also for the Korean team. I hope you can fight militarily until the last minute. I will be effective in tactics. You will deal with the Korean team."
"I hope so"
Shan Xiliang Ma Chao just needs to win these feelings.
After all, lpl and Korean League are also bitter for a long time. The battle between giants can be described as the envy of enemies when they meet.
The collision between the two super powers has made all league fans unbearable.
Everyone knows that the second game of the mid-season is the match between China and South Korea.
And people in the industry have turned this duel into a pre-finals performance, which is really powerful. China and South Korea have locked in the championship competition.
Chapter 647 The emperor flashed.
Of course, Chen Yi learned about what happened at the club, but he was not interested in these things. After all, the past has passed, and it is also a loss to pursue it.
The most important thing at present is that there will be a big battle, even if the opponent is not very strong, but you can’t underestimate the enemy. I am a very strong team in each division, and I am very smiling even if there is a gap in strength.
Strength is similar, only tactics and understanding of rhythm are different.
What’s more, if the recognized strong enemy in hq can’t be suppressed, it may be difficult to predict the impact of the situation, so we can’t have it.
"The exciting moment is coming, and the first show of the Three Kingdoms team is coming."