Then Xiao Wen finally got up and needed to close his eyes. He knew that he was now an out-and-out junior Asian god!


But no one in the early Asian gods can do such a thing. Xiao asked, lifting up his eyes, he looked out of Wan Li, sitting in a cloud mine, and his right hand was pointing away. In the process of shaking, the mine weighing hundreds of millions of pounds slowly came out of the ground! to be continued
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five Master
When the earth’s strength just rose, the gap finally disappeared in the million-mile range of stone paintings. Xiao Wen is the real god!
Slowly running strength, that is, the root law in the world of stone painting, he lifted the mine from the ground without even a certain amount of physical strength, and then his mind moved slightly, and the mine seemed to fly towards him slowly and quickly, faster and bigger!
The size of the mine is comparable to that of a giant city. When its edge is more than a hundred miles away from Xiao Wen, the mountain has covered the sun in Xiao Wen’s eyes. When it is closer, Xiao Wen only looks at it with the naked eye, it is no longer a rock.
Xiao asked, looking up at the same time, he didn’t stop working, so he watched the edge of the mine pass over his head, completely covering the light above his head and then moving on …
When the mine is in the center of Xiao Wen’s head, Xiao Wen almost feels suffocated. That’s a real huge mountain hanging over his head. If it is pressed, it will definitely crush him into a paste! Gankun fan may be better than sitting on a mountain in spirit, but only from the visual point of view, a small fan less than two feet is really not sitting on a real mountain
Then Xiao Wen’s strength turns to traction basic law, and then traction derivative law is responsible for carrying the whole mine …
Listen to "hoo" and the mine suddenly falls!
Because the mountain is too big, the sound becomes a "rumble" in a flash, and the potential is extremely amazing!
The whole mine was smashed at Xiao Wen, but Xiao Wen didn’t move until the bottom of the mine almost pressed Xiao Wen’s head.
Xiao asked the mind to move to read the mine and immediately hovered over Xiao asked the top of his head.
At this time, when he looked around again, he saw the wonders that were hard to see on weekdays. The whole world seemed to be a narrow gap as high as his, and it seemed to have no end …
Xiao asked Bob to reach out and put a smile on his mouth, and then stretched out his right hand against the bottom of the mine.
Xiao Wen suddenly pushed his right arm up at a certain angle and heard a "shout" sound. The mine should fly from big to small and fly to the distant sky, and once again it appeared in Xiao Wen’s eyes
The mine drew a natural arc in the middle of the mine and then fell to the ground more than ten thousand miles away. At that moment, Xiao Wen felt a shock everywhere.
That, of course, is not caused by his physical strength or strength.
But Xiao Wen really felt how powerful he was once again through that arm-lifting push.
In the same place, Xiao Wen unconsciously remembered the scene when he met Zulong in the demon world a long time ago.
Zulong shot the whole division of the world god alliance into the scene of the mountain god, which made him unforgettable all his life. At that time, he could never be bigger and stronger than Zulong. In the end, it was true that even Zi Yan was no match for Zulong.
Now Xiao Wen fully realized why Zulong was so strong, because at that time, Tianlan demon world was Zulong Tianlan demon world!
However, the laws of Tianlan demon world mastered by Zulong can’t be the root laws even though there are many. After all, if you want to destroy a certain branch of God League, he has to leave a tail and ask Xiao to do nothing.
Now Xiao Wen feels this way in his heart. Now he is stronger than Zulong at that time!
If you let Zulong come to the world of stone painting, he can easily kill Zulong. Even if he goes to another place, he can transport his strength. Even Zulong can transport Tianlan demon world. He can still kill Zulong!
Who is Zulong?
Is the demon race strength before the war! Bei Huang’s right-hand man! Putting it in the three realms of fairy, demon and demon makes people worship creatures!
How many people in this world are really stronger than Zulong?
Xiao asked not to take a long breath of relief and said to himself, are you already so strong?
But not strong enough!
After all, your goal is not Zulong but Xuanyuanhuang! Even the magic of war is just a passer-by!
So what should we do?
There’s nothing to hesitate about. Xiao Wen sat cross-legged for a new round of refining again!
Now he has laid the foundation for his strength, and he has reached the real initial stage. He has to forge a handful of strength first, which is based on the root law.
Gankun fan has been refined several times, and now it is even more adept. The only thing to pay attention to is to integrate the root rule perfectly into it.
Then just in the stage of melting materials, Xiao Wen had to sincerely sigh what a correct choice he had made!
The root law of earth strength requires him to pay attention to nothing, and he will take the initiative to adapt to the fairy …
Geotechnical strength is the most perfect root rule. If it is regarded as a living body, then melting ore and refining in front of this living body is actually a trail, which is probably no different from children’s games. How difficult is it?
So Xiao asked Xin Gankun that the refining of fan was surprisingly smooth and perfect …
A month later, the refining of the pro-dry Kun fan was completed.
Take away the flame outside the fan, and in an instant, a force of shape law will be ejected from the fan and spread to the whole million-mile area instantly! Then Xiao Wen felt that the whole world seemed to become clearer. It seemed that the dry Kun fan diffused energy and washed the whole world clean …
What’s the situation?